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Baci is clearly one of the friendliest kitties we had ever seen. He is playful, affectionate and lives to eat and be with people.

Bagel and Brioche

Born March 6, 2022 - There are few pairs more captivating than kittens Bagel and Brioche, an adorable brother and sister bonded team of tortoise-colored cats, who will help launch your day with their boundless energy and abundant love.


Born April 15, 2022 - Becca is a smart, cautious and very affectionate kitten who loves when her humans play with her. She always loves being held and snuggling in cozy spots like between pillows.


Born March 6, 2022 - Wide-eyed and curious, Biscuit is practicing for the next Olympics with his jumping and twirling! He loves playing with wands with feathers and chasing balls around a track. Friendly and loving describes this energetic little boy.


Born April 28, 2022 - Calypso is a super sweet tuxedo girl! Though a bit shy, she gets excited to see her foster family and comes when called. This little lady loves to play, play and play so more. She is very energetic!!


Chapulina is a fun and affectionate little girl. She has a sweet side as well. She doesn't mind being picked up and is quick to purr whenever she receives pets.


Born May 9, 2022 - Cinder is an adorable kitten being fostered with her brother and sisters. Cinder is the baby of the pack, but don't let that fool you. She's a natural caregiver and loves to come lick your face and hair when she feels you need a good grooming.


Born June 2020 Denzel is a charming black cat with three white toes. Denzel is easygoing, well mannered and a bit playful. He gets along with other cats and enjoys time with his human friends.


Eddie is a shy cat, but also a kind and smart cat. He rarely lets out a meow but enjoys being pet. He likes to eat whatever treats you lay out in front of him, and will play when no one is looking..


Sweet, quiet and petite, this beautiful little girl loves to look out the window, chase the foster's cat and cuddle with him. She loves being around other cats and is ready to sidle up against any cat who will allow it.

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This tabby girl has a calm, friendly -personality. She enjoys spending time with her humans and will be close by whenever you have time to play or give her pets.


Born March 24, 2022 - Hannah, a silky black kitten, is an adorable friendly little girl. She will brighten up any home and will do well in any household. She loves her humans and will start purring loudly when she hears them.


Born July 2018 - This handsome cat is a faithful companion. Marty enjoys being with people no matter what the occasion. Marty would do best in a home without other pets.


Born May 9, 2022 - Misty is an adorable kitten being fostered with her brother and sisters. Misty is the quintessential kitten - curious, athletic, playful and loves to stretch out on her back for scratches nd snuggles.

Mr. Bingley

Mr. Bingley is big boy with a big purr and a lot of love to give.


This striking grey tabby boy is well mannered and friendly who is the perfect balance of a fun friend and calm companion.


Rocky is an outgoing, friendly cat who and never misses an opportunity for a quick game with a wand toy.


Born May 6, 2022 - Ruthie is a gorgeous girl who has a beautiful fluffy tail! Though a bit shy, she loves being petted and loves, loves, loves her humans. Ruthie will be your best friend!!


Samantha is a friendly cat who has striking markings and thick, silky fur.


This petite young girl is gentle and loving. Sushi would be the perfect addition to any home. She doesn't mind little hands and loves pets and chin rubs.


Born May 9, 2022 - Sylvie is being fostered with her brother and sisters. But Sylvie is the leader of the pack and the first to do everything. She's bossy and brave! But when she's done exploring, she loves snuggles.


Born July 2021 - Viola is a charming, petite girl. Viola is hard to ignore and loves when people pause to give her pets or a quick cuddle.