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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


Tabby is a neutered declawed male, about 3 years old, whose owner suddently died alone in his NYC apartment, leaving this adorable, sweet cat essentially homeless and desperate for at least a foster home, if not a permanent home. Tabby gets along wonderfully with dogs as his deceased owner had a Labrador Retriever, and enjoys being petted. Without a home to go to, unfortunately this healthy kitty will be taken to NYC's animal control center as the decedent's relatives do not wish to care for his beloved pets. Please contact Jennifer at 415-702-5651 to learn more about Tabby. Rescued in 2012.


is a young cat that we rescued just a day before she was scheduled to be put down. Her kittens were all adopted and now she deserves a home of her own. She was a fantastic mother and even adopted a sickly kitten as one of her own, helping him to survive. She loves sun-bathing on a window sill and purrs when petted. She's all black with a dot of white under her neck.


Look at the beautiful markings on this adorable young Torty! Tabitha’s rust-colored nose and chin, contrasted with her black eye patch and snowy white chest, give this little girl a striking appearance. Combine that with her sweet-natured personality, easygoing attitude, and ability to get along with other cats and this little purrer becomes completely irresistible.


Tabitha is a one year old Russian Blue female who is now enjoying life in a wonderful foster home. Gentle and sweet, this doll was found eating out of the garbage just to survive on the streets. She is around other cats, dogs and kids and gets along with all. Rescued in 2011.


Tabitha is a beautiful, alert 1 1/2-2 year old cat whose litter of four have been adopted. This sweet and loving lady is now spayed (her mothering days are over) and up to date with all shots. She is a delight in the house and can't get enough of belly rubs. She enjoys rolling around on the floor and adores human attention. Not one for highbrow foods (she loves Purina and Friskies), this intelligent, charming cat just needs a permanent home to call her own. To meet Tabitha, please contact her fosterer, Mary Ann, through Pet Rescue. Rescued in 2012.


Tabitha (about 1 year old as of 3/15/15) was picked up very thin having sacrificed herself to feed her 4 kittens (listed separately Buzz, Dora, Misty and Zorro). She's extremely friendly and just loves to be held. Tabitha will give nose kisses and stretch out to have her belly rubbed. She's great with other cats, very relaxed and sociable. She'd love to find a home where she can settle on a lap all day and purr. Rescued in 2015.


This beautiful pure black Maine Coon mix was rescued when we received an email that her owner had passed away and she was about to become homeless. Very shy when she first came to Pet Rescue, she now loves to be petted and starts purring when she is brushed. Taco is about 7 years old and up to date on her shots. KC Rescued in 2016.


Our Taffy is 100% male and one handsome 5 month old kitty (born april 2011). White with a bit of grey, he is very affectionate, playful and super curious. Rescued from the streets, he now resides happily in a foster home with other cats, dogs and children. All he needs is a permanent loving home to call his very own. Rescued in 2011.


Taffy is a ten week old kitten (10/29/15) and has learned since being rescued from outside at 4 weeks that cuddling is great fun. He came to Pet Rescue with a badly infected eye which had been treated. Taffy has beautiful swirl tabby markings with medium long fur. He is still a bit shy with strangers but loves to play, purr and be petted. sp Rescued in 2015.


My name is Tahiti. I am 6 months old. I am one cool cat who loves to hang out in your lap and watch TV. I am looking for my forever home. Would you like to adopt me? Rescued in 2015.


is a gorgeous long haired male, about 4 months old. He is affectionate, playful and good with other cats. His sister Wags is available also.


Tallulah is a 2-year old petite black beauty, healthy, happy and loving. A kind woman took Tallulah in as a rescue and she became a member of the family. Tallulah gets along with the other cats in the house and is the first to jump in bed at night with her humans. She's spayed, tested and up-to-date on vaccinations. Please contact Tallulah's rescuer, Marianne, directly at home at 914-725-2869, or by email at Rescued in 2011.


is an adorable 10 week old kitten. Very friendly and happy. Loves people and purrs like a motor.


Tammy is an adorable kitten, about 3-4 months old. Very sweet, very friendly and playful. A real little live wire! She is the last of her litter to be adopted and resides now in a great foster home with other cats, and dogs (with whom she gets along). She will make a wonderful family pet. Rescued in 2012.

Tammy & Samantha

Tammy, a beautiful black with white, and her sister Samantha, a brilliant calico, are sweet 6-month-olds who were left outside the house of a woman who couldn't take them in because of severe allergies but who fed them and gave them a place to keep safe and out of the rain. They will make great pets for a single person or a whole family.


Tammyfae is the only girl in her litter of 5 (all posted on the website) and is the smallest of the bunch. Born in late April, she's a very downy soft gray calico with little patches of orange like her mom. Tammyfae loves snuggling more than eating and curls up under mom's chin while her brothers eat. Tammyfae is very industrious and enjoys tumbling around with her brothers. She has had her first set of shots and is microchipped. Rescued in 2013.


is a adorable kitten, about 3 months old. She is very friendly and cuddly.


Tanya and her 3 brothers are about 7-8 weeks and just adorable! Very sweet and friendly. Their mom Tara is also listed.


is the wonderful and sweet mom of 4 adorable kittens (also listed). She is about 1 1/2 years old and very friendly.


is around 12 weeks old. There were three of them in the litter and her brother and sister were adopted and she is all that is left. She enjoys playing with the other cats. She has a sweet personality. Loves to sleep next to you head. She runs and jumps everywhere.


