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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


is about 12-13 week old. He is very sweet and playful.


Pablo is a 4 year old male kitty. He was thrown out onto streets because the other cat in his household was bullying him. Rescue came when he would sit at our rescuer's door crying to come in. Pablo is very sweet and loves to be held. Rescued in 2015.


Paige is 4 month old female kitten looking for her forever home. She loves to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle. When she is not cuddling, she is purring and playing with her foster brothers and sisters, one of them is even a dog! Paige will make a wonderful addition to your home. After all a house is not a home without at least one black cat. Rescued in 2014.


What a classic tabby beauty! Paige's little white feet and tummy complete her perfect look. Such a sweetheart! But don't let her feminine exterior fool you. This little girl loves a good wrestling match with her litter mates and she is very quick when chasing her favorite foil ball. Paige is making friends with the other cats in her foster home and is learning about dogs. She was born early May. Her siblings and mama are also available for adoption on this website (Maude, Beau & Carolina Rescued in 2015.


Paisley is a young tabby and white female. She follows her foster person around like a shadow. Petite and sweet, Paisley loves attention. Paisley was rescued by PR because a child in the household became allergic. She was originally found wandering the streets after being abandoned by her family. bp Rescued in 2016.


Paisley 10 month old female kitty (as of 9/1/15). Her foster person reports that "She is my shadow. Everywhere I go she goes." This absolute love of a kitty is super friendly. Paisley was someone's pet who was thrown out on the street. Please give this kitty a new loving home. bp Rescued in 2015.


Pam is a beautiful tuxedo, very sweet and friendly. To meet her is to love her! She is petite, silky and adorable with the cute little white spot on her nose. Pam gets along well with children, including ones as young as 4. She would be an excellent choice for a family. Rescued in 2013.

Pamela's Kittens

These adorable 5 kittens are the litter of Mom cat we named Pamela (not posted). The kittens are being posted separately (see Petunia, Phoebe, and Pocahontas), in addition to this group portrait (Pluto and PT Barnum have been adopted). The three remaining reside in a foster home and are ready for a loving permanent residence. Rescued in 2013.


all kitten, was raised in a home with her family and other cats. She is a very alert, comfortable, and loving baby with an unusual coat, longish black and white holstein markings. Pammy is as friendly with everyone as her mother, a young tabby who will be up for adoption after spaying.


Pancho is a very affectionate boy. He loves attention and will roll right over for a good belly rub. he is not only beautiful, but also loving.


Panda, a curious and affectionate lap-sitter, deserves a good home at last. This beautiful girl, black with white, spent most of her life at a veterinary hospital where she didn't get the attention she craved so a young man brought her to his own home where, unfortunately, his resident cat is unhappy and not at all nice to the newcomer. Panda, who will speak up when she has enough petting, will make a great people companion and is good with dogs too. She's a healthy eight years old and has much more than half of her life ahead of her. It's time for her to have a home where everyone will appreciate her.


Cute as a button with a beautiful plush coat. This baby Panda is sweet and cuddly girl kitten. Approx 3 months old as of 1/24/15, Panda loves her toys and being held and snuggled. Already spayed and up to date on shots, this kitten must be adopted to a home with another young cat or kitten. mn Rescued in 2016.


were rescued by a good person and brought to Pet Rescue. They are very sweet and playful males, only 9 weeks old.


***UPDATE - WE JUST GOT THE TEST RESULT BACK. SHE TESTED POSITIVE FOR HIV AGAIN. WE WILL RETEST HER IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS. AT THIS POINT SHE WOULD HAVE TO BE AN ONLY PET***Pandora is a gorgeous, fluffy, playful 11 week-old kitten. She is one of a litter of three whose mother tested positive for FIV, which can be passed on to other cats but not to humans or dogs. She needs to be tested at 4 months to see if she has it. Our past experience with FIV kittens has been that follow-up tests were negative.

Pandora & Penelope

This sweet sisters were living outside with their mom until we took them in. They are very playful, eat well and just love to snuggle. Pandora (grey/white) is a more unsure around people, but once you pick her up and pet her, she starts purring. Penelope is the braver one and is happy-go-lucky. They are about 12 weeks old now and just gorgeous. They would like to find a home together.

Panini & Panther

These sweet babies are very attached to each other and literally hug each other. They are sweet, playful and very affectionate. We would like to find them a home together. They are about 9 weeks old, tested neg for FIV/FelV and have age appropriate vaccines.


Pansy is an adorable 3 1/2 year-old (as of 8/17) female black and white kitty with a lively impish personality. A real little mischief maker, she will add joy to your household. KC Rescued in 2014.


This little lady was lovingly raised in foster care since she was 2 weeks old with her mom. She's super friendly and relaxed yet she revs up when the string game is played. She can buzz around the room chasing shadows and then curl up purring and staring into your eyes to figure you out. She has beautiful blackened tabby markings and very silky plush fur. She is 8 weeks old, litterbox trained, has her first shots and microchip and lots of love and affection to give. vc Rescued in 2015.


Paprika and her sister, Sage, are a bonded pair of delightful kittens. You want cuddlers - they are it. Rescued with their mom in Yonkers when they were very small, they are now ready for their forever home together. They are about 8 weeks old on 1/1/15. Rescued in 2015.


One of Simone's kittens with mittens, Parker is almost a twin to Luke (also featured on the website) but Parker has some very handsome black coloring mixed into his tabby with a white belly. Very gentle and playful, Parker would love to find a permanent home. Parker's favorite play buddy is his brother Little Rambo, so if you're looking for 2 kittens, these 2 are a good match. 8 weeks old now, Parker was born the end of March 2015. Rescued in 2015.

Parker, Nicole & Lily

3 adorable kittens, about 6-7 weeks old. Parker (M) and Lily (F) are both tabbies; Nicole F) is the tuxedo. They are very sweet, friendly and adorable!


Patches is a lovely young black and white female who recently gave birth to a litter of kittens, all on their way to adoption. Now Patches needs her forever home. Found in Yonkers, Patches is being given lots of tender loving care by people who love this sweet, friendly, delightful cat. In excellent health, spayed and up to date with all vaccinations, to meet Patches, please contact Anne at Rescued in 2014.


