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Pet Rescue is dedicated to providing cats and dogs with a second chance to find loving and safe homes.
Cats currently available for adoption are featured below. New animals are added as they become available.
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To FOSTER a cat or kitten, please complete the application, but please do NOT choose an animal. 
You will be notified of your acceptance as a foster and assigned an animal or animals that fit your household.


A playful, affectionate, three year old boy who is at ease with other cats and people alike.


This beautiful Tortie would make a wonderful companion. Calista is sweet and calm with just the right amount of fun to round out her personality.


She can be shy and also outgoing. She loves to be pet


This independent, loving, cat is perfect for someone with a large heart.


Happy to be around other kitties, Edgar is a cat's cat. A great kitty, but a little shy with people.


Petite girl kitty loves to be with other cats.

Foster a Cat

Give a cat or kitten a chance at a good home

Katniss & Peta

Katniss and Peta are affectionate and playful kittens. They spend their day napping and exploring their foster family’s house for new adventures and toys to play with!

Kay & Pippa

Kay & Pippa are two beautiful brown swirl tabbies with the most striking markings. Residing in a foster home where they receive lots of TLC, they will be a wonderful addition to a household.

Moon & Ginger

These sweet bonded kittens will steal your heart with their playfulness and purrs. Ginger is fearless and the most relaxed around people. Moon is still a bit shy but has become a real friendly guy with his human family.


This sweet kitty enjoys soaking up attention and receiving pets or playing a quick game with her favorite toy mouse.


Queens is a quiet calico senior female who frequently prefers to sit and observe her surroundings (like the Queen she is) and be your one and only love. With lots of TLC, Queens has blossomed and learned just how much fun are cat toys.


This beautiful grey lady was born in July, 2018. Truly a companion cat for other cats, she is out and about with the other kitties in her room and will share cat beds with them.


This sweet mellow fellow is a bit shy at first but loves pets and is quick to purr.

Toby and Anais

Toby (black male) and Anais (white/grey tabby female) are two bonded 4-5 month old kittens. Toby is very outgoing and playful, while Issa (Anais) is gentle and sweet.


Tula is a sweet, gentle four year old girl with an affectionate personality. She's quiet and doesn't make a fuss. She loves to be pet and is comfortable with other cats.