Volunteer Application - Cats

Pet Rescue is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to saving dogs and cats and finding them safe and nurturing homes. We truly appreciate your interest in helping!

Pet Rescue relies on volunteers to help our dogs and cats in many ways - either directly (fostering, socializing, feeding) or through the day to day activities that are necessary for running an organization. Without these dedicated individuals, we would not be able to accomplish all that we do.

Interested in volunteering with the cats?
Email us at nypetrescue@gmail.com and let us know.

Basic Guidelines for All Volunteers

The following information and guidelines are applicable to all volunteers. All Volunteers must comply with the rules and requirements for volunteering with Pet Rescue or at Pet Rescue adoption or open house events. Pet Rescue reserves the right to terminate any volunteer who does not comply with the rules and requirements set forth in this application.

Dress Code: There is no enforced dress code at Pet Rescue with the exception of closed toe shoes for dog walkers. However, it is suggested that volunteers wear clothes that can get dirty. Sweatshirts are better than sweaters. Closed toe shoes are required for dog walkers and recommended for all other volunteers. Dangling jewelry should be avoided.

Proof of Volunteer Activity: If a Volunteer needs a letter stating that he or she has volunteered, the Volunteer must get that when he or she is actively volunteering. No records are kept for later access and it is the Volunteer's own responsibility to keep a signed record of activity as long as necessary. A letter confirming volunteer activity can be obtained.

Next Steps: After submitting your volunteer application, you will receive an email confirming that your application was received and outlining what the next steps are.

Volunteer Hold Harmless Agreement

I fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any and all duties that I perform for Pet Rescue in my volunteer capacity and I agree to hold Pet Rescue harmless for any injury(s) which I might sustain during the course of my volunteer duties.

This waiver does include myself, all of my family members and descendants forever from seeking any legal action whatsoever against Pet Rescue or its representatives.

Pet Rescue Code of Conduct


1. All interactions and communications shall be carried out in a fair, courteous, respectful, orderly manner, whether between fellow members and/or volunteers, as well as potential adopters, with the united goal to enhance the mission of Pet Rescue;

2. All members and volunteers shall be treated with respect, and shall in turn treat all other members and volunteers with respect;

3. When a person is speaking, others will be patient and will not interrupt;

4. Rude, unkind comments will not be tolerated. Any volunteer or member engaging in this behavior will receive one warning; thereafter, should this behavior continue, said member or volunteer may be asked to leave Pet Rescue once the matter is addressed by the Board of Directors.

5. Communications, whether verbal or written, will be in a civilized tone and manner. Raised voices, shouting or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

6. As Pet Rescue’s goal is to place rescued cats and dogs with adopters, there shall be no abusive, rude or otherwise inappropriate language directed at adopters by fellow members or volunteers, nor shall there be any rude, abusive or otherwise inappropriate language directed at fellow members or volunteers in front of potential adopters. Violation of this rule will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.


Kitty Cottage Rules

1 – Access to the Kitty Cottage is limited to the following times

  • Scheduled Open Houses as posted on the website calendar
  • Those volunteers scheduled to feed cats
  • Those volunteers scheduled to medicate cats in the afternoon or evening
  • Cleaning staff at designated times

NOTE:  Entry may to the Kitty Cottage ONLY occur between 8:30 am and 8:00 pm.  No one is permitted in the Kitty Cottage outside of those hours

2 – Open Houses are run by experienced volunteers (hosts) who are responsible for the well being of the cats and volunteers during those times.  Open house hosts have the sole authority to make decisions regarding the safety of the animals and the duties of volunteers at the open houses. 

3 – All Kitty Cottage volunteers are responsible to help keep the Kitty Cottage as clean as possible. In addition to socializing the cats, light cleaning duties may be assigned to volunteers.

Pet Rescue reserves the right to revoke volunteer privileges at any time.