Pet Rescue Happenings

  • Dog Coat Sale - Each Saturday in November from 11am to 2pm, Pet Rescue is hosting a dog coat and sweater sale at our main location (7 Harrison Ave, Harrison NY).
  • New Volunteer Page - Be sure to check out our new volunteer page found by clicking volunteer above and then clicking volunteer opportunities or just click here.  Several areas around the rescue are in need of volunteers so don't be shy.
  • Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive - Each year Pet Rescue spends around $20,000 on food so desperately needed by the animals we rescue.  Your gift today will help ensure that our rescues have a nutritious meal each and every day of the year.  Donate here
  • Pet Rescue in the newsComfort creatures: uptick in adoptions as residents shelter in place
  • Check out our September 2020 Newletter: "Gala Cancelled - So Many Pets Still in Need..."
  • Thanks to the dedicated volunteers and staff of Pet Rescue, we are projecting a record number of animals (over 200) to be taken into our care during the 3rd quarter of the year.  These animals are finding loving homes as fast as we can bring them in.

Dog of the Week

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APRIL is a gentle Lab Mix

Cat of the Week

This beautiful, sleek white cat with exquisite piercing yellow eyes and black highlight markings was an outside cat until she gave birth to 5 beautiful babies and became a Pet Rescue foster cat.

New York Pet Rescue

Want to Adopt?

Adoption Information

Before writing us, please read our FAQ. We receive hundreds of emails a week, and most questions fall into one of these categories. Reading the FAQ and submitting your application is the most expedient way to adoption. Please remember we are mostly volunteers and handle all inquiries as best we can. We try to respond (when appropriate) within 24-48 hours.

Applicants must:

  • Live within a 90 mile radius of Larchmont, NY
  • Accept the financial responsibility of vet care and pet care
  • Pay $350-$450 to adopt their dog/puppy and $100-$200 for their cat/kitten
  • Be over 23 years of age to adopt a dog and 21 years of age to adopt a cat
  • Be ready to adopt within 7-10 days

With Your Donations, We Provide



Pet Rescue's facility in Harrison, NY provides shelter for many of our cats and dogs. In addition to a roof over their heads, we pay for heat, food, water, electricity. and general maintenance. While most of the work is done by dedicated volunteers, we have a small kennel staff to help care for the dogs and cats.



 Our clinic provides vet care to our cats and dogs. General health assessments, medications, vaccinations, blood work, testing, spay/neuter procedures, and other necessary surgeries are all a part of the day- to-day routine. Additionally, we pay for specialist care, as needed, to maintain the health of our dogs and cats.



We took over a dilapidated facility which has required hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore to a usable condition. We continue to discover issues and restore the buildings to operable conditions. Our funding comes exclusively from donations from our adopters and friends.



We transport around 600 dogs from kill shelters and emergency situations to Pet Rescue each year. We also take in local cats and dogs who are in distressed situations.



We are lucky to have a wonderful group of people who foster our cats and dogs in their homes. We pay for all their vetting via the clinic and we provide them specialty food as needed.



We feed our cats and dogs over 2,200 cans of wet food and 1,600 pounds of dry food each year (numbers currently for cats only).

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