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Pet Rescue is dedicated to providing cats and dogs with a second chance to find loving and safe homes.
Cats currently available for adoption are featured below. New animals are added as they become available.
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Sweet, quiet and petite, this beautiful little girl loves to look out the window, chase the foster's cat and cuddle with him. She loves being around other cats and is ready to sidle up against any cat who will allow it.

Foster a Cat

Give a cat or kitten a chance at a good home


Willow is a beautiful, gentle, affectionate cat who will bring a lot of love into your home.


Chloe is a lovely 4 year old petite lady with a gorgeous coat, reserved in personality and low maintenance, who must be the only cat in a quiet household.


Calypso is a handsome, quiet friendly adult cat. Calypso will greet you when you enter a room and be a loving companion by your side.


Gia is a calm girl that enjoys petting and cuddling in her bed. She's not a talker but she'll let you know what she wants with a gentle nudge or friendly rub.


This loving, handsome cat was born to be a loyal companion.


Lizzie is a friendly, outgoing and chatty kitty who will let you know when it's time to eat, play or simply spend quality time petting your new best friend.


Eddie is the perfect cat for someone who appreciates witnessing a cat come out of their shell. He is a kind and smart cat, who would rarely let out a meow (perfect if you like to sleep in the morning).


Bristol is a rambunctious little guy - a real pistol! He is always curious, very friendly and loving, and gets along great with his foster family's own cats.

Leisha and Kate

Leisha and Kate are two beautiful and super active siblings who love to run, climb, eat and sleep. These two darlings love people and ask for petting.

Liam and LIp

Liam (Tabby) and Lip (Black) are awesome little kittens and brothers too. They play together, rolling around and racing after each other. They are truly gorgeous kittens.


This beautiful, outgoing little girl loves attention and is an expert at giving (and receiving) hugs.


Elliot is a handsome guy with a low key personality who would make a loyal and loving companion.

Austin and Savannah

Austin and Savannah are the remaining two of a litter of 5 darling female kittens. These final two kittens have now become very bonded and we prefer that they be adopted together.

To FOSTER a cat or kitten, please complete the application, but please do NOT choose an animal. 
You will be notified of your acceptance as a foster and assigned an animal or animals that fit your household.