Group Dog Training

Pet Rescue has partnered up with our dog trainer, Amanda Kranz, owner of AK9 Dog Training to offer group dog training lessons to friends of Pet Rescue.  Amanda will be handling all of the booking details and information about specific packages offered can be found below.

Amanda also offers individual training lessons.  If interested, please contact her at Amanda@AK9DogTraining.com for additional information.

Training Packages Available

Below is a list of in person and virutal classes Amanda will be offering.  Each particular class will meet once a week at a mutually agreed upon time by the participants. 

In person class offering:

  • 5 week in person obedience training (limited to 8 dogs) - $165 / dog
  • 5 week in person reactive dog class (limited to 4 dogs) - $200 / dog

Virtual class offering:

  • 5 week Zoom class (limited to 8 dogs) - $90 / dog

 If you are interested in signing up for one of these training packages, please contact Amanda Kranz by email at Amanda@AK9DogTraining.com for additional information.

More information about her business can be found on her website at AK9DogTraining.com