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Please be sure to check the status of the dog you may be interested in adopting.  The status of a particular dog will be one of the following:

  • Adoptable - Dog has not yet been adopted out to a family although there may be applications that are still in the process of being evaluated.  In addition, following approval the applicant will meet the dog with their family to make sure it is a good fit.
  • Adoption Pending - Approved applicant has scheduled a meet and greet with the dog and an adoption seems likely.
  • Adopted- Dog has been adopted but will continue to remain our website for a short period of time following the actual adoption.

Due to the extremely high number of applications we have been receiving, the review process will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

Process to Apply to Adopt

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Process to Apply to Foster

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A little About Z Knight-Courtesy Listing...

“Meet Knight, a three year old 35 lb. Beagle/Stafford Terrier mix!
Knight is a wonderful dog with a lot of energy, and a huge love of affection. Knight has benefitted from 1:1 training with a professional trainer and knows basic commands. He is also fully house-trained and crate-trained. He does not have resource-guarding behaviors. Knight is a social pup that loves spending time with people and other dogs, and has learned to get the hint when other dogs do not want to be bothered. He has never met a cat. Knight gets very excited when meeting new people and wants to jump up to greet them. He does well if new people have treats and ask him to sit before saying hello. 
Knight would do excellent with a family, preferably one with an owner who spends time at home and has patience to continue his training. He is very athletic and likes to run - a fenced in yard or access to a dog park often would be beneficial for this happy boy. He loves to be involved in adventures on hikes, on boats, and to meet up with friends. Knight also loves to spend time inside, playing with his toys and cuddling with family. He is full of love and excited to be a part of your family.”
If you are interested in this dog, please contact