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before applying for a dog to learn more about our adoption process.

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Shirley is an adorable pup, about 8 months old and 32 lbs. She is very sweet but is also shy and will not do well in a home with young children. Shirley is adjusting nicely to her foster home and loves playing with her furry foster sibling. She is housebroken and sleeps quietly through the night. Shirley's forever home should have another friendly dog.


Paisley is an adorable female Min Pin mix, about a year old and 28 lbs. She is very sweet, housebroken and sleeps peacefully in her crate through the night. She loves to play with other dogs and is good with children.
Thank you Christiane Quinif for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you Christiane Quinif for sponsoring my vet care!

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Bunny is a delightful and sweet puppy that is about 3 1/2 months and 10 lbs. She is sweet as can be and loves to play and romp around with her friend Lady Bug. She loves nothing better then a nice belly rub or to snuggle on your lap. She will melt your heart with that sweet face!
Thank you Loli Events & Rockit Films for sponsoring my vet care!


Hi! I'm Poppy, a 4 month old Australian Cattle mix. I am about 25 lbs with the most beautiful soft, silky black and white coat. I am as sweet as can be: I love to be snuggled and nearby my humans as often as possible. Don't be fooled, though: I am completely crate trained. I go in at night without a problem and sleep through, keeping my crate clean and dry! I am working hard on my housebreaking and am almost 100% trained! My foster mom says I am one of the smartest puppies she has ever had because I already know my "sit" and "down" commands. I love children and dogs of all ages/sizes, although I am still getting used to playing with much bigger dogs (my foster sister is 70 lbs., and I love playing with her!). My foster family knows I will make an amazing family dog for some lucky humans. I can't wait to meet them and begin my happily ever after!

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Payton is about 20lbs at 16 weeks of age. She was born in a loving foster home on 12/22/16 to Momma Polka, pictured last. Payton is loving life in her foster home! She plays hard with her foster sibling and then settles very quickly for a nice long snooze! She loves to go for walks in the neighborhood and is working on her housebreaking. She sleeps on her foster mom's bed at night and the only complaint is that she snores a little!! She will make an amazing addition to any family.


Hi my name is Laverne and I want to know what happened to my tail? I am an adorable pup, about 8 months old and 38 lbs. I’ve adjusted beautifully in my foster home in such a short time. I am very well behaved, gentle, calm, but most of all I am sweet. I am housebroken, sleep though the night and only chew on my dog toys. I live with 3 other house mates and would rather not be the only pup. I enjoy meeting other dogs, going on walks and romps at the dog park. I am also good with cats. The best place for me is in a home that doesn’t have real small children. They might try and pull my tail, oh yea, I don’t have a tail. Won’t you come and meet me. You can see I am a beauty, with a personality to match.

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Yuki is a sweet girl at about 1 Year of age and 20 Pounds. She is a total love to be around. She's is cautiously shy at first but once she warms up, she won't leave your side. She's playful and a little goofy with her super long legs and long ears. Yuki would love a family with another dog and children over the age of 10. She likes a little bit of play time but really enjoys hanging out wherever her people or pack is. She's smart, house trained & quiet. Yuki will sleep nicely at night in a crate, however strongly dislikes the crate during the day while her people are gone. Yuki has some separation anxiety. She would need someone around most of the day, who can slowly work on her ability to separate a bit better.


Rascal is an adorable little Yorkie (mix?), about 2 years old. He loves to be with his foster mom and be the center of her attention. He is very sweet, cuddly and playful -- and housebroken too! He is friendly playing with other dogs and hanging out with them but he does guard his food and toys so please, a home without small children and no other dogs is a must. When his foster mom goes to work, he just naps on her bed and is happy to see her again when she comes home. He would be happiest as a one-person dog and will make a wonderful companion for a human that dotes on him.

