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Pet Rescue is dedicated to providing cats and dogs with a second chance to find loving and safe homes.
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Born March 2021 - Bree is friendly, playful and comfortable with other cats. She adores pets from her head to the tip of her tail and wins the "vibrating tail" award for happiness.


Charlie has a lot of love to give and would do well as the only pet in a home with treats just for him. Definitely no dogs.


Born April 2023 - Chester is a calm boy with a bit of a playful side. Chester is quick to purr when pets come his way and snuggle time with a side of affection is his favorite combination.


Born June 2015 - This beautiful lady is silky soft and loves to roll over for attention. She was surrendered when a family member developed allergies and she misses having people to love.


Born January 2022 - Eve is a petite tabby girl with a sweet temperament. She enjoys spending time with her human friends and frequently leans in with head bumps to ask for attention. Eve is quiet but playful. .Please, no dogs.

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Born June 2023 Ginger is a friendly young girl and pretty as a picture with her unique coloring. She is comfortable with other feline friends and always ready for a quick game of tag. Ginger is quiet but affectionate and enjoys chin scratches and head rubs. No dogs please.


Born June 2021 - This charming tuxedo boy is welcoming to all. He enjoys being around people and seeks attention and pets. Joey is equally comfortable with other feline friends, but no dogs please.


Born October 2019 - Magnolia is a lovely cat with a calm personality. She likes to make herself comfortable and any soft spot will do. Magnolia loves to be pet and adored. Please no dogs.


Born June 2023 - Sal is a beautiful, sleek young boy. He loves pets and will often flop on his side and look directly into your eyes to get attention. Sal is simply irresistible. No dogs please.


Born January 2021 - Santana is a well mannered boy with distinct tabby markings. He loves to chat and has a wide range of meows and chirps, one for every occasion. Santana will even ask for attention. No dogs please.

Val and Destino

Val (cat on the left) and Destino (cat on the right) are bonded siblings who make the perfect pair.


Born February 2020 - Winston is a mild-mannered cat. He's very calm and prefers pets to pouncing. This handsome boy loves to have his face and cheeks scratched. Winston likes to be by your side.