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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


is still very scared of all the new things that have happened to her. She is not sure of all these changes. She is about 1-2 years old and only about 40 lbs. Her coat is lush and shiny. Once she knows you she is quite friendly and she likes to play too. Please fill out an adoption application.


Meet Lacey, a petite and gorgeous lady. She is about 1 1/2 years old and very sweet. She came to us with kittens who were all adopted. Now its her turn. Can you give her a good home? Rescued in 2013.


Lady is a great find for someone who wants a DECLAWED cat who will fit into any household. Lady came from a home with another cat, is still somewhat shy although getting more comfortable as we work on drawing out this little cat. The right person will enjoy cajoling her a little more because she really is responsive and sweet, as well as very pretty.

Lady Grey

Lady Grey was abandoned in Harlem. When rescued, she spent weeks hiding, growling in fear. She's done an amazing turn-around and loves, loves, loves to play. Now she's constantly under attack by the dominant cat in her foster home, and would really appreciate a place of her own. She needs a patient, experienced owner who will treat her kindly and appreciate her for the funny, sassy young girl she is. To meet Lady Grey, please contact Kristi at 212.229.9804 or email at


Ladybug is a beautiful and oh so friendly kitten. She is about 4 months old now, spayed and in great health. She is anxiously awaiting her new home. This playful little girl will entertain you with her antics and then snuggle up with you for a good nap. Rescued in 2011.


affectionate and good-natured as well as beautiful, was saved from freezing by a near-miracle. When a good samaritan thought he saw eyes reflecting his headlights on the Bronx River Parkway, he backed up his car and found this little cat stuck in a snow-bank. He dug her out and warmed her up at home before he brought her to Pet Rescue. She's under a year old and healthy.


is a beautiful 8 week old kitten. He and his siblings (Lola & Lara, also posted) are very playful, friendly and well-socialized.


is a handsome Tuxedo, about 2-3 years old and very friendly. He was found wandering in Mt. Vernon.


is an adorable 7 week kitten, playful and cuddly. As he is quite small, we are looking to place him along with one of her grey siblings.


Laney is an adorable, very friendly cat found at a Bowling Alley (reason for the name "Laney"). She is approx. 1 year old and petite in size. As you can see from the photos, Laney enjoys being held and is one curious, sweet kitty. Rescued in 2012.


is a beautiful 8 week old kitten. She and her siblings (Lola & Lance, also posted) are very playful, friendly and well-socialized.


Lara is an amazing kitty. Found on the street with an injured leg and 2 little kittens, Lara took care of her kittens at her foster home. Once her kittens were weaned, Lara underwent surgery to remove her injured leg. Now playful and affectionate, she is active and happily adjusted to losing her leg. She is a bouncy, fun cat who will do best as the only cat in the family. SP Rescued in 2016.

Larchmont Train Station Kittens

Here come the three Larchmont Train Station Kittens! We were found at the Larchmont train station on July 1, 2015 and are about 14 weeks old now and ready to be your new best friend. Thomas (a/k/a Bernard) may be one-dimensional in color (all black) but his personality is multi-dimensional! He loves to play, be petted and be held. He is so happy all the time and purrs almost constantly. Molly (tuxedo a/k/a Beatrice) is the one female among this trio and was just adopted. Percy (also tuxedo and a/k/a Benson) is a little more laid back than his siblings and really enjoys the unlimited food at his foster home. He loves to play with string and chase balls. He likes to be held but will purr if he hangs out and you pet him. KH Rescued in 2015.


is a sweet 7 week old kitten who loves to play and romp around with his littermates.


Adorable 7-8 week old kitten, very playful and sweet.


is an adorable 7 week kitten, playful and cuddly. As he is quite small, we are looking to place him along with one of his grey siblings.


Larry is a lovely orange tabby who just wants someone to love him forever! Rescued in 2011.


Larry is a young about 7 months old (1/27/15), playful, friendly kitty with a classic puss in boots tabby pattern! Rescued from outside, Larry started off scared but has flourished in foster care. He loves being held, does well with other cats. Loves attention, purrs easily, and is really a great playful big kitten! Larry is neutered and up to date on all vetting. Rescued in 2015.


Larry (brother of Lucy and Lulu) may be little, but he has a huge personality. He loves to explore and play with with kids, cats, and dogs in his foster home. Larry and his siblings must be adopted with another kitten or into a household with another kitten or young cat. JR Rescued in 2017.