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This sweet little boy is named Benji. He is a Bichon Frise, about 2 years old and 16 lbs. He is full of energy and loves to play with all the dogs in his foster home, no matter the size. He is very friendly and loves to be cuddled by anyone who comes to visit. This little dog has so much love in him, he will be a joy to anyone who adopts him.


Chen is a yorkie/poodle mix who is 2 years old and approximately 8 lbs. There are times he can be anxious and reactive with strangers. However, if he likes you, he is incredible! No children should be in the home because of his selective nature. At the foster home, he plays nicely with some of the dogs in specific play groups. He does nicely in his pack walks in the neighborhood. He is super smart with his training and would need to stay on a training program to build his confidence with strangers. Chen needs a home with an experienced dog person. He would not do well in the city. Chen seems very appropriate with cats.

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Praline is a one year old lab/ beagle mix that came in very shy and afraid of all humans but boy - does she love to play with all dogs. What gets her to the end of the day is the chance to walk and play with all her friends. She is learning that humans give her that opportunity to go on long walks with her other canine buddies so she finally let's them approach and touch her. Actually, she is starting to like to be pet and massaged by humans and will nudge their hand for more! The person willing to rescue Praline must have at least one other dog, a 6-ft fenced in yard, no small children, and willing to work slowly and with predictability with our very shy girl. She is the delight of her new foster home and as you can see is making herself right at home with their kitty and other foster pup Laverne.


Meet Lucky! He is a gorgeous lab mix (?) weighing about 35 pounds and is approximately 2 years old...but boy is he wise beyond his years! Lucky is perfect on a leash and is completely house trained. Despite his lonely beginnings, this handsome boy is such a sweet, gentle, loving soul. His foster parents can't get over how well behaved he is! He just loves his cozy crate, squeaky toys, and long walks. Lucky doesn't seem to mind other dogs...simply curious, but this hasn't been fully tested as of yet. Lucky is super easy going and would be a wonderful addition to a family without young children. All Lucky needs to be happy is to find someone (or many someone's) to love him...and he will give so much love in return! No cats for Lucky.

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Not only is Lacey beautiful, she is super sweet too. Lacey is about a year old and weighs 45 lbs. She is a little timid but warms up quickly. She is looking for a calm, quiet home to give her a wonderful life. Come see this beauty!!!
Thank you Arlene Lenok for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you Arlene Lenok for sponsoring my vet care!


This Polka dot lady is just beautiful and very playful. She is friendly and very sweet. She is working long and hard on her manners training. Her favorite game in the yard is fetch! She is a super star with crate training too!!

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Harper is a handsome Husky/Rat Terrier(?) mix, about a year old and the perfect size at 30 lbs. He is adorable, very sweet, very affectionate, friendly and smart -- and housebroken too. He loves going to the dog park daily for a romp and run - he tends to be on the submissive side with other dogs. He loves nature trails too. He loves to travel in the car and is very socialized with people of all ages as well as other dogs. He would do well in an active household and would make an all-around excellent family companion.

Courtesy Listings

There are so many dogs that need a home and with Pet Rescue's limited space, we cannot help them all. Please take the time to look at these courtesy listings and if interested, apply directly to the contact listed. Visit your local shelter -- there are many wonderful dogs just waiting for a home to call their own. Click here to view courtesy listings.

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Click here for more photos


Buddy is an adorable beagle/basset mix, about 4 years old and 41 lbs. He loves all people and dogs alike! Like your typically hound, he loves a good long walk to take in the wonderful smells and sights. A real favorite with our volunteers - please come meet our wonderful boy!


Molly is an adorable little terrier mix pup, 4-5 months old and weighing 9 lbs. She is very sweet but is shy when meeting new people. She is adjusting well to her new foster home and really loves to be with her furry foster siblings. Molly would love a forever home with another dog or two to play with each day. Presently, because of her shyness, it would be best that she is in a home with older children.