Tara is a beautiful girls that is as friendly as she is pretty. She loves attention and is always ready for a cuddling session. She was picked her up off the highway where she was thrown from a car. (That is why she has a cleft lip; her face was torn open from the road.) She is great with children, although older would be better. Her playful days passed, she would be happy to be petted and sleep with someone. She is litter trained and not too afraid of dogs if they approach slowly. She is delicate and would make a great lap cat. We think she is about 3 years.


Tara is a 2 1/2 year old (as of 1/8/17) female silver tabby. Sweet and calm, she was abandoned in the streets when her family moved. Tara loves tickles behind her ears and is a wonderful companion. bp Rescued in 2017.


We rescued Tasha for a local shelter along with her kittens. Her kittens were all adopted and now Tasha needs a home. She is extremely friendly, affectionate and loving.


was found wandering the streets and eagerly taken in by a family who looked forward to keeping this huggable little beauty, but after a month the old family allergies showed up and they had to give her up. She about a year old and extremely sociable and vocal, a real personage. She has a clear tortoise coat.


Adorable 8 month old kitten who is very playful! She can be a little shy at first, but once she gets to know you she very loveable. She doesnít like to be held but she loves to be pet. She would be great in a home that has older children and another young cat(s) for her to play with. Please contact her foster mom at 914-772-3548 for more information.


Sweet and affectionate boy. He is about 9 weeks old and waiting for a loving home. Loves to be petted and sit on lap.


Taylor is a declawed 8 year old reddish tabby cat whose owner has come on hard times and has to leave his residence. He cannot take care of Taylor, or Taylor's sibling, Princess, also declawed. This handsome boy is up to date with all shots and vaccinations, neutered and in good health. Both Taylor and his sister are sweet, lovable cats originally rescued as kittens who now need a new home. Please contact Lana at to learn more about these wonderful cats. Rescued in 2015.


is about 9 years old. His mom has developed severe allergies and can't keep him anylonger. He is very sweet and loving. Gentle cat.


This is an adorable little kitten that loves to play and snuggle up in your lap when time allows it. Very sweet and outgoing. He would love a home along with one of his siblings if possible.


is an adorable & friendly kitten, about 13-14 weeks old.


Teddy is a beautiful ten weeks old gray kitty. He was rescued from outside at 4 weeks old and has been making steady progress towards being ready for his forever home. Still a bit shy around strangers, Teddy is very sweet, playful and loves to purr! sp Rescued in 2015.


This is Teeny. She is very social and playful. Good with cats, dogs and older children. She loves to play and cuddle. She is very social and gets along with everyone she meets. She has the tiniest cutest meow and loves to talk. She likes to jump and climb in her cat tree. She is not spayed. To meet this sweet cat contact Anita at 8/21/16 cam Rescued in 2016.


Telouyou is a super sweet 9 year old house cat that loves to be brushed and to be in the company of people. He is even tempered and wise, but also has a playful side. Most days Telouyou likes to explore all the different views from various windows. He takes true pleasure in watching the birds fly by and observing the clouds sailing through the sky. When people are in the house, he loves to keep them company and entertain them by playing with a ball or some string. At night he is a great sleeping companion and enjoys a good cuddle. Telouyou has lived in one home his whole life. His elderly owner was injured and is moving to a care facility that does not allow pets. Sadly her family members cannot take Telouyou due to allergies. It is with a heavy heart that she needs to rehome him and wants nothing more than for someone to continue giving him love. He would do well in almost any type of living situation. Telouyou is well trained, in great health and fully vetted. If you would like more information or to meet him, please contact Ana at 646-379-7092 or 4/19/16 Rescued in 2016.


TERRY was found on a mean street in Yonkers dodging cars and looking for refuge under them. One of her companions was killed in traffic so we were so grateful to be able to rescue her. She is shy at first but when she gets familiar with you, she's a real sweetheart - loves to be held. And it is wonderful to see her roll over, stretch, and enjoy her safety and comfort. Sometimes she seems to smile. She is fine with other cats.


I'm Tess, and along with my sister, Sophie, lived happily with our beloved owner Robin, who sadly passed away recently. We are still in her Manhattan apartment, but will have to leave soon and have nowhere to go. A neighbor comes in every other day to feed us. I'm sweet, affectionate, and very healthy, as is my sister Sophie. Up to date with all shots and ready to try a new home. To meet me, please contact Linda at 718-885-0885 or by email at Rescued in 2011.


is a beautiful 1 year old cat we rescued from a NYC shelter.


Tessie is a lovely grey and brown tabby female - very affectionate, cuddly and sweet, who resides with her foster family in Floral Park, Queens. Only 8 months old, she has been spayed and is up to date with her shots. There are other female cats in the household where Tessie resides and unfortunately, they tend to pick on this adorable and gentle little girl. To meet sweet Tessie, contact Ilene at 510-290-1403 or email Rescued in 2015.

Texas kittens

These beautiful Texas gals (Paula, Georgia and Johanna) were just brought us from the Hurricane Harvey rescuers near Houston. Playful and natural purr machines, these young ladies will make a wonderful addition to your family. They are even getting accustomed to being around a dog in their foster home. AD Rescued in 2017.

