#GivingTuesday - Double Your Impact

This #GivingTuesday, we are excited to announce an amazing opportunity! A generous anonymous donor will MATCH all #GivingTuesday gifts up to $20,000! And it could not come at a more opportune time.

Just recently, a call came in about a hoarding situation in upstate New York and animals that needed rescuing after their owner died, leaving them to fend for themselves. When our volunteers arrived, there were animals everywhere (including guinea pigs and rabbits that we are also helping to find homes for) and we removed 12 dogs who were severely neglected and living in horrendous conditions. A team of volunteers welcomed them into Pet Rescue and sprang into action bathing, clipping and shaving layers of dirt, mud, feces, urine and matts off of the dogs. 

One dog had to be rushed to VEG because her front and hind limbs were so encrusted and hardened from the matts and dirt that she couldn't walk. She had generalized muscle wasting from not being able to move her legs freely and x-rays showed a possible fracture. Under sedation, the matts were loosened so she could walk but she was very weak and dehydrated, and needed to spend a few days at the hospital. 

Most had bacterial skin infections that required antibiotics. One dog has a severe chronic ear infection that was left untreated for many years, requiring special medication and may require surgery. One dog was found to be in early stages of heart failure and needs to see a cardiologist. Another had a strange lump on his backside; his bladder had slipped through the opening of a hernia. He went to Guardian Veterinary Hospital and had the first of two surgeries to repair his condition. 
It seems that none of these dogs had ever received veterinary care and some were diagnosed with dental issues, skin issues, malnourishment, and other ailments ... but overall, the dogs are now in stable condition and decompressing in their foster homes. Despite all their trauma, each one is super sweet and friendly. The vets told us that some of these dogs would not have survived if we had not rescued them. 

This is just one example of the life-saving work we do on a daily basis. Your gift today truly changes lives and has a direct impact on hurting cats and dogs. Every donation makes a difference and will help us reach our goal of $20,000 to save more desperate animals like these. Please help us meet this generous challenge by making your gift today! Thank you in advance for caring.