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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


Oakey is an adorable male kitten, about 3 1/2 months old. He is from a litter of 4 super friendly, loving and playful kittens that love belly rubs. His siblings are Thistle, Blanche and Tigger. These kittens must be adopted in pairs as they are very attached and sleep in a big pile. Rescued in 2016.


This well mannered 6 year old brown tabby male was found in an alley starving. With tender loving care, Ochocinco is now a plump and healthy little boy. We can tell he was once someone's pet, and he would certainly like to be back in a home to call his very own with humans who will care for him. Rescued in 2011.


Odie is a fluffy, long-haired beauty with a bit of the Maine Coon in his background. This gorgeous feline so wants to be back in a home where he can run, play and be petted by humans who will appreciate his gentle nature. Approx. 2 years old, this young adult male would prefer a quiet household without other cats or dogs.


is a big sturdy armful of gray tabby, about 1 year old. He and his mother, Penelope, were living happily in the headquarters of an ambulance company whose members doted on them but the company was moved to another building and orders came from above that these mascots could not go along. None of the members of the company could bring them home so they came to Pet Rescue.


is an adorable male brown tabby with white mittens. He is always purring and loves being rubbed and petted. He will chase a ball or a string and pounce on his little mouse toys. Ohio loves being with his siblings! They all cuddle up together and play together. Ohio has the thin face of his mother and is just a beautiful kitten. He is curious and silly too. His mother Skky is also listed.


Olga is an adorable female kitten, part of the same litter as her brother, Jeffrey. She is very sweet and playful with a soft cloudy blue-gray, Russian Blue coat with blurry stripes. She lives in a foster home where she gets lots of tender loving care. Rescued in 2013.


is a handsome 9 week old kitten. Playful, loving and just adorable!


is a very sweet cat, with big eyes and beautiful markings. He is extremely friendly and only 8 months old.


Oliver and his brother Sid (also listed) are brothers and were given by a woman who was moving. They are about 6 years old and very friendly.


This sweet little boy is only about 6 weeks old and needs to be in a home with another kitten.


This handsome orange boy was found recently by a caring cat owner who, thinking he might be lost, tried to find a possible owner to no avail. Oliver, approx. 1-2 years old, has just been neutered, received all necessary vaccinations and is in good health. An active, strong cat with an "alpha" personality, he would do best in a single cat household where he'll be doted on by his human. To meet Oliver, contact Vicky at Rescued in 2012.


They don't come any cuter than Oliver. Found alone in a garage, this tiny trooper is curious, cuddly and purrs a lot. Only 5 week old (born end of Sept), Oliver will be up for adoption in a few weeks. Get your application in today for this adorable guy. Rescued in 2014.


Oliver is a nearly 12-year-old black male cat who needs a new home. Originally adopted as a stray kitten, he has lived with the same family and home his whole life, but his family is moving abroad and cannot take him along. Although now technically a senior, he is a playful and healthy indoor cat, neutered, up-to-date with all vaccinations, and has had regular veterinary care including dental. He is polydactyl with extra thumbs in both front paws. He is not declawed. He is shy with strangers but extremely attached to and affectionate with his family. He is used to being the only pet in the household. To meet this beautiful, gentle boy, please contact Meg at (6/28/17) Rescued in 2017.


Oliver was found by a friend of Pet Rescue. He is quite friendly and playful. This little sweetie will just ask "can I have some more" when you are petting him. Rescued in 2018.


is a beautiful 2 year old Tuxedo cat. She is very loving and gets along well with other cats.


Olivia is a real beauty! A Siamese mix, about one year old, you must see her in person to realize just how lovely and precious she is (photos don't capture her beautiful appearance and unique coloring). She simply has the most gorgeous blue eyes that will melt your heart. Olivia is very friendly and cuddly. Just loves to sit on your lap and be loved. She is a true delight. Rescued in 2014.


Olivia is a six month old (as of 1/24/16) beauty who is waiting to be adopted into a loving home! Although she is a bit shy before getting to know you, she is a sweetheart with a loving personality. She often rubs against you for pets and loves to play. Please bring loving Olivia into your home. You won't regret it! sv Rescued in 2016.