Texas Tabbies

Three Adopted and Only Two Remain of the five Texas Kittens - Only Holly and Belle remain among this insanely cute group of kittens. About 10 weeks old, this posse of playfulness will purr at the least touch. Holly and Belle are a purrfect match for any household. TB Rescued in 2017.


Thai is a beautiful Siamese mix lady, quiet but sweet and charming. This 5 year old charmer loves to be brushed and will meow to let you know it's "brush me time". She is living in a home with her current owner, who must move and unfortunately can't take her along. Thai is a total indoors kitty and has been the queen bee in her household. We think she may do best as an only cat. Of course, she is spayed and in excellent health. Rescued in 2011.


Thai is a loving, friendly Calico cat born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She made the trip from PDX to NY but has had some trouble living with another cat. She loves sleeping in bed with me, being around guests and is a healthy kitty. Please email for more information. Rescued in 2013.

The "M" Kittens

The "M" kittens still available for adoption are Morgan (brown tabby) and Mars (orange tabby). These cuties are adorable, lively, friendly kittens, about 12 weeks old now, with the sweetest personalities. Morgan is the "baby" and Mars is the "explorer". Two of the original four "M" kittens have already been adopted. Rescued in 2013.

The Butterscotch Babies

The Butterscotch Babies Say hello to these sweet buff-colored babies ‚Äď Miles, Mavis & Zara (Brother & 2 Sisters)! Approximately 14 weeks old, this little tribe came all the way to NY from West Virginia and are excited to find new forever homes where they can play, feel secure and be loved. These three little purr-machines are as sweet as can be. Miles ADOPTED. Mavis - PENDING ADOPTION Creamy blonde with a snow white flank and paws, gentle Mavis is as stunning as she is sweet. Whether she is on top of the litter box, or sleeping at the top of the stairs, this little princess seems to like finding higher spaces where she can survey the action. Zara ADOPTED Please apply online at to adopt these kitties KW Rescued in 2017.

The Purr Machines

Jimmy (m), Pippin (m), Peewee (m), Toby (m), Leo (m) and Jewel (f). These playful siblings are 14 weeks old (as of 10/1) and full of love to share. They are very bonded and must be adopted in pairs or to a home with another young cat(s) These babies are super social and love to sit in your lap, snuggle in your arms and even ride on your shoulders (all while purring up a storm) BP Rescued in 2017.

The Pussycats

Rescued in 2018.

The Three Sisters

These three sisters are truly magical! Meet Phoebe, Paige and Piper - identical sisters. They are the sweetest girls you will ever meet. Phoebe is out going and makes fast friends with everyone she meets. Paige is playful and loves belly rubs. Piper is a little cautious at first but once she checks you out she is a love bug. A house is not a home unless it has at least one black cat. Come meet the sisters -- they are all Charmed. Rescued in 2014.


Thistle is an adorable male kitten, about 3 1/2 months old. He is from a litter of 4 super friendly, loving and playful kittens that love belly rubs. His siblings are Tigger, Blanche and Oakey. These kittens must be adopted in pairs as they are very attached and sleep in a big pile. Rescued in 2016.

Thursday & Sunday

This is Thursday. She is an affectionate little 8 week old kitten (as of 7/27/18). Loves to chase after anything that moves including other cats. Does well with children and other cats and likes to cuddle up next to you to take her naps. Just like her name, Sunday is as easy as a Sunday morning. Loves curling up next to you for a little nap or some playtime. Sunday is a curious little girl with the sweetest disposition and the adorableness to go with it! mb Rescued in 2018.


Tia is about 5 months old and a sweet little angel who loves to cuddle and will make your heart melt. She is living in a foster home with other cats and kids & gets along with everyone.

Tia and Tory

Tia was just adopted, and now it's Tory's turn to find a good, loving home. Tory (a/k/a Tony) is a sweet male tabby about 16 weeks old (born approx. early April 2012). We found him living under a vacant house with his very hungry and abandoned mother, and think this sweet boy deserves a real inside home. Tory is easy to pick up and hold, and will just melt into your lap if you let him. Rescued in 2012.


Tiffany is a grey/white pastel calico, about two years old. She was found on the street and turned out to be very friendly, completely domesticated and quite affectionate with people. Residing in a great foster home where she receives lots of tender loving care, Tiffany is good with other cats, dogs and kids. Rescued in 2012.

Tiffany & Sake

Ten weeks old. Very curious and friendly. Good with other cats and dogs.


Tiger is an adorable kitten, about 16 weeks old. He is very sweet and playful.


Tiger is a handsome, loving, cuddly 6 year old declawed cat whose current owner is moving into a "no pet" apartment, and sadly, must give him up for fostering/adoption. This sweet boy is declawed on all four paws, as affectionate as can be, and of course, can never be outside on his own. Please contact Joan at to learn how to bring Tiger into your life. Dear sweet Tiger needs a new home as soon as possible. Rescued in 2012.


