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Due to the extremely high number of applications we have been receiving, the review process will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

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A little About Zuly...

Zuly is a gorgeous Border Collie mix. She is fun, silly, vivacious and bonds with her humans quickly. She is energetic, sweet, playful and enjoys the company of other dogs... playing chase, or just goofing around. At 2 years old, she is beyond the puppy stage, and there will be no mistaking your slipper for a dog toy. A smartie and a fast learner, Zuly has a nice sit and stay, but good solid training will be beneficial to the whole family.  Zuly loves to work, and loves getting praise and recognition of a job well done. Zuly is working on her manners..(to her delight, the counter is a perfect height for checking out what smells so good) and she is learning to walk on a leash.
 Zuly loves to play in the garden hose...she thinks it’s hysterical to get sprayed and get a little drink. She also loves a nice belly rub.
 Zuly is learning about cats, but the jury is still out.   She will chase if the cats run, but she stands down if the cats stand up to her.  
 As a herding breed Zuly leans into you and follows everywhere. She is energetic and will need space and exercise. She is exuberant and smart, and a fenced in yard would be a plus. As herders need to be kept busy, she would be a great agility training partner...using her brain and expending her energy will make her a tired, happy dog. Zuly will do best in a home with older children due to her energy level. Zuly is super affectionate, and will fall  asleep in your arms.
 So, if you are looking for a gorgeous border collie mix and a best friend, ready for adventure, Zuly is waiting for you. With love and lots of attention Zuly is going to bring her forever family tons of laughs and lots of joy.