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Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Blake BeforeDuring the upcoming holiday season, we're reminded how thankful we are to have wonderful friends like you who care as much as we do about helping homeless animals. Blake AfterThanks to your generosity and support, we are able to give them a second chance.

Very often, the dogs and cats we rescue arrive in poor condition - their fur is matted, dull and coarse; they're underweight and hungry. Some have lived on the streets, foraging for food; some have been badly neglected or abused. Their sad eyes tell their stories even as we welcome them to safety.

For these cats and dogs, especially, nutritious food is essential because it gives their immune systems a badly needed boost. In just a week we can see a difference; they fill out, their eyes and coats glisten and they're frisky and happy.

While some food is donated to us, last year we have spent almost $25,000 on dog and cat food. Can you help us offset these costs? Your gift today will help ensure that our rescued animals will have a nutritious meal on Thanksgiving Day - and every day of the year.

With sincerest gratitude and warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

PET RESCUE, P.O. Box 393, Larchmont, NY 10538  (914) 835-3332

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