Please Help Marvel !!!

Sometimes we come across an extra special rescue … a rescue that has suffered unthinkable trauma and desperately needs our help.  Recently, an SOS came in from the Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) about a stray pittie that was brought in with wounds all over his body:

- dozens of bites, scratches and bruises in various stages of healing
- hematoma and swelling over his left eye
- fractured and missing teeth
- swelling and muscle atrophy from an old leg fracture and suspected continuous crating
- painful swelling on his left paw from what appears to be a break which healed improperly
- right leg is curved and healed improperly
- singed whiskers
- urinary tract infection (UTI)
- malnourishment

We will never know for sure how he sustained his injuries, but it appears he was beaten and thrown out to fend for himself.  

While this precious boy has clearly endured a miserable life of abuse and suffered horrific injuries with many broken body parts to show for it, his spirit is not broken! He immediately won our hearts with his sweet and affectionate demeanor. We took him in and named him Marvel — because he is miraculous and marvel-ous! We are making him as comfortable as possible. He is on pain meds and antibiotics,  decompressing and our wonderful volunteers are showing him what it’s like to be loved. Even though humans failed him, he is resilient and the sweetest, most loving dog you’ll ever meet who leans in for love. 

We are committed to providing Marvel with all the veterinary care he needs to gain back his health. Please consider making a donation below and stay tuned on our social media outlets for updates.  If funds raised exceed the cost of Marvel's care any excess will be go towards our Healing Paws Fund to help other animals like Marvel.