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Become a Foster Parent!

To become a foster parent, please fill out an foster application:
Click here to become a dog foster parent. ("Foster a Dog" as your dog of choice)
Click here to become a cat foster parent. ("Foster a Cat" as your cat of choice)

Thinking of adopting but not sure you are ready for the commitment? Want to save a life and be rewarded in tail wags and kisses? Try fostering and become part of our Pet Rescue family!

Last year, Pet Rescue successfully placed over 500 cats and dogs into permanent, loving homes. This is thanks in large part to the work of our foster families who prepare our rescues for life as a proper family pet.  BUT there are always more animals to save!

The average foster lasts just a few weeks and all pets are screened for health and temperament. We provide basic supplies, veterinary care, and guidance. You provide love, training, and a home. The care and attention of foster families allow Pet Rescue to expertly match our pets with prospective homes.

If you live in Westchester or Southern Fairfield counties and are willing to care for a foster a pet, please submit an application and join the Pet Rescue family. Fostering is a fun and immensely rewarding experience you will never forget.



"What a love we have found in Doc! He is the perfect dog! Please know how grateful we are to you for your hand in bringing us Doc. We feel so blessed to have such a beautiful dog!"
- Celeste (Darien, CT)

"Olive (now Madison) is doing wonderfully so far. We wanted to say thank you for fostering her and letting us take her home! She is a very special kitty."
- Nicole & Michael
(Hawthorne, NJ)

"I want to give you an update on Charlie Brown, we kept the name. We feel very lucky to have him! We are grateful to you for rescuing him. He is a very special and lovely dog!“
- Robi (New York, NY)

"Thank you for everything you do for all the animals! It's obvious to us that you gave him a lot of love and attention - please know that we will continue the same."
- Lisa & Patti (Stamford, CT)

“There is nothing more entertaining and heart-warming than watching a litter of puppies at play and then falling asleep piled on top of each other. When I have fostered pups, I have gotten some of my best night’s sleep–partly because I'm exhausted but mostly because I'm so at peace knowing that these puppies who came here hungry and dirty are now warm, safe, and happy.”
- Judy (New Rochelle, NY)

"Seeing where some of these kittens come from and knowing I helped get them into loving homes give me such satisfaction. From scrounging outside to having regular meals, a fuzzy bed and lots of toys makes it all worth it! I miss them when they are adopted, but it makes room for me to save another life."
- Josie (Pelham, NY)

“The rewards of fostering have been endless: matching the perfect dog or puppy with the perfect family; helping that very shy dog blossom into a confident loving companion; teaching a dog that has been chained in a yard the joys of walking with a leash; showing a dog that is afraid of being touched that hands are loving and have treats...”
- Liz (Stamford, CT

10. Enjoy furry companionship without a lifetime commitment

9. Get out and meet great new people

8. Teach family members great life lessons

7. Learn more about dogs & cats, behavior, grooming, and health

6. Enhance your own pet’s social skills

5. Increase your foster pet’s chances of finding a great new home

4. Help without spending money

3. Feel good about yourself

2. Teach an old dog or cat new tricks – it is fun!



How long does fostering last?

It really depends. The average foster dog is adopted to a wonderful, forever family in less than three weeks. For kittens, 3-4 weeks, depending on their age. Adults take a little longer. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule.

Can I pick my foster pet?

Some of the pets listed on the Pet Rescue website are already in foster care. New foster families are carefully matched to a foster pet based on criteria provided by the family during the screening process.

What happens if there is a problem with my foster pet?

Pet Rescue has both veterinarians, trainers and experienced volunteers to help foster families work through any problems with their fosters. If the situation is just not working out, pets can be moved quickly to another foster home or temporary boarding facility.

Can I adopt my foster pet?

Foster families sometimes find it too difficult to let their foster pet go to a new home. While Pet Rescue would prefer you adopt out the pet and save another life by fostering again, we understand that this is not always possible. In these cases, it is permissible to adopt your foster pet. However, Pet Rescue asks you decide within the first three days of fostering if you will adopt.

Where do all the cats and dogs come from?

Pet Rescue works with several high-kill shelters in the South as well as locally to rescue our dogs. Most are picked up as strays off the street or turned in by owners. Failure to spay/neuter leads to an endless cycle of unwanted dogs and pups. Many of our cats and kittens come from local surrenders. During kitten season, we are inundated with phone calls about litters of kittens. We also help with local TNR and find that some of the cats are friendly enough for adoption.

To become a foster parent, please fill out an foster application:
Click here to become a dog foster parent. ("Foster a Dog" as your dog of choice)
Click here to become a cat foster parent. ("Foster a Cat" as your cat of choice)