Patches is a 4.5 month old (born approx.end of February 2015) very high energy calico kitten. She purrs and enjoys kissing her human, and has learned to get along with the other cats and dogs in her foster home. We feel it best if Patches goes to a home where there is already another kitty who would enjoy having her as a playmate. sg Rescued in 2015.


is a very sensitive kitten. He loves to play, but is scared of new things. He is about 8 weeks old and the largest of the litter. Has an adorable patch on his nose.


is a beautiful gray/white kitty, about 3 years old. She was found wandering the streets with a bad eye, which needed to be removed. She only has one eye, but she sees everything. She loves people and other cats. Loves to hug and play too.


Patchy is patchy tabby kitten. He was born at the end of August and is wonderfully fun-loving and playful. Exactly what you would expect from a kitten, he is ready to be spoiled and show you his kitten skills. Patchy is the brother of Grayson. Rescued in 2014.


is Marc Antony's sister and they are both 8 weeks old. Patra is very sweet , friendly and smart. It's a joy to watch them romp around and play together.


Patricia is a sweetheart of a young cat (about 2 1/2 years old) whose mothering days are behind her. Friendly as can be, this tabby is a virtual purr machine who loves to be brushed, petted and flip over onto her back for a belly rub. A true lap cat, Patricia is great with kids and would make a wonderful family pet. She is spayed, in great health and ready to go to her forever home.


Patricia is a beautiful Tabby, about 11 years old. She came to Pet Rescue after her beloved owner sadly past away. She is super sweet and friendly - and just wants a loving home again. Pet Rescue is asking for a senior adoption donation for Patricia. Rescued in 2015.

Patricia & Pam

After being cared for in a city apartment, Patricia and her daughter Pam were moved from the city with their family only to be abandoned to the street. At first, they were given their food outside and then they were not allowed in doors at all. After that, their family stopped feeding them altogether but an elderly woman in the neighborhood noticed the helpless pair and began to take over their care, feeding them and giving them shelter. She is trying her best but feels she is not up to the job and would like to see them in a caring home with younger people. The mother is quiet but willing to make friends, winds around your legs and appreciates being brushed. The daughter is playful and lively.

Patricia's Kittens

4 adorable kittens, about 12 weeks old. They are all very sweet and friendly. They love to play and then find a lap to curl up and sleep on. They are living in a foster home with cats, a dog and kids and they love them all! The mostly white kitten with light tabby is about 15 weeks old and is not Patricia's biological kitten but she doesn't know that.


Patrick and his brother Pablo (also listed) are adorable 7-8 week old kittens rescued from a NYC shelter. They are very sweet and playful.


Patrick is a quintessential red tabby with a handsome round face. He is about 2 years old. He would prefer a calm, quiet home where he can rule the roost with out other feline intervention. Rescued in 2015.


Patrick is a quintessential red tabby with a handsome round face and adventurous personality. To meet him is to want to scoop him up and take him home. He is about 2 years old and we feel would be happiest in a home where he can rule the roost with out other feline intervention.
Thank you Anna Lazare for being my sponsor! h Rescued in 2015.


Patrick is from the litter of five kittens (the W kittens) including siblings Coltrane, Felyx, Sookie and Pippin. He is a very expressive little guy. It is important to him to connect and you might find him at your feet looking up at you wanting to be picked up, at which point he will purr and stare into your face, sometimes communicating meows to you. He is also persistent and might make cooing noises when you pet him. Patrick needs someone who will give him a lot of attention – he’s a buddy! kw Rescued in 2016.


is a gorgeous 1 year old female. She's a bit shy, but will warm up to you. She will need extra time and a quiet home. She LOVES to be petted once she is used to you. All shots, housetrained & neutered.

Patti's Kittens

Patti's kittens are 5 adorable litter mates whom Patti found in her backyard. Estimated date of birth is late June, 2011 and they are being fostered with dogs, cats and kids. This bunch is super friendly, cuddly and playful. The two females are a tuxedo kitten and one lovely all black. The other three are males. In excellent health and up to date with all kitten shots, they are ready for adoption. Rescued in 2011.


A charmer, her beautiful eyes mesmerize and she loves to sit and watch as if she is trying to learn your business. Her coat is smooth and crisply divided into black and white as if carefully designed. Patty loves to have her back rubbed. She will nuzzle against you and purr non-stop . When her owner died she was put out on the street in Mt. Vernon. Now she is longing for a home of her own. If you have other pets, that will be fine with her.

Patty's Kitten

An adorable grey tabby kitten, about 8 weeks old. Sweet, playful and friendly.


is an adorable little Tabby, about 10-11 weeks old. He is very friendly and playful. His brother Peter is for adoption also.


Paul and his siblings are about 10-12 weeks old and just beautiful. They are still with their Momma and are playful, happy kittens.


Paul and his siblings are about 7 weeks old. Very sweet, friendly and playful.


Paul is healthy cat with all shots and is micro chipped. He is about 2 years old and incredibly gentle and affectionate. He loves everybody. He also loves cats and dogs. This is a real lover.


Paula is a beautiful one year old orange tabby (red females are very rare). She's friendly, affectionate and loves attention. She enjoys cuddling and playing equally, and is a seasoned veteran when it comes to hunting stuffed mice and ping pong balls. She also talks quite a bit, which is hilarious. Paula has one kitten left (see Skip, listed as well) and she's a great mom. She seems fine with dogs, other cats, and would make a great addition to any family.


Paula is the sweetest, friendliest cat you can imagine. She rolls over for belly rubs, brushes up against you and loves to cuddle. A true mush! To meet her is to love her. Paula is about 2 years old and gets along well with other cats. She once resided in a foster home where she became accustomed to dogs, as well. Rescued in 2013.


Paulie, Silvio, Tony and Christopher are brothers born in late April 2015. Paulie is very curious and adventurous. Out of all 4, he is the most social, and loves to check out what everyone is doing. He has the most fun playing with the older cat in his foster home. Paulie is the first one at the food dish, and is quite the eater! He loves people, and loves action. He is bonded to his brother Tony. tas Rescued in 2015.


PAWS is a tabby and white male kitty who is polydactyl (front and back paws). He is 6 months old. Paws may be shy with strangers at first but he is very affectionate. You can always win him over with some treats. He is playful, friendly and sweet. Once he gets to know you he makes a great lap cat. Rescued in 2014.


is an adorable 3 month old female. She is very playful and loves to romp around.


Peanut (a Maine Coon mix) is an adorable 8 week old (as of 6/6/15) male kitten with luscious long hair, who loves to play with his brother Crackerjack who is also posted. He is an explorer and is very outgoing. He gets along great with the other dogs and cats in his foster home. He even thinks one of the dogs is his mom as she cleans him and he absolutely loves it. He would make a great addition to your home! Peanut and Crackerjack would prefer to be adopted together. Rescued in 2015.