Laverne is an adorable kitten, about 14 weeks old - very sweet, friendly and playful. Rescued in 2013.


Layla shares a home with Zoey, also featured on this website, and now needs to find a new permanent loving home due to a change in her current family's circumstances. Layla is 5 years old and a beautiful black lady. Very friendly, Layla likes to be petted and will "talk" to you in meows. She will greet you right at the door when you get home and loves to sleep with you at night. Her current owner calls her my "shadow" because she will follow you around. In good health, Layla is spayed and up to date with shots. To meet Layla, please contact Diane at or call 914-589-1663. Rescued in 2015.


Layla is a female 3 year old maine coon mix with long hair, white belly/paws, and the rest is black/tan/orange calico/tabby. Healthy, vaccines are up to date, spayed in 2014. Once she gets comfortable in a new home she is very social and affectionate, and is playful. Loves a good brushing! She is curious and will follow you around all day. Gets along with children but not other cats other than Mickey, also featured on this website. To meet Layla please contact Kiyoko or Koiti at 914/413-6877 or 914/946-2907. Rescued in 2017.


Very affectionate little girl. Loves attention and petting. She is about 7 weeks old and just adorable. Picture does not do her justice.


is about 6-7 weeks old and just adorable. She is playful and very sweet.


is an adorable 11 week old fluffy Tabby kitten. Playful, friendly and curious.


is an exceptional cat, beautiful (he has a red saddle, deep amber eyes, a delicate pink nose) and wise. He likes people and other animals and although some of our other cats treated him badly when he first came on the scene, he just stood back and waited until they were ready to be friends. He has a long lithe body like a lion and likes to explore and bat toys and empty boxes around when he is not stretched out sleeping. He is under two years old.


Leo is a handsome black silky kitten with an initially shy, but ultimately super friendly personality. Born May 2010, Leo is now 10 months old, neutered and in excellent health. This gorgeous boy lives in a foster home with several siblings and is more than ready for a permanent home to call his very own.


Our Leo is truly a young "lion". This is one handsome black silky kitten with an ultimately super friendly personality (though a bit shy at first). Born in May, 2010, Leo is now about 10 months old, neutered and in excellent health. This gorgeous boy lives in a foster home with several siblings and is more than ready to exchange his foster placement for a permanent home. Rescued in 2011.


Leo is a lover. He'll coo and call out for company, and when acknowledged, he'll flop down, ready for affection. Leo enjoys being held and cuddled. Along with his sweet side, this little guy loves to romp. Got a foil ball or a squeaky mouse? Leo's on it! Leo makes friends with dogs, other cats and, of course, he likes the company of his litter mates (Charlie, Sky & Rocco, also available for adoption). This pretty boy was born about mid-May. Rescued in 2013.


Leo is a 6 month old, very handsome and elegant orange tabby boy, sibling to Tessie, also featured. He is very sweet tempered, great markings and like his sister, just loves to play and have fun. Very affectionate, cuddly and sweet, Leo is neutered, in excellent health and up to date with all shots. To meet this charmer, contact Ilene at 510-290-1403 or email Rescued in 2015.

Leo and Shades

"Leo (male) and Shades (female) are two beautiful black sibling cats with sparkling eyes. Rescued by a Pet Rescue volunteer at the tender age of 5 wks old, and adopted soon after, Shades and Leo were returned to Pet Rescue 5 years later when their owner ran into financial difficulty. Shy at first, these two kitties will cuddle together like the brother and sister they are, but can be independent also. Leo and Shades can be adopted separately, would love to stick together if possible. Both Leo and Shades get along with other cats, people, gentle children and are very gentle kitties. KC Rescued in 2016.


What a great little guy. He is about 10 weeks old and very affectionate. Loves to have his belly rubbed. He is just a joy.


is an adorable 8 week old Tabby kitten. Playful, friendly and curious.


is an adorable 8 week old Tabby kitten. Playful, friendly and curious.


Sweet and adorable boy. Very affectionate. He is about 7 weeks old.


Lovely Lexi is a long-haired beauty. She is very rambunctious and curious and loves to climb and run. An affectionate cat who loves to be petted, Lexi will get into everything and all. In excellent health, Lexi is living in a home situation with two other cats. She does get along with the others, but loves to have all the attention in the world. Rescued in 2011.


