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A little About Lilu...

Born December 21, 2019

Lilu is a sleek, petite and lovely black cat who earned a special place in Pet Rescue hearts when she accepted and mothered two kittens whose own mother had abandoned them. 

Once upon a time, Lilu lived outside in a cat colony, but after being spayed and vaccinated, she has resided in foster homes where she has become comfortable with human family life.  She greets her current foster mom by the door, holding her tail straight up as a feline sign of happiness.  She is healthy and playful, and if given a little space can be a great companion.

Lilu meows softly and blinks at her foster to show affection.  She will eat from her foster's hand but prefers not to be held or pet.  Lilu gets along wonderfully with other cats and would be a good feline roommate to another kitty. 

Our Lilu demands very little and merits admiration.  We feel Lilu will do best in a quiet home with no small children.  She also seems to enjoy the company of female humans.