Tiger is an adorable male kitten born on 5/17/13. He is very sweet and playful. Rescued in 2013.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a 12 year old sweetheart who earned her apt name from her tiger stripe and white coat. Blessed with brilliant large emerald eyes, Tiger Lily is completely healthy, declawed and up-to-date with all shots and vaccinations. She recently had to leave her happy home and be placed in a shelter facility when her owned developed severe asthma. Tiger Lily would follow her owner around the house during the day and sit in her lap at night. Imagine how poor Tiger Lily feels in a cage in a strange place (New Windsor shelter in the Hudson Valley near West Point). To learn more about Tiger Lily, please e-mail Blanche at or call 914-474-0131 (courtesy listing).


and another cat were given up by a man who was moving. She is very affectionate and is used to living with other cats. She would do well with children over 4 years old.


is a beautiful Orange/White Tabby, about 5 months old. Loves to be petted and very playful. Good with other cats too.


Tigger is a big, beautiful 4 year old boy who will make his new owner proud. He is very social, but loves his independence. He seeks affection when he needs it, otherwise he's happy being a loner. He is currently in a multi-cat household and gets along very well with other cats, but is careful with dogs. To meet Tigger, please contact


If you have a soft spot in your heart for marmalade cats, consider Tigger. Orange and white with a pleasant personality, Tigger is a very special kitty. Rescued in 2011.


Tigger is the largest kitten of his 3 brothers and sister. Only 8 weeks old now (born late April), he's an orange tiger, very confident, sociable and playful. Tigger has a terrific sense of humor and tends to like climbing over every inch of you, just to make sure he didn't miss anything the first time. He has had his first set of shots and is microchipped. Rescued in 2013.


Tigger is a male cat, neutered, litter trained and current on all vaccines. He is 2 years old, very friendly and affectionate and loves to play with his dog siblings and one of his cat siblings, but unfortunately not the other. Tigger is an outside/inside cat and will need to be in a home that allows for this. He loves to be outside and is a true hunter but he is also very affectionate, funny and social. To meet this unique kitty, please contact Jodie at 917/602-0891. Rescued in 2015.


Tigger is an adorable female kitten, about 3 1/2 months old. She is from a litter of 4 super friendly, loving and playful kittens that love belly rubs. Her siblings are Thistle, Blanche and Oakey. These kittens must be adopted in pairs as they are very attached and sleep in a big pile. Rescued in 2016.

Tigger 2

Tigger 2 is charming 5 year old declawed grey tabby with pure white chest and paws. Tigger 2, with her sister, Boo, were adopted by a loving human when they were kittens. Unfortunately, the kind lady must find Tigger 2 (and Boo) new homes due to the onset of sudden health problems which prohibit her from maintaining cats. Tigger 2 is affectionate and great company. She is strictly an indoors only cat, spayed and in excellent health. Though Tigger 2 can be adopted apart from her sister, Boo, it would be truly special if they could be adopted together. To learn more about Tigger 2, contact Peggy at Rescued in 2011.


Tigre is a wonderful tabby that is about 7 weeks old (as of 11/30/16). He may be small but has a huge personality. He loves to play and when it is bed time, loves to cuddle up next to you. He will have you laughing with all the silly things he does. He would prefer to have another friend (cat or kitten) to play with. It does take him a little bit to get along with other cats but he warms up nicely and sleeps with them. He is currently living with an older cat and a kitten that is older than him. lv Rescued in 2016.

Tillie & Tessie

These sweet girls are as lovable as can be. They are very playful and love people. They are used to other cats and dogs in their foster home. Rescued in 2011.


Timea is a sweet grey/black 9 month old tabby female with an unusual pattern marking. She is more timid than her brother, Pepper, and cannot be held, but loves to be petted and brushed. She is slowly becoming more trusting. Her brother, Pepper, is also posted. If adopted into a home, the best would be a quiet home with no children. Both Timea and Pepper are shy and will respond to patience and love. Their owner would love to have them placed together in the same situation and is willing to financially assist for the best situation for these dear cats. Timea is spayed, up to date with all shots and in excellent health. A sanctuary or barn/stable home would be a good option for these kitties. To meet Timea and her brother, lease contact Jo at Rescued in 2015.


This is an adorable little kitten that loves to play and snuggle up in your lap when time allows it. Very sweet and outgoing. He would love a home along with one of his siblings if possible.


Timmy and his siblings are about 7-8 weeks and just adorable! Very sweet and friendly. Their mom Tara is also listed.


Timmy (one of a litter of 5) is a sweet 8 week old kitten (born late April) with orange on top and white on the bottom half. This delightful little boy really loves playing with string and his ball. He's a jumper, and often will hop instead of running - just a lot of fun to watch and play with. Timmy had his first set of shots and is microchipped. Rescued in 2013.

Timmy, Tommy and Tammy

Timmy was just adopted but his siblings, Tommy and Tammy, remain and are the most darling 18 week old black kittens with dynamite personalities. All have medium-length coats and reside in a foster home, where they just play, play and play some more. These absolutely adorable kittens are sweet, affectionate, very friendly and did I say playful! And what's more, they not only get along with dogs (as well as other cats), but have great fun in chasing the dogs (and being chased by them) as a game. They are very sociable, completely outgoing - not a bashful one in the bunch! Rescued in 2012.


is a gorgeous 1 year old female. She is very friendly and cuddly. Just beautiful!