Peanut is a 2 year old charcoal grey male Maine Coon mix. He is a sweet and friendly gentleman. Loves to be petted. He was abandoned by his family and made his way into the yard of a very caring person who rescued him. BP Rescued in 2016.

Peanut Butter

Handsome Peanut Butter was found wandering at Weinberg Nature Center in Scarsdale, NY chasing birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Abandoned by a homeowner whose property bordered the Nature Center, Peanut Butter was taken in by the Nature Center staff and then fostered by a concerned Center employee, while a permanent home is sought. This lively, curious kitty is great around children, loves to look out windows, cuddle in boxes and in general, be the center of attention. He is extremely friendly, affectionate and playful. Peanut Butter is in excellent health and now just needs a forever loving home. Please contact Katherine at to meet Peanut Butter. Rescued in 2011.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

These two adorable girls were picked up by a kind person who has been raising them since they were only two days old. They are now (6/6/07) 7 weeks old and ready for a home together. The are real lap cats and love attention. We would like to find a home for the two of them together.


We have never seen a tuxedo with markings like Pearls, beautiful alternating black and white stripes. Pearl may hide her light under a bushel for a few minutes when she first meets a stranger but she warms up very quickly and will roll over to have her belly stroked in a very short time. She is beautiful and sweet. Pearl is declawed.


Pearl is a beautiful female Siamese mix. She is 1 years old, spayed and UTD on her vaccines. She has beautiful markings and looks like a Siamese Snowshoe with her pretty white feet and nose. She would prefer to be the only cat. She's very playful and a great mouse catcher. Will enjoy watching birds out a window (Cat TV). Is a lap cat with delightful purrs. Chases moving feet in your bed before settling down for the night.


Pearl (DOB 4/14/10) is as beautiful as a black pearl with her long, shiny, solid black coat which she likes having brushed. This charmer is sweet as can be and enjoys being gently fussed over. Pearl's favorite toy is a ball with a bell inside and she makes great use of her scratching post. Pearl is one of a litter of four kittens.


Pearl (DOB 4/14/10) is as beautiful as a black pearl with her long, shiny, solid black coat, which she likes having brushed. This charmer is sweet as can be and enjoys being gently fussed over. Pearl's favorite toy is a ball iwth a bell inside and she loves to use her scratching post.


Pearl is a two year old male (black with a white spot) who once had a home, but was left behind when his human parent moved. He is now being cared for by a kind caretaker, but dreams of once again being part of a loving, permanent family. Pearl is good with kids, and gets along fine with both other cats and dogs. He is neutered, up to date with all shots and in excellent health. To meet this handsome boy, contact Kristin at Rescued in 2012.


Pearl is a two year old male (black with a white spot) who once had a home, but was left behind when his human parent moved. He is now being cared for by a kind caretaker, but dreams of once again being part of a loving, permanent family. Pearl is good with kids, and gets along fine with both other cats and dogs. He is neutered, up to date with all shots and in excellent health. To meet this handsome, gentle boy, contact Kristin at Rescued in 2012.


Pearl is a striking all black long-haired female with some Maine Coon in her background. This long haired beauty has come a long way since coming to Pet Rescue, and is a warm, gentle kitty who enjoys being petted and responds well to kind human attention. Rescued in 2014.

Pearl Anne

Pearl Anne was lucky that Donna, the owner of the apartment where this beautiful pure white cat was abandoned, cared about her. She fed her, cleaned her litter, and took time every day to make friends with Pearl Anne over 5 weeks. With her owner and all the familiar furniture gone, Pearl Anne was very scared and elusive at first but Donna persisted until she could pick her up and bring her to Pet Rescue. Pearl Anne had to learn once again that she would be safe. There were not only new people but a new place. It took some time for us to convince Pearl that we would not be anything but gentle with her but she has finally come around. She greets and invites us to pet her. Pearl may start out shy in a new home but we're pretty sure that it won't take more than a few days for her to become an affectionate friend. Note: Pure white cats are often deaf or blind but Pearl is perfect.


is a sweet 7 week old kitten who loves to play and romp around with her littermates.


is a pretty 1 1/2 year old girl is playful with a good disposition. Beautiful green/yellow eyes and a cute pink nose Rescued in 2003.


is a sweet little Tabby, about 7 weeks old. Very playful and a purrer. Her brother Bam-Bam is also listed.


is just adorable. She is sweet as sugar and real friendly. She snuggles up with the foster mom at night and is great with the dogs and cats in her foster home. She is about 6 weeks old and still real small. I put a photo of her with our cat so you can see how small she is.


Pebbles (and her brother Bam Bam) are two super charming and sweet kittens. Living in a foster home where she receives lots of tender, loving care, Pebbles is adventurous, playful and curious - everything you look for in a cat - plus has the most beautiful grey swirl tabby markings. Easy to pick-up and hold, Pebbles would love to find a home with her brother, if possible. Pebbles is spayed, in excellent health and up to date with all vaccinations. Rescued in 2012.


Pebbles is a lovely female cat who is about a year old. This affectionate kitty purrs like crazy and loves to be petted and cuddled by her person. She was recently evicted to the streets of Yonkers and is now looking for a family to love her. Rescued in 2015.

Pebbles & Bam Bam

Pebbles and Bam bam will rock your life! These 4 1/2 month old kittens (as of 10/20/16) are so full of spunk. Bam bam is an outgoing boy who loves to run and play with other cats. He purrs the minute he sees you and is picked up. He will let you know when he wants something. Pebbles loves her cat toys. And she loves to snuggle with her brother and her foster mom. They are bonded siblings and must go together. af Rescued in 2016.

Pebbles & Katie

Pebbles is a handsome, dashing young man with a tuxedo look. About a year old, he loves attention and being played with. Pebbles gets along with other cats, is neutered, in good health and up to date with all shots. His sweet playmate is Katie, a lovely long-haired girl, also about a year old who enjoys attention, but also likes some solitude. Katie is also spayed, up to date with all shots and in excellent health. To meet this charming duo, please contact Julia at Rescued in 2015.


Peekaboo is a delightful 12 week old male (as of 1/27/17) who will steal your heart with his sweet nature. Extremely affectionate and loves to be held like a baby. Peekaboo would be best adopted into a family with an existing young cat for him to cuddle with. This sweet kitty also enjoys dogs. man Rescued in 2017.