Olivia and Oliver

Meet Olivia (tuxedo) and Oliver (black) a/k/a "The Lovebirds". Olivia and Oliver are three years old and the cutest couple. Sadly, someone in the neighborhood moved and left them behind. They've been so sad and lonely ever since. However, they remain together, always looking out for each other. They are spayed, neutered and vaccinated. Olivia is a sweet, affectionate young lady who loves people and Oliver is the most laid back, easy going kitty. Together they're a super sweet couple who want to love and be loved. Please help Olivia and Oliver once again be a part of a loving family before the winter months. for adoption information, please contact Kristin at Olivia and Oliver are located in Yonkers, NY. Rescued in 2013.


Ollie is such a cute little guy. He is playful and calm at the same time. He is very cuddly. He is about 7-8 weeks old and still very small.


Ollie isn’t a dog but don’t tell him that. He’ll follow you around the house, rub against your ankles, and flop across your lap for a cuddle. He also likes to “chatter” and leap after his toys. If you want a quiet unobtrusive pet, Ollie is NOT for you. If you want a cat with an outgoing personality, come meet Ollie. One of his ears is crumpled, but it doesn't bother him a bit. This two-year-old boy came to us skinny but we're fattening him right up. He survived being dumped outside an abandoned house and living through one of our coldest winters. Ollie lives peacefully with other cats in his foster home but we think he would be fine if he was a one and only. Rescued in 2015.


Ollie (tabby) and Otto (black) are brothers and are just as sweet as can be! They are about 6 months old, very playful and affectionate too. Otto is a little more outgoing than Ollie and will play with anything. They are little purring machines! They are very attached to each other and sleep all cuddled up with their paws wrapped around each other. We would love to find them a home together ... they will be much happier together and will keep you entertained. PRC Rescued in 2017.

Ollie, Alfie & Toby

Ollie, Alfie and Toby lived with an elderly Port Chester resident who recently passed away. Now these three of her much adored cats must find new homes. All approx 2 years old, they are used to being indoors/outdoors, but could enjoy life in an indoor environment only. Ollie is a greyish tabby with white markings & very friendly as is Alfie, who has beautiful swirl tabby stripes. Toby is grey and white with a warm, friendly personality. These playful boys are all neutered and up to date with all vaccinations. They are being very well cared for by their owner's son. To meet these cats (who can be adopted separately), please contact Greg at or at 914-255-3637. Rescued in 2013.


Rescued from the streets of Yonkers, Onyx is an endearing all black male who is very sweet and love belly rubs and cuddling. He is quite bonded to his brother Little and would like to be adopted with him. Rescued in 2014.

Onyx & Topaz

Onyx (tuxedo) and Topaz (Calico) enjoy chasing each other as their favorite pastime and playing peek a boo with mom (Sapphire). These two fur balls (born mid-March 2015) will entertain you for hours with their antics and then fall asleep cuddled together in your lap. Onyx and Topaz are looking for a home together. Rescued in 2015.


This female Siamese mix kitty is a beautiful gem! Born in late March 2016, this 8 month old kitten is extremely sweet-gentle natured. She gets along well with the other cats in her foster home and with the foster's dog. Constantly purring and rolling, this lovely lady does have an involuntary eye movement in both eyes (a condition called Nystagmus), quite common in the Siamese breed. It is not a serious ailment and she is a healthy kitty. mn Rescued in 2016.


The lovely white & tabby Ophelia is a young, sweet and docile lady as much at home in the suburbs as well as the Bronx where she was found among a colony of cats in Woodlawn Cemetery. This big city survivor gets along beautifully with other cats. She will be a wonderful addition to a home that will appreciate her gentle nature. Welcome Ophelia into your life and you will have a healthy feline who will provide you with many years of joy.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice is about 5 months old. He is playful & sociable yet mellow. He is living in a foster home with other cats and kids & gets along with everyone.


is a big, beautiful cat. He weighs approximately 20 lbs. He's very friendly and a little fiesty. He should be the only cat.