Tina is a special little kitty. After being hit by a car, we needed to amputate her left rear leg to save her life in May 2015. Even though she is still recovering she is mastering the art of the 3-legged dance. She's in a foster home and has just mastered our stairs and motoring around the home with no trouble. This adorable kitty is a lap cat; actually demands access to laps and when there will purr until she falls asleep. She has a very definitive vocabulary so you will know when she is hungry (great appetite), wants pets, needs a lap, sees something interesting to explore and play with. There are 4 other cats in this foster home that she "tolerates" without issue. Tina is a sweet, sweet cat that will bring constant pleasure to and for her forever home. lw Rescued in 2015.


Tinkerbell is a delightful half tabby and half white kitten born mid August. Incredibly tame and affectionate, there's nothing shy about this young lady. You can picture her twirling around the room in her fluffy pink tutu profusely purring and smiling. She chatters when she sees you about the benefits of picking her up for a hug and will reward you with a big nose kiss and a grin. She's very attached to people and loves attention. Rescued in 2013.

Tinkerbell & Magic

The two orange sister kitties are Magic and Tinkerbell. They are very friendly and purr very loud. They love people and are very attached to each other. They are a lot of fun and playful. They are 3 1/2 months old.


Tiny is one of three females (the other two are Shades and Faith) among Shana's five kittens. Though primarily black, if you take a close look at Tiny you will see tabby striping in her coloration. Now 3 months old (born approx. May 2010), Tiny is very sweet and affectionate and just loves to receive and give kisses. Living in a foster home, Tiny and her 4 siblings all receive lots of love and attention. Recently spayed, Tiny is in excellent health and ready for a permanent placement.

Tiptoe, Tulip and Timmy

Tulip and Timmy are the sweetest and friendliest 16 week old kittens you will ever meet. They LOVE other dogs and cats so much, they will rub up against them and walk underneath their legs. They have gorgeous yellowish green eyes and Tulip has long hair and unique, faint white striping all over her body. Timmy coat is so sleek and shiny, just beautiful. They are very affectionate and gentle could even go with younger, gentle children. They love being held like a baby. If interested in meeting these delightful kitties, please email

Titus & Tabitha

Titus (tuxedo male) and Tabitha (calico/tabby) are healthy, happy 7 year old declawed siblings who've been together since kittenhood. These extremely affectionate kitties do everything together including eating together and sharing a litterbox. They enjoy their human, but also do well being alone together. Their owner must sadly find them a new home due to changes in his life and does want them adopted together. They are neutered/spayed, up to date with all vaccinations and in excellent health. To meet Titus and Tabitha, please contact John directly at 914/821-6148 or at 6/16/16 Rescued in 2016.


Tobey is an adorable kitten, about 3 months old. He is very beautiful, sweet and playful. His brother Houston is also posted.


is the brother of Yvette and Anthony. He is very outgoing and loves to explore. He is also sweet and cuddly. He is now about 8 weeks old.


a petite cream and white female, was found on the street. We don't know why she was abandoned because she clearly likes people a lot. She would be fine as a one-and-only or with a layed-back male cat. She's about 11/2 years. We just had her spayed and renewed her shots.


Toby, a lively 2 year old, is a homebody and loves to play around wherever you are. She is especially interested in what you are doing on your computer. She divides her day sitting on your desk waiting to be petted, warming at the heat vent, and racing up and down the stairs. She loves to nip lightly so probably would not be good with very little children. She has a beautiful light rust and white coat and a lovely round head.
Thank you Sarah White for sponsoring me!


is a longhaired, declawed male cat with a very silky coat. He is approximately 2 years old. We would prefer he goes to a home without young children since he doesn't like to be held.. but he is very loving.


Toby (short for Tobacco) is a perfect and perfectly beautiful orange kitten. He's a purrer, playful and affectionate with people and cats and unafraid of dogs. 5 months old, he would be happy to go to a home with his good friend Punkin who is the same age.


Toby is a big, beautiful boy with the sweetest face! He is father of Ty, also posted. Both are very sweet and friendly.


Toby has an adorable smudge on her nose that makes her irresistable. This sweetie (sibling to Trinka, Pippi and Phoebe) is overcoming her shyness and now races playfully around a room with her litter mates. She can work up quite an appetite and is not a fussy eater. Toby is about 8 weeks old now (born the end of July 2011) and would love to be settled in her forever home. Rescued in 2011.


Toby is a sweet male tabby, very sweet and friendly. Rescued in 2012.


Toby is approx. 2 years old and a wonderful grey and white cat with a warm, friendly personality. This playful boy lives in Port Chester and sadly, his elderly owner passed away. Used to being an indoors/outdoors kitty, he now needs a new home to call his very own. Neutered, up to date with all shots and in excellent health, to meet Toby please contact Greg at or at 914-255-3637. Rescued in 2013.


Toby is a very friendly 10 weeks old (as of 10-7-15) brown tabby kitten. Very playful and also super sweet. He resides in a wonderful foster home where he gets lots of tender loving care. This very nice, well-adjusted kitten should do well as a single kitten in a home where there is a stay at home mom or a family member who works from home. He loves people and will delight you with his kittenish ways. sp Rescued in 2015.