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Doogie is a year old terrier mix who weighs about 38 lbs. He is doing nicely in his training and enjoys going on long walks and spending time outside. He does go on walks with other dogs and can hang out with quiet dogs in a yard. He is a super sweet dog with his humans and will make a wonderful companion. Click here to see a video of Doogie.

Thank you Anna Lazare for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!


Little Daisy is just as sweet as can be. She is about 4 1/2 months old and about 7 lbs. She enjoys going for walks with her little friends or climbing on any lap she can get close to. She is working on her housebreaking and sleeps through the night without a peep.

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Click here for more photos


Stubs is an adorable mixed breed pup, about 4 1/2 months old and 13 lbs. He is very sweet and friendly. He used to be shy around humans but now he is super confident! A real super star with the other dogs in his play group!


Honey is an adorable boxer mix. She is about a year old and approximately 40lbs. We are working on walking her with other dogs and she is doing nicely! However, she would prefer to be the only dog. Easy to walk on a leash and just a real beauty.
Thank you JoAnne & Richard Novak in memory of Mimi for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you JoAnne & Richard Novak in memory of Mimi for sponsoring my vet care!

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Click here for more photos

Lady Bug

Lady Bug is a gentle sweet pup. She is about 14 weeks and 9 lbs. She loves to play with her friend Bunny and is learning how to walk on a leash. She is all for cuddling and belly rubs. She will be a wonderful addition to some lucky family!
Thank you Andrew Kransdorf for sponsoring my vet care!


Miso is a 2 year old 7 lb little love. She was rescued from Korea and is one of the cutest little dogs I've ever met. Get ready to get stopped at all times when you're out with her. Everyone falls in love. Although she is missing an eye she is never missing a beat!! She is calm and loves to cuddle but switches right over to a spunky little girl when its time to play. As small as she is she is definitely an alpha dog. She wants to be the boss and her foster fur brother doesn't mind a bit, in fact he just adores her. Miso is housebroken when kept on a schedule and she sleeps through the night. Miso prefers to sleep in bed with her human. Miso must go to a home where her person will leash walk her. She is a little bit of an escape artist and loves to squeeze her little body through the fence and will even dig out a bit. She would do best in a home with another dog, no cats and no small children.

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Click here for more photos


Sammi is a beautiful lab/hound mix, about a year old and 40 lbs. She loves going for long walks either alone or with other dogs. She is teaching our young shy dogs how to walk nicely on a leash. She loves to play with other dogs and puppies!! She is currently working on her manners training and making some progress. At this time, she would be best with a family with experience working with high energy dogs and older children. But so smart and trying very hard to get her energy under control!


Sunshine is a stunningly beautiful approximate 9 month old, 20 lb mixed breed dog (Shiba Inu?) that was rescued from the Korean dog meat trade. She came to us very shy, having had very little human contact. She has been settling in well to her foster home and follows her furry foster sister everywhere and loves to play with her. Sunshine is learning to walk on a leash, and seems to be housebroken. She is slowly coming out of her shell and learning how to be a pet. Sunshine is so sweet but very timid, so her adopter needs to have shy dog experience and be patient to earn her trust. Her forever home MUST be adult only, calm, predictable have a fenced in yard and another friendly dog.

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Click here for more photos

Foster a Dog!

Thinking of adopting but not sure you are ready for the commitment? Want to save a life and be rewarded in wagging tails and kisses? Try fostering and become a part of Westchester Magazine's Best Animal Rescue Group 2008.

Pet Rescue does not have a shelter and relies entirely on the generosity of foster homes to care for our dogs. The number of foster homes we have dictates the number of dogs we can save. There are always more waiting for rescue.

The average foster lasts just a couple of weeks and all dogs are screened for health and temperament. We provide basic supplies, veterinary care, and guidance. You provide love, training and a home. It is the care and attention given by foster families which allow Pet Rescue to expertly match our dogs with prospective families.