Peewee has joined the Pixar Pixies. Found hungry and alone, Peewee is now happy and playing with his new buddies, the Pixar Pixies. About 3 months old as of 8/12/17. Peewee is a beautiful and affectionate little guy who will steal your heart. KW Rescued in 2017.


is a gorgeous kitten, about 7 months old.


Penelope, a big beautiful pinkish and black tabby, is not quite 2 years old. She came to Pet Rescue with her son, Odysseus, when they were banished from their home with an ambulance company when the company was moved. Penelope is good natured, affectionate and will be a great pet in any caring family.


Penelope is full of energy and sweetness although she is FIV positive and the vet guesses about 2 years old. She was found on the street fending for herself but responded readily to the woman who rescued her. Her street experience has made her a little wary at times so it would be wonderful if someone with patience and understanding would help this little cat.


Penelope is a beautiful, large mackeral tabby! Still a bit shy, but VERY sweet. She is mellow and extremely easy, and would make a great companion cat in a quiet household. Penelope just wants affection and a windowsill to view the birds. Found abandoned in front of an empty house, Penelope would be a great cat for seniors. She is extremely cat-friendly, and currently lives with 5 cats. All know that she is gentle and wouldn't hurt a fly. In excellent health, Penelope is spayed and up to date with vaccinations. Please call foster mom Ellen at 917-543-6092 or email Rescued in 2013.


Penelope is a gorgeous long haired Tortoiseshell, about 12 weeks old. She is very loving, friendly and playful. She purrs as soon as your pick her up and is a total lovebug. Rescued in 2016.

Penelope & Kiwi

Penelope is a beautiful all black angora and Maine Coon mix. She is about 10. Adopted by her current owner as a kitten, she is spayed, front declawed and in excellent health. Penelope is the typical lap cat who loves to cuddle. Her favorite toy is her feather on a stick and she will bring it to you when it's playtime. Kiwi was recently adopted, but Penelope is still looking for her forever home. To meet Penelope, contact Samantha at Rescued in 2013.


PENNY, pure white with yellow eyes, is not just a beauty but she is so friendly that she happily goes nose to nose with dogs. This young mother and her kittens were abandoned at a vet's office who turned them over to Pet Rescue. Now that the kittens have been placed with human families, Penny is ready to make someone or ones very happy in her own home. Whether people or four-legged beings, dogs or cats, Penny will get along fine.


Penny is a beautiful long haired tortie/calico, about 4-5 years old. She was found living outdoors and very hungry... just skin & bones. She has now put on some weight and is very healthy, sweet and friendly too. Penny loves to be brushed and will respond beautifully to warm human attention. This is one gorgeous cat with a charming face, that has to be seen to be believed. Rescued in 2011.


Penny is an adorable cat that is about one year and very playful. She is good with other cats and dogs. This is a very sweet girl. Rescued in 2012.


Penny was abandoned in on the streets of Yonkers with her kittens. She's very sweet and Silly! Loves head butts and purrs constantly. Her kittens have now been adopted and Penny is ready for her forever home. Penny is on a special cat food, but is healthy and happy. Rescued in 2015.


Penny is a sweet and petite black one year old female. She's an absolute love and purr machine. She was abandoned behind a building with her tight flea collar growing into her neck, but has recovered nicely. She is a gentle, calm and well mannered young lady. bp Rescued in 2016.


Pepe is about 12 weeks old, good with cats and dogs. Very playful.


Pepper loves to cuddle! Once he warms up to you, he would love nothing more than to be next to you and be pet all day long. His favorite thing is to roll over and have his belly scratched. He is also very playful and loves to chase our other cats around.


Pepper is a beautiful black 15 week old female (born mid August 2013) that loves to be petted. If you like to hear the sound of a purring kitty, she is for you! Rescued in 2013.


Pepper is a sweet grey/black 9 month old tabby, huggable kissable, holdable and playful male. Pepper loves to be petted and brushed. His sister, Timea, is also posted. If adopted into a home, the best would be a quiet home with no children. Both Pepper and Timea are shy and will respond to patience and love. Their owner would love to have them placed together in the same situation and is willing to financially assist for the best situation for these dear cats. Pepper is neutered, up to date with all shots and in excellent health. A sanctuary or barn/stable home would be a good option for these kitties. To meet Pepper and his sister, please contact Jo at Rescued in 2015.

Pepper & Timea

Pepper & Timea's Story... This is Pepper and Timea and they REALLY need a home. They are a brother and sister and were rescued when they were about 3 months old from an area where free roaming cats are not welcome. They are now 15 months old and are very loving with their foster mom, however, they are very timid of strangers and will take a while to adjust to a new home but once they do they will be wonderful companions. They love to be brushed and petted and would be best in a mature quiet home with no children. Their foster mom has health issues and will not be able to foster them much longer and they will have no place to go. If you’re looking for two bonded loving cats who NEED and DESERVE a chance for a forever loving home PLEASE take a chance on these sweet babies. They are neutered and spayed, negative for FLV and FIV and vaccinated. Please contact Jo at Rescued in 2015.


Percy and his siblings were found at the Larchmont train station this summer. This cool, laid back guy but loves a good chase with string and toys. Percy likes to be held but really loves to be petted will nap in your lap. Percy is 6 months old (10/21/15) and gets along well with other cats and children. KH Rescued in 2015.

Percy and Theo

Percy and Theo are two adorable 7 week old kittens (age as of 12/25/10). They are super affectionate, very people oriented little guys. They currently live in a foster home with children, dogs and cats. The kitties love the dogs and are learning to respect the older cats. Percy (gray) and Theo (orange) are in excellent health, curious, playful and not at all shy. They are looking forward to finding their forever home.


is an adorable little Tabby, about 10-11 weeks old. He is very friendly and playful. His brother Paul is for adoption also.


Peter and his siblings are about 7 weeks old. Very sweet, friendly and playful.


Peter is a 3-year old, big, mushy boy who likes to play and cuddle. He is very sweet and affectionate. Rescued in 2011.


Peter is an adorable orange tabby, about 3 years old. He is a big boy and extremely sweet & friendly. Rescued in 2011.

Peter's Kittens

4 adorable and colorful kittens, 2 male and 2 female. They are about 12 weeks old and just gorgeous!


and his twin brother, Percy (not pictured) are adorable Tuxedo kittens, about 3 months old. They are playful and affectionate & both have a black smudge on their nose. Just adorable!