(also known as Cookie) is a beautiful, exotic looking calico female. She is very gentle and loving by nature. She loves for her belly to be rubbed, as well as her cheeks, the top of her head, her back, you know where Im going. Oreo is a 2 year old beauty and is very healthy. She would love to find a family that would adopt her and maybe her brother, Mac.


Oreo is an adorable little male tuxedo kitten, about 8-9 weeks old. Although small in size this little boy is big on personality. He's very active and playful but loves to cuddle when he tires himself out, his purring will win you over instantly. His favorite game is Chase Your Own Tail. When he can't win he unwinds himself by playing it in the opposite direction. His favorite word: EEP. As in EEP: pick me up. EEP: I'm hungry. EEP: come play.


Oreo is the sweetest little lovebug! This 5 week old kitten (born end of May 2014), loves to cuddle, play and cuddle some more. Friendly as can be, Oreo is a good friend to her brother, Max, and the daughter of Olivia, also featured on this website. Rescued in 2014.

Oreo (Omar's Kitten)

Omar's Kittens were 4 adorable and sweet kittens. But only Oreo (tuxedo male) remains to be adopted. Oreo is about 4 1/2-5 months old now and lives in a foster home where he receives lots of tender loving care. He is playful, friendly and all that you would want in a kitten. Oreo is very good with dogs and lives with a teacup pomeranian whom he loves to sleep with. Rescued in 2016.


were rescued by a good person and brought to Pet Rescue. They are very sweet and playful males, only 10 weeks old.


Ori is a handsome 4 year old orange/white long-hair cat with a warm, easy-going personality - very affectionate. He is friendly, very sociable with humans and gets along with other cats, very playful in general and especially loves playing with interactive toys. Ori was rescued from an apartment where his previous owners abandoned him. Ori can be visited in the Kitty Cottage. kc Rescued in 2018.


Oscar and Felix are adorable 3 1/2 month old brothers. They are very friendly and playful.


Oscar is a very snuggly boy. He is friendly and outgoing and does not seem to mind dogs at all. He is about 8 mo. old. He has great markings.


Oscar is a handsome orange and white tabby with a delightful personality. Only about a year old, he is neutered, in excellent health and up to date with all shots. Rescued in 2011.


Oscar is 5 months old (as of 11/30/14) male kitten. He is very friendly and playful. Oscar was left behind in an abandoned apartment in Yonkers and is now thriving with his foster family. Rescued in 2014.


Oscar is an adorable kitty who is about 5-6 years old. Amazingly laid back, he is very sweet and friendly. Brought in from the street, he is very happy to be one of the gang. Because Oscar's protein levels are a little low, he will require a special diet. Everyone who meets Oscar is in love with this special kitty. KC Rescued in 2016.

Oscar & Felix

Oscar & Felix are two of the most handsome male kitties we have seen. About 5-months old (as of 10/15/17), they are lively, happy, sociable and totally engaging. We would love for them to be adopted together, but they can also be adopted separately. We also feel they will do well in a family. Oscar (with more white) is a little shyer than his sibling Felix, who is a typically mischievous kitten. Both kitties love to be petted and purr easily. SD Rescued in 2017.


Othello is a handsome 5 year old purebred Himalayan kitty who, sadly, must find a new home due to a new baby in his current household. If you like the Himalayan breed, Othello is something special. He is neutered, up to date with all vaccinations and in good health. Othello is a good buddy, who likes to cuddle by his owner's side. He is initially shy with strangers but will relax, become curious and get close as he gets to know you. We feel he will do best in a quiet household with adults. To meet Othello, please contact Scarlett at or call 914-830-3340. Rescued in 2016.


Handsome Otis has a rich medium-length sable coat with a black face, tail and paws. So dapper! He's a happy little fellow who purrs readily and enjoys snuggling on a warm lap. Otis is a "foodie" (as evidenced by a roly-poly belly) and squeaks excitedly when his plate arrives. Comical! He likes other cats and is curious about dogs. Otis was born around late May and is close to his tabby sister, Kelly (also available on this website). Rescued in 2014.


Ozzy is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. Rescued from the streets, he is just so happy to be safe and warm; he purrs the minute you walk in the room. If you have always wanted a lap cat then Ozzy is your guy. He is looking for a family of his own to spoil him. Rescued in 2014.