Pet Rescue Happenings

  • Giving Tuesday - Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters we met and exceeded our fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday and as a result will also receive a $15,000 matching gift.  Our appeal is still open if you would like to make a donation.  Donate here.
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive - Every year Pet Rescue spends around $20,000 feeding the dogs and cats in our care.  Through your generosity, we raise the funding for this life saving gift during this appeal.  Please consider a donation to our food drive here
  • Thank You - The entire Pet Rescue organization thanks the many of you who have given so generously over the past years ensuring the sustainability of the Pet Rescue mission.  In 2022, Pet Rescue will celebrate our 40 anniversary of saving homeless, abandoned or neglected dogs and cats and finding them caring responsible homes.  We could not have done it without you.
  • Meet & Greets are Back!
    All are welcome to attend our weekly Dog & Puppy Meet & Greet on Saturdays from 11:30am - 1:30pm at 7 Harrison Ave, Harrison NY. Most of our dogs will be in attendance - those in foster homes as well as those residing in our kennel. If you are interested in adopting a dog, we strongly suggest filling out an adoption application prior to the event which takes time to process. Applications will not be processed at the event and these events are weather dependent. See you Saturday!

Message from our Sponsors

Food Sponsors - Thanks to your kind support every week/month has been sponsored.  See calendar here.



Dog of the Week

Hi, I'm Angel! I'm a good boy, happy, friendly and playful. Will you be my family?

Cat of the Week

Born May 1, 2022 Frankie is a very sweet girl who loves to be pet and to rub against your ankles. She is always purring. Frankie is a very affectionate cat who is playful and keeps busy chasing her toys all around the room.

New York Pet Rescue

Want to Adopt?

Adoption Information

Before writing us, please read our FAQ. We receive hundreds of emails a week, and most questions fall into one of these categories. Reading the FAQ and submitting your application is the most expedient way to adoption. Please remember we are mostly volunteers and handle all inquiries as best we can. We try to respond (when appropriate) within 24-48 hours.

Applicants must:

  • Live within a 90 mile radius of Larchmont, NY
  • Accept the financial responsibility of vet care and pet care
  • Donate $350 to adopt their dog/puppy and $100 for their cat/kitten
  • Be over 23 years of age to adopt a dog and 21 years of age to adopt a cat
  • Be ready to adopt within 7-10 days

With Your Donations, We Provide



Pet Rescue's facility in Harrison, NY provides shelter for many of our cats and dogs. In addition to a roof over their heads, we pay for heat, food, water, electricity. and general maintenance. While most of the work is done by dedicated volunteers, we have a small kennel staff to help care for the dogs and cats.



 Our clinic provides vet care to our cats and dogs. General health assessments, medications, vaccinations, blood work, testing, spay/neuter procedures, and other necessary surgeries are all a part of the day- to-day routine. Additionally, we pay for specialist care, as needed, to maintain the health of our dogs and cats.



We took over a dilapidated facility which has required hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore to a usable condition. We continue to discover issues and restore the buildings to operable conditions. Our funding comes exclusively from donations from our adopters and friends.



We transport around 600 dogs from kill shelters and emergency situations to Pet Rescue each year. We also take in local cats and dogs who are in distressed situations.



We are lucky to have a wonderful group of people who foster our cats and dogs in their homes. We pay for all their vetting via the clinic and we provide them specialty food as needed.



We feed our cats and dogs over 2,200 cans of wet food and 1,600 pounds of dry food each year (numbers currently for cats only).

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