Toby is a sweet kitten and brother of PeeWee, Jewel and Pippin. This little crew is known as the * PURR MACINES* because all of them will snuggle up in your arms and melt their way into your heart ‚̧ԳŹ (while purring up a storm of course). These super social fur babies are dogs trapped in kitten bodies. They are so curious and playful that they even enjoy riding on your shoulders for fun. This litter is very bonded and would love to be adopted in pairs or to a home with another cat (and dog) BS Rescued in 2017.

Toby & Tony

These two boys are very snuggly and friendly. They have been raised by bottle since the mother got hit by a car. The are about 7 weeks old and would love to find a home together.


is the sweetest 5 month old kitten. He will put a smile on your face. He's very friendly and playful.


Todd and his siblings are about 7-8 weeks and just adorable! Very sweet and friendly. Their mom Tara is also listed.


Tom is a handsome Tabby kitty looking for love. He enjoys gazing at the stars and loves attention. His favorite thing to do is to sit on your lap purring. He warms up quickly with everyone who pets him. He would prefer not to share you with other felines and would be best in an all adult home. Call Jane to view 914-698-2669. Has been neutered and has all his shots. Rescued in 2012.


Look at this cool, little fellow! Meet Tom. Tom is super snuggly now. Not all the time‚ÄĒsometimes he‚Äôs playful & mischievous. When he is sitting there gazing at you, he is hoping you will follow him and give him some attention - which he likes very much. Black and white with super soft short hair, Tom has beautiful, unique markings. Tom has been around other cats and dogs, and has gotten along well. You will be a good match for Tom if you are looking for an easy-going, adaptable, snuggly buddy. He will enjoy a house with other cats, kids, dogs where he can go with the flow. SD Rescued in 2018.

Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry are two super adorable little kittens, born the end of June 2012 in City Island, NY. They may not look alike, but these two brothers are bonded buddies who love to play together. One is a wonderful gray/white tabby, while the other is a handsome black/white tuxedo. The boys reside in a great foster home with other cats. They are playful, lively and in excellent health. Saved from a storm, Tom & Jerry are simply delightful. To meet these charming kitties, please contact Steve at 347-245-5106. Rescued in 2012.


is about 8 months old and very friendly. He's good with other cats and very handsome!


is a very friendly fellow. About 5 years old.


This sweet little kitten loves to play and cuddle up in your lap if time allows. He is very friendly and outgoing. He would love to find a home with one of his siblings.


Tommy is an adorable older kitten, now about 7 months old. He is very sweet and playful and resides happily in a foster home with other cats and dogs.


Tommy is a member of a 5 kitten litter (Lilac's kittens). About 6 weeks old (on 11/15/2014), his siblings include Kelly, Clinton, Little Jack, and Polly. All of these kitties are adorable and playful as can be. Rescued in 2014.


Tommy is a very handsome boy, about 2 years old. He is a little reserved at first but very sweet and inquisitive. He is currently at our Harrison facility where he keeps our clinic staff entertained. Tommy is a great friend of Panda and the two have developed a nice bond. Tommy can be visited at the Kitty Cottage. kc Rescued in 2016.


This Calico female is approx. 8 months old. Toni is sweet, gentle and affectionate and enjoys human companionship. She was rescued from the streets with an imbedded collar around her neck, for which she was treated. Up to date with all vaccinations, she is in great health and ready for a loving home. Rescued in 2011.


is from a litter of three kittens. They are just beautiful. He is about 8 weeks old and not known for his bravery, only for his sleek and elegant looks and his great personality. He is a little shy at first until he knows his surroundings. He is very playful and cuddly once he warms up. A very sweet little boy.


Tony and his siblings are about 7-8 weeks and just adorable! Very sweet and friendly. Their mom Tara is also listed.


Tony is a friendly 7 year. He loves to play with other cats, dogs and especially people. Loose socks are no match for this intrepid hunter.


Tony, Christopher, Paulie and Silvio are brothers born in late April 2015. Tony is a sweet kitten, who loves to seek out humans. He very much enjoys humans, but he also loves to seek out a quiet place and be alone. He cuddles so much. Though he loves his solitude, he also really enjoys playing with his brothers. He is bonded to his brother Paulie. tas Rescued in 2015.


is an adorable kitten, about 10 weeks old. She is very playful and loving.


Tootsie is an absolutely beautiful mainly Russian Blue female kitty. She is a petite 18 months old (as of 6/1/15) and sweet as she is pretty. Gentle and friendly, she is great with cats, kids and dogs. This little doll was dumped on the streets after all her kittens were placed. Rescued in 2015.


Tootsie is a 8 month old (as of 12/10/15) female kitten. She and her brother Pez were rescued from a basement in an apartment building. Together they are quite mischievous and spunky. mn Rescued in 2015.

Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll (about 9 years old) is a rescue surviving in an attic neglected in extreme weather for over 4 years. Despite his hardship, Tootsie Roll is a love machine who will gently tap his foster mom to keep those pets & chin rubs coming. A vet was so impressed with his paws-on affection he said it was a shame his name was not Teddy Bear. This guy, a little shy at first, is an angel and would be wonderful as an only cat or companions. Please give him a second chance. Tootsie Roll has so much love to offer. To meet Tootsie Roll, please contact Tina at Rescued in 2018.


