Adoption/Foster Process


Step 1

Read our FAQs for relevant information



Step 2

If you would like to ADOPT, view our dogs or cats and indicate your interest in up to 3 dogs or or 3 cats.

If you would like to FOSTER a dog press "Start Dog Foster Application" in step 4, if you would like to foster a cat please indicate your interest by selecting "Fostering" after pressing "Start Cat Adoption/Foster Application" in step 4.  Please do not pick an animal to foster.  We will match your interest with available foster animals


Step 3

Please complete the application. Be sure to complete all sections and questions. This will help ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible. 

Please use a computer to complete your application as applications do not always connect from a phone or tablet.


Step 4

When you submit your application, you will see a message that your application has been saved. We are a volunteer organization and we will work as quickly as we can.