Healing Paws Fund

Donate to the Healing Paws Fund

The Healing Paws Fund is a restricted fund used to provide veterinary care above and beyond neutering, vaccinations and other routine care.  This fund allows us to perform extensive medical procedures and surgeries needed by our most at risk animals.

Pet Rescue is committed to every animal we rescue and your generous donation to our Healing Paws Fund ensures we have the funds to provide all necessary vet care, giving these animals a chance at a long and healthy life.

Please consider a donation today.

Thank you!

* In Memory, In Honor or On Behalf dedications can be arranged by supplying the necessary information in "Additional Information" area.  Dedications acknowledgements can either be sent as an email or a mailed card (USA address only).  A mailed card will generally take a few weeks to process, an email will generally be processed within a week.