Petey, born in February, is an angel and is named after a very important saint. He's the perfect pet, very affectionate, playful and he socializes with everyone. If the other cats give him a hard time, he seems to know exactly how to behave without giving in to them or getting into trouble. Something else that everybody loves about him is that he is perfectly happy being snuggled like a baby, on his back with feet in the air. He's beautiful too.


Petey is a playful, affectionate, friendly cat. He loves a good laser light chase just as much as cuddling up for a lap nap. He quickly warms up to people and will always be there with an enthusiastic welcome home. His current owners took him in 3 years ago, but now must find a new home for this handsome grey and black striped cat. They are looking for a loving home where he will be treated like a member of the family. Petey would do best in a single-cat home so he can get all the attention he craves. If you want a sweet, fun and loyal cat, Petey is the guy for you. Petey is neutered and up to date on all his shots. To meet this loving boy, contact Jamie at or 203-542-0835. Rescued in 2011.


Petey is a 2 1/2 year old gray and white cat (born April 30, 2012) with a very sweet, affectionate personality. He grew from a kitten in a home with two adults and their son, two standard poodles and an older cat. He gets along wonderfully with other animals, kids and adults and loves to play. Unfortunately, due to allergies in his current human family, he must find a new home to call his own. Petey would make a perfect family cat and will be a wonderful addition to your household. To meet Petey, please contact Bonnie at 914-478-5167 or at Rescued in 2014.


is an adorable female, about 8 months old. Shy at first.


is about 11 weeks old and still a little shy. She does love attention and will purr when petted. She is also very pretty.


Petunia, also one of Pamela's kittens, is a very playful 12 week old tuxedo kitten (born end of May), named for the little flower spot that blossomed on her chin. Petunia can always be counted on for a game of hide and seek. She loves to hide just inside the door of a room and then springs up on her feet when she surprises you by jumping out. Rescued in 2013.


Pez is a 1 1/2 year old handsome Tabby make. Last of a litter that was bottle fed in a home with his siblings. Loves to be where the action is. Playful and curious. Best to be placed with another cat because very comfortable in his role as a sidekick. bp Rescued in 2016.


Pez is an absolutely stunning, classic tabby 10 month old male. He is such a good boy. He follows his foster person everywhere and rolls over for belly tickles whenever she looks at him. He likes to be held and cuddles up right his fosterer's side. He is gentle, well mannered and kind to everyone at the foster home. bp Rescued in 2016.


COMING SOON - Phantom is one of the Valentines kittens, he's a true snuggler and will reach up to give nose kisses. He will run to meet you and cry to get picked up and then purr like a rumbling engine. Very playful and flirty. Phantom needs to be adopted with one of his siblings (Whisper, Gandolf, Ripley, Dove, Spencer) or by a household that has a pet. VC Rescued in 2016.


COMING SOON - Phantom is one of the Valentines kittens, he's a true snuggler and will reach up to give nose kisses. He will run to meet you and cry to get picked up and then purr like a rumbling engine. Very playful and flirty. Phantom needs to be adopted with one of his siblings (Whisper, Gandolf, Ripley, Dove, Spencer) or by a household that has a pet. VC Rescued in 2016.


This cute little baby is about 5 weeks old (6/12/07). He is sweet and playful. He loves other cats and is learning to trust dogs. He is very cuddly and loves attention.


Phineus is one of Pamela's kittens. This distinguished little 8 week old boy (born end of May) has an arrow stripe down the middle of his nose and a sister who is almost a twin (Petunia). Phineus will lean against your ankle to ask for back scratches, but soon enough wants to play with his brothers and just have kittenish fun. Rescued in 2013.


Phoebe has gotten over her initial shyness (after all, she was found on the sidewalks of the Bronx) and now loves attention and petting. She and her companion Helen snuggle up together. They are only about 8 months old and will adjust easily to other cats and people. Phoebe is ready for a good home.


Phoebe is a beautiful girl, about 3 years old. She is very sweet and friendly. What a beauty!


Phoebe's gorgeous markings make her a stunning kitten! About 8 weeks old (born the end of July 2011), she like to play, especially with her litter mates. Phoebe is fast as lightening and enjoys "hide and seek" games. She is inquisitive and has mastered jumping. Rescued in 2011.


Phoebe is one of Pamela's 5 kittens, and almost a twin to Pocahontas (also a tuxedo). Phoebe is a delightful playful little girl, but also thoughtful and quiet at times. She loves playing with her sisters and is especially partial to back scratches, which will leave her purring and her belly up in the air. Gentle and good with other cats, Phoebe is also micro chipped and current on shots. Rescued in 2013.


Phoebe is a striking and unusual calico/tuxedo mix, about 2 years old. She resides in a foster home and is looking for a permanent home to call her very own. Rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, Phoebe was also pregnant and her beautiful orange kitten has been adopted. Friendly and sweet, Phoebe is in excellent health, spayed and up to date with all vaccinations. To meet this beauty, contact Rachel at 347-489-2204 or email Rescued in 2014.


Phoenix is a very sweet and affectionate 3 year old Russian Blue mix who found herself out of a secure home when her humans split up. This lovely lady is in excellent health and a real cuddly kitty. She has a temporary place in a great foster home where she gets along with the dogs and other cats. Rescued in 2014.


PHYLLIS - a 5 month old sweetheart who loves to play and push balls around with her mates. These beautiful purrers, all variations of silvery tabby were found abandoned in a lot in Yonkers. They are very domesticated are natural cuddlers.


is from a litter of 6 kittens, only about 8 weeks old. They are adorable and very playful!


Pierre was recently found by a kind woman who took him into her home after his original family took off and left him behind. This striking black kitty with a white spot on his chest, is only about 5 months old, very sweet, playful and affectionate. His foster home has other cats, as well as dogs and he gets along with both. Enjoys kids too. Rescued in 2013.


COMING SOON - Pierre was born in one of our foster homes on 3/13/16. Pierre's mom was rescued by one of our volunteers and is super friendly. Part of a litter of kittens that includes Waldo, Fishy and Pierre, Pierre is very easy going and playful. He must be adopted with another kitten and will be available around May 13th. bp Rescued in 2016.

Pierre and Sarafina

Pierre and Sarafina are a 4 month old brother and sister (born end of July), now living in a great foster home, after being thrown out onto the street by their former owner. These siblings are both very sweet and gentle and just want a good loving permanent home to call their very own. Rescued in 2013.

