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Healing Paws Fund

An emergency call came in - someone had found a seriously injured kitten. Could we help? One of our volunteers rushed to south Yonkers to pick it up and discovered the kitten's face was damaged, possibly burned.

After a full check up, we put her on antibiotics and our volunteer took her home to care for her. Five days later, the kitten's nose fell off and the front part of her jaw and upper teeth rotted away. When she was stable enough, we brought her to the Animal Specialty Center for surgery to pull the skin on either side of the nose together to close the wound, leaving a small hole for her to breathe through.

The kitten went to a foster family to recover and, lucky for her, they fell in love and decided to adopt her. After a rough start in life, Fiona now isn't even aware of her injuries. Although she is missing some of her top teeth, she eats fine. She still has her outgoing, playful, trusting personality. She curls up with her family and loves to play with their dog.

Fiona is just one example of our dedication to the animals we rescue. There's Mollie who needed her toe amputated due to a previous injury; Magic who came to us emaciated and with a severely injured leg that needed orthopedic surgery; Cee Cee who was left on the street to die with a fractured pelvis and broken leg. And many, many more.

Above and beyond neutering, vaccinations and other routine care, we also provide extraordinary medical care when needed. Yes, these surgeries can be expensive but the precious lives we help are worth it. When we rescue a dog or cat, we make a commitment to them and don't give up. Your gift to our Healing Paws Fund today ensures that we can continue to provide our rescues with the vet care they need.

Thank you for your extraordinary caring - and for however much you can give. Together, we can make all the difference in their lives.

Healing Paws Fund