Tory is a darling young female cat who was rescued with her mother. Very loving and sweet. Tory (and her Mom, Uma) were rescued after their owner put the two out on the streets once he got a dog and didn't want the responsibility of caring for cats. Tory is in good health, up to date with shots and ready for a new home where she will be appreciated for the wonderful kitty she is. Rescued in 2011.


Tory is a darling kitty, very loving and sweet, now residing in a foster home where she is getting lots of love and attention. Along with her mother, Uma (also featured on the website), she was rescued off the streets after being thrown out of her home because her owner got a dog and didn't want the responsibility of cats anymore. Rescued in 2011.


Toshi has perfected nuzzling into an art and she is an ardent lap sitter. We wonder if her wanting to share our breakfast means that she identifies with people so much or that she simply likes oatmeal. In any case, this beautiful pastel calico kitten is a great companion and wonderful to look at. She would be good as an only cat or with others.

Tracy's Kittens

Tracy's Kittens are 12 weeks old (as of 8/28/17) and a charming Russian Blue Mix. Jon Snow (male) and Danearys (female) have been adopted. Only sweet Sansa remains. Sansa is very sweet and sensitive.  Although both shy and feisty, with patience, she is a sweet and loving kitten. What's more, she is very gentle, does not scratch, and is quiet. She would be wonderful a wonderful kitten for a family with young children. Rescued in 2017.


is about 7 weeks old and just adorable! He is very adventurous and affectionate. His is brother Casper is also listed.


is a very sweet little guy. He is very loving and loves to play. He is about 8 weeks old and used to other cats, dogs and older children.


What a sweet little boy. Very affectionate and friendly. He is about 6-7 weeks old. Being fostered in a home with children Rescued in 2003.


Treat is a bit shy, but very sweet and friendly 7 1/2 month (as of 12/14/17) old kitten who would be a fantastic companion and great friend for your cat. This beautiful black kitty, with an adorable white mark on her chest, is curious and loves to watch people. She is truly special! Treat can be visited at her foster home in Bedford, NY. mb Rescued in 2017.


Treat is a bit shy, but very sweet and friendly young adult cat, about 11 months old (as of 4/14/18), who would be a fantastic companion and great friend for your cat. This beautiful black kitty, with an adorable white mark on her chest, is curious, loves to watch people and enjoys being pet. She is truly special! Treat can be visited at her foster home. cc Rescued in 2018.


is a beautiful 3 month old kitten we rescued from a NYC shelter.


What a sweet little boy. Very affectionate and friendly. He is about 6-7 weeks old. Rescued in 2003.


Trick has settled into her new foster home nicely. She was a bit shy at first but now she comes right up to every member of the family looking to be petted which she absolutely loves! She has beautiful green eyes and silky soft fur. This 7 1/2 month old kitten (as of 12/14/17) is very affectionate, which is a nice treat after a long day at school or work. If you have a soft spot for beautiful black kitties, Trick is a dream!! She is also a sibling to Treat, also featured on this website, who resides in a different foster home. CC Rescued in 2017.


Tricky is a real laid back 6 year old Russian Blue cat. He's affectionate and loves to run to the window to chase pigeons away. Tricky is strictly an indoor cat who has been declawed as well as neutered. The story behind his distinctive name is that as a kitten he would make you think he was going to do one thing, but then do something totally different. Tricky is vibrant and delightful with a wonderful personality. In good health, like many cats, Tricky must eat Hill's Feline CD food (purchased from a vet)to maintain his bladder properly. To meet Tricky, please contact "D" at Rescued in 2011.


* THIS IS A COURTESY LISTING. PLEASE CALL DIANE AT 834-1058 FOR MORE INFO* Trinity is an adorable 7 month old kitten with a look-a-like brother. Very sweet and friendly.


Little Trinka adores being petted and lifts her little head to meet your hand. She is perfecting her jumping skills. Her hobby is chasing balls, feathers and her litter mates. Trinka was born at the end of July 2011 and is now about 8 weeks. Rescued in 2011.


is a 1 year old Dilute Calico with orange and grey splotches on her back, face and tail. She's very friendly, with people, cats and dogs too. She would make a wonderful pet!


Trisha is a lovely Calico, about 1-2 years old, living in a foster home. She is very sweet and friendly - beautiful like a painting. This quiet, gentle cat loves people, and will follow her special human around, the way some dogs do. Rescued in 2012.

Trisha's Kittens

Trisha's kittens consist of one handsome young orange male and two beautiful female black kitties, all with medium length fur. These absolutely adorable kittens are sweet, affectionate, very friendly and playful! And what's more, they get along with dogs, as well as other cats. They are very sociable, completely outgoing - not a bashful one in the bunch. Rescued in 2012.


There are five Trisha's kittens, one lovely girl and four handsome little boys (one of whom is orange). These absolutely adorable kittens have medium-lenth coats, are super friendly, sweet, affectionate and playful! And what's more, they not only get along with dogs (as well as other cats) but have great fun chasing the dogs in their foster home (and being chased by them) as a game. They are very sociable, completely outgoing - not a bashful one in the bunch. Rescued in 2012.