Pina Colada Girls

These two loving and playful girls will capture your hearts with their intoxicatingly sweet nature, just as a good pina colada. They are 8 weeks old and both are red females. They would love to find a home together if possible.


was found wandering in the streets with a half torn off front leg. We had the leg removed and she is able to move around quite nicely. As a result of all she has been through, she is a little leery of people until she gets to know them.


Ping (5 months old as of 8/9/16) is a third of a trio of siblings (Yin and Yang are the others) rescued from a New Rochelle colony. Her quiet nature is perfect for someone looking for a low key young cat that is easy to handle. She has been spayed and vaccinated. She is a true survivor and deserves a second chance at a good life. To meet this lovely tuxedo kitten, please contact 8/9/16 Rescued in 2016.


is adorable, and very sweet, about 8 weeks old. She'll be playful one moment, and cuddly the next. She LOVES to play just like any other kitten, and also LOVES to be hugged and cuddled. She, just like her momma, loves to get belly rubs, and will just roll over to get one. She is also good with dogs, and cats. All in all, this little kitten is simply a love bug. Her mom Lola is a purebreed Siamese, also posted.


An adorable little girl. She is only about 25 lbs and 8-10 months old. She is very friendly, outgoing and playful. She looks like she has a little smile on her face. Please fill out an adoption application.


Pinky is a beautiful kitty, very sweet and friendly. Rescued in 2012.


Meet Piper - one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. Piper is a little cautious at first but once she checks you out she is a love bug. A house is not a home unless it has at least one black cat. Come meet this charmer! Rescued in 2014.


Almost 5 month old female kitten as of 7/9/17. The last of a litter of 3, Piper is a playful, sweet young kitten. She has a slim, delicate frame but plays like a linebacker!! Very social with other cats. She loves to be touched and face mush too. This is one intelligent curious kitty who is fun to be with. Rescued in 2017.


Pippa is an 8 week old kitten that is sweet and outgoing. She is in a foster home with older children, dogs and cats and loves all of them.


Pippi is one of three beloved, beautifully treated and maintained healthy purebred Turkish Angora cats orphaned over Thanksgiving when their owner died unexpectedly . The red male depicted has been adopted leaving two white siblings (Pippi and Susie) to be placed in a new home. Pippi (in photo) is lithe, playful, friendly and will cuddle up with you for a read or a nap. He is alert, easygoing, not fearful and very adaptable. Pippi and Susie have the marvelous temperament of their breed: easygoing, gentle, playful, loving and very emotionally connected. Approx. 8 years old, these long hair pure white beauties are each a treasure. To learn more about Pippi (and Susie), contact (courtesy listing)


Beautiful Pippi is about 8 weeks old now (born the end of July 2011). She is the sister of Trinka, Phoebe and Toby, also featured on our website. Pippi is a curious, playful kitten who likes attention and purrs happily when petted. She loves to wrestle with her litter mates and tackle her "feathers on a stick" toy. Rescued in 2011.

Pippi & Mr. Nilsson

Pippi is the female and Mr. Nilsson is the male -- 10 week old siblings. They are sweet, playful and love to snuggle -- and stunningly beautiful! We are looking to place these two kittens together since they are so bonded. For more information about these kittens, please email the foster mom at


Pippin is an adorable female kitten, about 8 weeks old. Very sweet and playful. Rescued in 2014.


Pippin is from the litter of five kittens (the W kittens) including siblings Coltrane, Felyx (adopted), Sookie (adopted) and Patrick (adopted). Pippin is a very sweet buddy who can also be independent and entertain himself with the latest fascination. He loves to play with his sibs and charge across the floor, but will relax when picked up and fall asleep on his back in the most darling positions. He is a very pretty boy. kw Rescued in 2016.


Pippy (Longstocking) is solid blue-gray with white paws and belly, an unusual combination. Blues are generally all blue. She is just two years old, has always lived happily with other cats and is affectionate with people. Given the opportunity, she will gladly sit on your lap and purr.


Pita, a beauty with cloud gray long hair and pale green eyes. is affectionate and loving. She did not take long to make friends with us and other cats after losing her first home and has made herself best girl. If you want a companion who will sit on your lap or share your bed, shes your girl. She loves to be brushed.


Pixel is an adorable tortoiseshell kitten, about 11 weeks old. Sweet, playful and friendly.


is about the friendliest little cat you'll ever meet. This young calico was living in the hallway of a Yonkers apartment building and boy was she glad to be found. She likes to sit in laps, climb onto shoulders, be carried around by her humans and purr like a little machine. About the only things she's not sure of are dogs and other cats but she is getting a crash course in such matters in her foster home. She would make a wonderful addition to any home.


Pixie is a little mini kitten. She looks like she is only about 3 months old, but she is at least 5-6 months. She is so snuggly and affectionate but also loves to romp. She is being fostered with cats and dogs and gets along with them all. Her markings are stunning along with little black spot on her face. Rescued in 2011.


Pixie is a sweet, friendly girl, who loves to curl up on your lap. This small petite kitty was born in November 2015, but sure doesnt look her age. Pixie lives up to her name, as we call her Pixie the Fairy kitty because shes so small. She loves the other cats in the house and although shes the smallest she can be seen instigating play with the other bigger cats. Pixie can play the role of a dog and a cat as she comes to her name yet snuggles up like a baby. She must go to a home that has another cat. AF Rescued in 2016.


Plum, white with striped patches, was born May 2004, and is a beauty as you can see. She's a little shy but playful with her toys and sister, Cewpie. Still, she's gentle, likes attention, is getting to be very happy being held.


Pluto is a delightful silver tabby 8 week old boy (born end of May) who is very playful. One of Pamela's kittens, his markings make him look like a mini snow leopard and he'd like nothing more than to be able to follow you around the house and make a game out of anything. He is quick to hop on your lap and quick to jump on a speck of dust to play. Rescued in 2013.


If this beautiful cat strikes you as being an angel, youve got it right. Despite being mauled by some animal (she came to us with 2 big puncture wounds on her neck) she is comfortable with people, cats and dogs and just loves to be held and cuddled. Her wound is almost totally healed but the fluffy hair around her neck has not grown back so she is not quite back to the glamour puss that she will be soon. Pocahontas is a about a year old.


