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A little About Chloe...

Chloe is a lovely 4 year old petite lady with a gorgeous coat, resesrved in personality and low maintenance, who must be the only cat in a quiet household, and will do best in an apartment environment where she can bond with her human in close quarters.  She is happy to sit near a window and look outside, listen to soft music, or nap often during the day.  Chloe has recently learned to "ask" for treats!  It's so funny and cute.  She'll stare at the treats for a while with her beautiful eyes, jump out of her box and go paws up on the side of the foster's bed or desk to ask.  Approached quietly, Chloe loves to be pet and will purr loudly when her human pets her.   A peaceful household with a patient human who will accept her as a very sweet yet somewhat shy kitty is what best suits our Chloe.