Trixie and her sisters (Roxie & Lulu) were abandoned by their mother (who mayíve been killed), living under a building when a kindly carpenter saw them running into a nearby parking lot looking for food. Probable birth date is around May 1st. All females, tested negative and they are absolutely wonderful, playful, fun loving little babes! They are on a premium diet of Wysong canned and KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement formula). All three get along with the older cats in their foster home, even if the older cats donít think much of them! Trixie will do best in a home with lots of attention. She is a people-lover and wants to be loved and cuddled, I predict lapcat here. She loves to follow you around as you work. Sitting on your shoulder, chatting away, she is very affectionate, and beautiful to boot. And she purrs on contact, no kidding! A complete doll, ideal for someone who works at home or part time.


Trixie is a beautiful kitty, very sweet and friendly. Rescued in 2012.

Trixie 2

Trixie is a very sweet and charming lady who just can't get enough human attention. She loves cuddling and sleeping next to her human. Trixie is in excellent health, spayed and up to date with all shots. To meet this wonderful, loving cat, please contact Mary Ann through Pet Rescue. Rescued in 2012.


Trooper is an all black boy with little salt sprinkles of white on his back. Born in late April (he's one of 5 in his litter, all posted), he's very playful and affectionate. He's now reached a stage of chasing his own tail in circles until he gets dizzy. Trooper has very soulful eyes that make you want to cuddle him. He has had his first set of shots and is microchipped. Rescued in 2013.


Trudy is a sweet, friendly and playful 14 week old (as of 4/30/15) tabby/calico mix. This darling kitten was found left in a box at someone's door. This cutie is a little spitfire who has no fear. She is a dear and something special! Rescued in 2015.


has a very unusual coat. It looks almost black, but is beige underneath. He is soft like a Chinchilla and cuddly like a teddy bear. He is about 8 weeks old and used to other cats, dogs and older children.


is a adorable male Tabby, about 3 months old and very playful.


Tucker is a tuxedo kitten, black with a white bib and belly. Born in late April (about 8 weeks old now), he is one of a litter of 5, who loves nothing more than to lie on his back with his paws over his head for a good tummy rub. Tucker is very affectionate and runs to meet you at the door to get back scratches too. He has had his first set of shots and is microchipped. Rescued in 2013.


is the most affectionate and sweetest little kitten you ever will meet. She is about 6 months old. As soon as she sees you she purrs so loud you can hear her in the next room. She is not afraid of dogs and loves her friend Philip, the little black kitten who she lives and was raised with. She is very playful, but really loves to curl up in your lap for a kitty massage. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

Tum Tigger

Tum Tigger is the brother of Bradley. He is a little more timid at first. He is just as snuggly and loving as though. Very sweet and affectionate boy. Both brothers are very attached to each other.

Tupper, Riley & Baxter

Two adorable and handsome little male kittens (11 weeks old as of 5/23/10)are waiting for their forever home (Baxter was adopted)! Tupper is a mighty hunter of toy mice, a champion wrestler with his litter mates, a limber gymnist and a true lap cat. As for Riley, he zooms and jumps like an Olympic athlete. Assertive and a brave explorer, he's also a handsome, huggable little guy.


Tux was born in mid-April, and loves to play and engage in all sorts of kitten fun. Tux is up to date with all of his kitten shots and ready for his forever home. This is one wonderful kitty.


is an adorable 3 month old kitten. He is very sweet and purrs when you pick him up.

Tweetie Bird

Poor Tweetie Bird. This 2 year old (as of 9/15/15) cutie chirped like a bird the whole ride home. Tweetie was thrown on the streets to fend for herself. This super friendly little girl has all her shots and has been spayed. bp Rescued in 2016.


Twinkle (and her brother Einstein, also posted) are the sweetest, cuddliest and friendliest kittens you could ever imagine! They are 10 weeks old as of 5/29/10 and a bundle of kitten energy. They love to play together, sleep together and have fun together.

Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes is about 11 weeks old and was brought in with a broken leg. She was in a leg cast in October which has since been removed. She is quite happy, affectionate, spunky and independent. Twinkle Toes is a torbie as you can see by her orange markings on her rear leg. She is great with dogs and loves to play with her little "sister" Mara. She is a very outgoing girl that loves to play. She is spayed, current with shots and completely litter box trained. If interested, please email Rescued in 2013.


Twitch is a very charming girl, about a year old. She has a slight neurological disorder which causes her to tilt her head. Twitch now resides in a foster home but originally came from Yonkers where she was picked on by other cats - she is all around a very sweet kitty! Rescued in 2013.


Twix is an adorable female kitten, about 3.5 months old as of 1/29/16. She is very sweet, playful and well socialized. KH Rescued in 2016.


Twix is an adorable female kitten, about 5 months old now. She is very sweet, playful and well socialized. Twix is also very close to her sibling, Kitkat, also featured on this website and we'd love to see them adopted together. Both Twix and Kitkat get along with other cats. KH Rescued in 2016.


Ty is a big, beautiful boy with sparkling yellow eyes, about 9 months old. He is son of Toby, also posted. Both are very sweet and friendly.


Tyler is one of the September trio of kittens, along with Atlas and sister Tinkerbell (listed separately). Tyler is a bundle of energy with a cute round belly. He'll bound over for back scratches and then sit and look you in the eye and tell you all about the day's activities. He's very interactive with his play and just loves a gentle wrestle with his sister, Tinkerbell. Rescued in 2013.