One of Pamela's kittens, Pocahontas is almost a twin to Phoebe and Petunia. She's inquisitive and very sweet. She adores grabbing toys from her sisters and then playing hide and seek. Gentle, a little shy, but extremely sociable once she knows you. Born the end of May (9 weeks old now), she is micro chipped and ready for her loving forever home. Rescued in 2013.


One of Pamela's kittens, Pocahontas is almost a twin to Phoebe and Petunia. She's inquisitive and very sweet. She adores grabbing toys from her sisters and playing hide and seek. Gentle, a little shy but extremely sociable once she knows you. Born the end of May, Pocahontas is micro chipped and ready for her loving forever home. Rescued in 2013.


Pokey, 5 years old, is a beautiful sweet bundle of cat with the silkiest of black fur and emerald green eyes. She was adopted as a kitten and for no fault of her own, had to be returned these years later. Her trustingness and sweet personality shows that she had a loving home. Although she manages to coexist with other cats, we know that she would be much happier being a one-and-only.


Polly is a member of a 5 kitten litter (Lilac's kittens). About 6 weeks old (on 11/15/2014), his siblings include Kelly, Clinton, Little Jack, and Tommy. All of these kitties are adorable and playful as can be. Rescued in 2014.


Ponzie is a handsome orange tabby male. very friendly and sweet. He was found as part of a colony of cats outside and rescued, as a very domesticated cat who had once been a pet in someone's family. Ponzie now needs a new family to call his own. Rescued in 2011.


Poppy is a charming 1 1/2 year old friendly female kitty, who was thrown out when her owners moved. Now living in a great foster home, she gets along very well with other cats, kids and dogs. She is an all around wonderful family companion pet. This cute tabby is a winner. Rescued in 2014.

Poppy and Flora

Poppy (white kitten with some black spots) and Flora (grey with some white) are two adorable kittens, born mid-April 2012. The two sisters are as sweet as can be. They love to play and wrestle and are so much fun to watch. You just won't want to take your eyes away from this darling duo, who love to curl up in your arms. We hope to adopt these two together as they love each other so much. To see photos of Flora, just click on "photos". To meet these two kitties, contact Gwen at Rescued in 2012.

Poppy and Flora

Poppy (white kitten with some black spots) and Flora (grey with some white) are two adorable kittens, born mid-April 2012. The two sisters are as sweet as can be. They love to play and wrestle and are so much fun to watch. You just won't want to take your eyes away from this darling duo, who love to curl up in your arms. To see photos of Flora, just click on "photos". To meet these two kitties, contact Gwen at Rescued in 2012.


Portia is as lovely and unique as her name. This 2 year old Torby with her distinctive mix of tabby and calico markings is as sweet, charming and friendly as she is beautiful. She will look at you with her amazing eyes and you will fall in love. Portia gets along with other cats and should do well in a family setting. Rescued in 2013.


Poupon is one of Fiona's kittens and she had a litter of five, born near Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx and rescued by a nurse who works there. All are 9 weeks old (as of 5-5-15), energetic and cute as can be. Little Poupon is the one all grey among this adorable litter. Perhaps he has some Russian Blue in his ancestry. Rescued in 2015.


This gorgeous girl was given up by a family with a new baby. They just stuck her into a cage and she does not understand what happened, therefore she is understandably a little shy. She is good with dogs (she lived with two) as long as they don't chase her and warms up to people slowly. Precious is up to date on all her shots, is declawed on the front paws, and spayed. She would love to live in a quiet home where she would be given some time to warm up. Once she is adjusted to her new home, she loves to be cuddled and pet. She is 5 yrs old. Please give this beautiful kitty a second chance!


Precious is a beautiful girl, about 9 months old. She has a gorgeous silky coat.


Precious is a gorgeous tortoiseshell/tabby female, about 1-2 years old. She is very sweet and friendly.


Precious is a sweetheart…she is cute and petite, although she has the appetite of a “goliath.” She is playful and a bit rambunctious as she is still in her kitten stage (she's about a year old). She likes everyone and loves snuggling up in your lap (see pix) but since she came from outside gets spooked a bit by strange noises. Presh is an easy kitty to have around and would make a great companion for another kitty. Please call (212) 222-1221 for more information.


Prince is a 5 month old neutered male, handsome black cat with jewel green eyes and a long, lean body and legs (Egyptian type). This amazing cat loves human affection, is very intelligent and a loyal and grateful friend to his human companions. He is an indoors/outdoors cat at this time, who would love to enter your home and be indoors only with the family that will take him in. To meet Prince, contact 203/454-3992 and ask about the handsome black cat, or email or Rescued in 2012.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles is a slim, slight male Turkish Van cat. But don't let the petite size fool you. This Prince is as playful as can be, very friendly with humans, bonds well with other cats and has lots of energy. You will delight in young Charles' antics and good-natured mischief.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is one big boy (Turkish Van cat) who was found with his four siblings at Petco in Mt. Vernon. One and half year old Harry is super sociable, very feline friendly and has cat friends everywhere. We know he gets along well with at least one dog. Harry should prove to be a wonderful family cat that will hold his own and make himself right at home in no time.


is a year and a half old, lithe, and beautiful - very docorative. She is comfortable with other cats and likes to be petted. She has been tested and spayed and will make a great addition to any family. Our Princess was abandoned in the city and is completely gentrified.


Princess is a female grey and cream colored kitty. Her dob is 4/15/2000, she weighs about 11 lbs and up to date vet-wise. She is spayed and front declawed. Princess is on the shy side and prefers to sit nearby & sleep at the foot of your bed. She will come for treats and even "bat" them out of your hand. She also comes and cries when she is hungry. She needs to find a new home because her owner just had a baby who is extremely allergic. To meet Princess please e-mail (courtesy listing)


Princess is a slender, spayed, healthy female who loves attention and will give you lots of affection in return. She has had a rough start to her 2-3 years and has recently been abandoned. She is a trusting soul who needs a loving home. Princess will do best in a single kitty household. She would be a great apartment cat for a single or couple since she has no desire to venture outdoors. All she needs is a toy mouse! Princess is a low maintenance, high reward kitty. Please contact Carole at to learn more about Princess.(courtesy listing)


Princess is a wonderful cat that loves everybody. She is easy going and ever so friendly. She is a big purring machine and you can't pet her fast enough. She is good with other cats and dogs and is not timid at all. She does seem to be deaf, but it does not affect her in the least. She is about 5-7 years old and a total love bug.


