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missing pets

Many end up in laboratories. To help protect these hapless animals, please contact your senators and ask that they co-sponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act (S.668). This act, introduced by Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), closes a loophole in the law that permits research laboratories to purchase cats and dogs from "random source" or class B dealers who are permitted to obtain animals from any source, including family pets and "free to good home" ads.

Family pets are often kidnapped, especially if they are friendly and go to strangers easily. Most of the calls we receive about lost pets, the ones that are never seen again, involve friendly ones. We used to be skeptical about the extent of the kidnapping-for-laboratories business but we have learned more about it and can tell anybody who asks about our sources. It's a big underground business. For their own purposes, laboratories don't ask questions about where the animals that are supplied to them by middlemen come from.

It is important to keep your cats indoors and your dogs on leashes or in within view in fenced in yards.

We were notified about this act by the Doris Day Animal League.