If you live in Westchester or Southern Fairfield counties and would be willing to care for a foster dog, please submit an application. Fostering is a fun and immensely rewarding experience! Click here to see how much love you get from being a foster parent!

Email us with any questions or for more information.


Cub is an adorable Chow mix, about 2-3 years old and 45 lbs. He is a real gentlemen -- and loves car drives. He is a real beauty and you must see him in person! He can be reactive to cars and trucks so he would not be a candidate for city life at this time. That said, he is doing nicely on his long walks here at our facility. He would be best in a home with a female dog or a quiet, appropriate dog.

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Click here for more photos


Kaleah is an adorable Chihuahua mix who is about 5 years old and weighs about 11 lbs. She is very sweet and will do best in an adult only family as she will attach herself to one person. She is the definition of a lap dog. Kaleah is happiest on her foster mom's lap giving kisses. She loves to go for walks and trips in the car where she sits quietly on her seat. She also is easily trained using her favorite treats. Kaleah is housebroken and does not bark when left alone for a few hours. The right person will be treated to lots of love by this little girl.


TJ is the sweetest boy you'll meet. TJ is a 15 lb and about 10 year young Bichon. He's a love bug and never gets tired of being with you. He's great with other dogs and cats, too. TJ needs to be in a quiet house with a yard. TJ likes to explore his yard before making so a fenced in yard is important. TJ is also very demanding at meal time and will bark for his meals so apartments won't do. TJ will stay overnight in a covered crate without a sound. TJ doesn't like car rides unless he's crated and then will settle in. TJ will make a lucky person a wonderful companion if you can be flexible and patient with him.

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Click here for more photos


Caroline is a 7-8 year old, 11 lb Poodle mix, who was saved from the South Korean meat trade. She is very sweet and friendly and gets along very well with the other dogs in her foster home. Caroline loves to play with soft toys and will play fetch for hours. She loves to sit next to her humans and settles down nicely. She does her business outside and will use a wee wee pad too. She loves to go on walks and will need some leash training. Caroline rides well in the car and will be a wonderful addition to any family.


Mila is an adorable mixed breed pup, about 4 1/2 months old and 9 lbs. She is very sweet and friendly. She loves playing with other young dogs at our facility and has warmed up to all humans!

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Click here for more photos


Roscoe is an adorable boy who loves to be with people and go on nice long walks. He is doing nicely with his manners training which includes loose leash walking, sits, and crate training. An absolute must see in person because he will really grab your heart.


Scout is a wonderful 10 year young perfect pooch! He is a spaniel mix and about 50 lbs. He is an easy boy who will fit in to any home. He is completely housebroken, sleeps on a bed in his foster parents room all night without a peep and can be left alone during the work day with no destruction. He knows sit and paw and rides great in the car. Scout is very playful and loves a good game of catch. But, when it's time to settle down, he climbs on the couch for a good, long snuggle and belly rub. Don't miss out on this great boy! He is a true gem!

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Click here for more photos


Mikey is a handsome 1-year old Lab/Pittie mix with a wonderful and playful personality. He enjoys playing with most dogs, loves all people and seems to get along with cats. Looking at Mikey, one would think he is smiling. He makes the most of his kennel life: goes for long buddy walks with his friends, plays in the yard alone or with a playmate or just chills out in the office with our staff. Mikey will make a family very happy!
Thank you JoAnne and Richard Novak in memory of Frankie for sponsoring my ticket to freedom!
Thank you JoAnne and Richard Novak in memory of Frankie for sponsoring my vet care!


An adult dog (appx. 7) that knows what he likes and he likes you! He will alert you to people at your door and will happily go to his place so that you can welcome your guests. Red enjoys a quiet space in our facility with his favorite toys. He loves to go on long walks with our volunteers and some of his quiet furry friends. He would do well in a peaceful home with few distractions but boy he loves to hang out with his humans. Currently he needs to go to an "only dog" home and someone with dog experience so that they can help him keep this lovely behavior.

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