Princess is an adorable long haired tabby, about a year old. She is very sweet and friendly -- good with other cats.


Princess is a very affectionate stray cat who lives outside a school in the Bronx. Several teachers have taken this 7 month old tuxedo kitty under their wing, and have been feeding her and provided her with a cardboard box for shelter. Princess is very friendly and likes to be held. Once owned, she was put out on the streets and has managed to survive with the kindness of her human friends. Princess gets along with other cats and will soon be spayed and given her shots. If you are interested in adopting or fostering her, please contact Fran at 914-629-9395. Rescued in 2014.


Princess is a sweet 4 year old (3/1/15) female who had a rough time living on the streets having litter after litter. Now neutered, she is petite with semi-longhair and a real doll. Princess loves to be petted and and held. She is very gentle and calm and great with cats, dogs and kids. This sweet kitty deserves a home to finally call her own. bp Rescued in 2015.

Princess Grace

This adorable, petite and regal Russian Blue lady was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn looking for a loving owner and a new home. Kind people took her in, noticed an eye injury which a vet has been treating and now need to place her in a loving permanent home. Only 1-2 years old, this charmer is sweet, affectionate - a real love! She has been tested by a vet and is a healthy kitty who will need to be spayed and given her vaccinations once her eye has completely healed. To meet this friendly cat who will curl up on your bed, contact Yasmin at Rescued in 2013.

Princess II

Princess II is declawed and a jewel of a cat, but she is losing her home because her owner had a baby who is very allergic. The picture of elegance, Princess wears her silky gray and ivory coat like royalty. She is a little reserved, so she won't pounce on you -- but will instead sit nearby and sleep at the foot of your bed. Princess will also come running for her favorite treats and even bat them out of your hand. She's even smart enought to find you and let you know when she's hungry. Born April 15, 2000, Princess is spayed, front declawed, and up to date on shots and vet visits. To meet Princess, please contact Laura at (courtesy listing)

Princess Leia

is a gorgeous 5 month old kitten. She is very loving and purrs like a lion. Good with other animals and very playful.


This is a wonderful and loving girl. She is about 2-3 years old and just wants to cuddle and hug. She was rescued from a cold barn and is looking for a warm lap to call her own.


Sweet, lovely Priscilla is a very feminine 8 year old feline with a little black dot on the tip of her nose and beautiful almond shaped eyes. She loves humans - a real love bug who enjoys being petted. She'll tolerate other animals, but is best as the only kittin in the household. To meet Priscilla, please contact


Priscilla is a petite miss who loves affection. This very pretty tabby is happy to sit on your lap to be cuddled and kissed. She also enjoys a rousing game of "chase the toy mouse" and racing with her litter mates. She gets along well with other cats and isn't sure yet if dogs are useful. Priscilla was born in early May, along with her litter mates (Chuckie & Chip). Rescued in 2012.


Priscilla is a sweet little 7-8 week old kitten (born late July) with a smooth black coat that just glistens. This little bundle of fur and fun resides in a foster home where she is with other cats, dogs and children. Rescued in 2013.

PT Barnum

PT Barnum is one of those super rare kittens with a silly sense of humor and the good looks to go with it. If you watch him play with his sisters, you'll see him tip toe up to one, tap her on the tail and then quietly tip toe away to leave her looking around wondering who just tapped her tail. And there he is snickering in the corner watching her wonder. He'll have you laughing out loud all the time. PT Barnum is a striking dark chocolate with black tabby stripes underneath. What will really draw you in is his antics. He just delights in making you laugh and getting a chuckle out of it himself. One of 5 kittens born to Pamela, he's 9 weeks old (born the end of May), micro chipped and current on shots. Rescued in 2013.


Pudding is an adorable tuxedo 9 1/2 month old female with a sweet and playful personality. She is mischievous and snuggly, curious and loving - a real purr machine. Up to date with all shots and spayed, Pudding is also declawed. Pudding is up for adoption as her owner could no longer care for her, and her male sibling, Slinky, due to a hospitalization. If you would like to give Pudding a forever home, please contact Bonnie at 914-737-6020 or 914-382-2578. The adoption fee is $75.


Pumpkin is a sweet young girl, about 6-8 months, who lost her eye as a kitten. It doesn't stop her. She is sweet, loving and playful. See her mom Ginger in Past Adoptions. This adorable bundle of feline fun will win your heart with her impish behavior. Not one to sleep the day away, she is ever alert, curious, quick on her feet and in love with life. She enjoys being picked up and petted and will relax in your lap. Pumpkin gets along with other cats as well as people.


Pumpkin is an adorable kitten, about 10-12 weeks old. He is very playful, friendly and outgoing. He purrs the minute he sees you and loves to be held & cuddled when he is not busy playing.


This sweet little boy is a lovebug. He is playful and snuggly too. He is great with cats and other dogs. He would love to find a home together with Caspar, his buddy. Rescued in 2011.


This soft, orange purring boy wants a person pal.  He waits at the top of the attic steps for me and practically sings when he sees me approaching: climbs onto my lap and kisses my face with so much love. I have 3 other cats and dogs in the main part of the house who get me full time. They are too energetic for Pumpkin and chase him.  He really needs a home where he can be king.  Open your heart and adopt Pumpkin!! Rescued in 2017.

Pumpkin & Cali

Pumpkin and Cali are two senior cats whose elderly owner passed away recently. The family would love to place these two kitties together if possible and also feel that an experienced adopter would be best. Pumpkin is an eleven year old male. Special needs. He had surgery for crystals and once a year gets an episode of cystitis, which is highly treatable. Miller and Clark in Harrison is their vet and has all their records. Aside from this manageable problem, Pumpkin is in good health, neutered and up to date with all vaccinations as is his sister, Cali. Cali (calico) is also eleven, a bit shy but a true delight and has never been sick. To meet these kitties, please contact Gina von Eiff at Rescued in 2015.


is about 14 weeks old and just a love. She is very playful and loves other cats. She is blind in 1 eye but that doesn't hold her back at all.


Punkin, 6 months old, has beautiful tabby markings and is pure white underneath. She's affectionate with everyone and plays hard between naps, is curious, and well behaved, a delight to have around. Punkin has an extra toe on each front paw so she looks like she's wearing white mittens.


Her striking bright green eyes are what you'll notice first about Pursey. Then, when you get to know this gorgeous grey tabby, you'll fall in love with her sweetness, friendliness, and sunny disposition. Who can resist such a combination?