Lexi is a beautiful long haired kitty, about 5 years old, who is extremely sweet and loving - loves to be petted. She would be best as an only feline. Rescued in 2015.


is an adorable 11 week old grey/white fluffy kitten. Playful, friendly and curious.


Libby, a two-year old, was found on the street with her two kittens who have been adopted. She's as beautiful as sweet. Her coat is a cloudy gray with touches of bright white. Libby is not only affectionate with people and other cats but she's good with dogs too.


This darling little tabby is friendly and playful. Raised with 4 other kittens, she is looking for a house full of fun and games as well as lots of love. About 12 weeks old Libby is UTD on her shots and ready for her forever home. KW Rescued in 2017.


Licorice and her brother Gumdrop are adorable Tabby kittens, about 3 1/2 months old. Sweet and playful.


is an adorable kitten, about 4 1/2 months old. He has a shiny black coat that glistens in the sun. His fur is very short and he looses almost no hair when you pet him. He is very happy and easy going. Gets along great with the other cats and dogs in his foster home. He is not as wild as some kittens his age. As soon as you start petting him, he starts purring.


Licorice is a sweet, yummy black senior cat with a quiet personality, who loves to eat! She was rescued from the streets and adored by her elderly owners, who unfortunately have each passed away. Living in a temporary foster home for the past 6 months, our sweet lady (as sweet as the candy she is named for) needs to find permanent digs where she will once again be adored. Please contact Barb, at to meet Licorice. Rescued in 2012.

Lightening sue

Lightening Sue is an 11 month old female spayed and up to date on her shots. She has the most beautiful markings and has a golden color to her coat. If you are dreaming of the purrfect companion please consider adopting Lightening Sue she will make your dreams come true. Contact ToniAnn 914-473-9279 or Rescued in 2016.

Lil Abner

Li'l Abner alerted his rescuer by crying loudly at her door. She fed him after that but got in touch with Pet Rescue when her landlady refused to allow him indoors. Li'l Abner is the most lovable boy. When we had to treat him for a sore ear, he objected a little but always let us do what was needed without a hint of a hiss or a nip. He has unusually large eyes in a big round head and a long lithe body and he loves to be hugged. We know he will be a wonderful companion to some lucky humans.


is an adorable 7 week kitten, playful and cuddly. As she is quite small, we are looking to place her along with one of her grey siblings.


Tiny Lila is a big ball of energy with a sweet heart-shaped face. Despite her petite size, she can hold her own in a race (like with her brother, Linus, also on this website) and is fast as lightening. Lila likes to explore furniture, the house, other animals ... and she's likely to pop up anywhere, often carrying a favorite toy. And how can one resist those big eyes? This cutie was born in early April. Rescued in 2013.


Lilac is a petite and elegant lady whose owner reluctantly has given her up for adoption because he is expecting a long stay in hospital. He took her out regularly for walks on a leash so she is very open for new experiences. Lilac is friendly and eager to be with people. A beautiful and great pet.


Lilac is a sweet lovable girl looking for a loving home. She was a great momma to all of her kittens who have now been adopted. Lilac gets along with other cats and loves to cuddle and is the perfect lap kitty. Just under a year old (as of 2/1/15) with gorgeous blue eyes, she is a real treasure. Rescued in 2015.


This sweet girl is very cuddly and loves to be held. She is not sure about other animals, but seems to tolerate them as long as they leave her alone. She much prefers humans and is just in heaven with any attention she can get.


This beautiful tuxedo is very sweet and friendly. Rescued in 2011.


Lilly was recently returned to Pet Rescue with heavy heart by her former owner whose marital situation no longer permitted him to keep her. He described this lovely tuxedo charmer as very sweet and affectionate, a true delight in his household. Adopted as a kitten from us, Lilly is 1 ˝ years old and in wonderful health. All Lilly wants now is a new home and owner to call her own.

Lilly and Baby

Lilly (a charming tabby) and Baby (almost all black) are two 9 year old cats in need of a new home as one of their humans is suffering from a very serious health issue. These two well loved cats are very good with kids and remarkably friendly and approachable. In excellent health, they have been spayed/neutered and raised indoors. Their human mother is looking for a loving home for her two kitties. She would love to place them together, but they can go separately if necessary. Please contact Lauren at to meet Lilly and Baby. Rescued in 2014.


Lilly and Freckles are two adorable 7 week old kittens.


is as sweet as sugar and has a purr like a motor boat. She's terribly loving and is happy just to be curled up in your arms. She's clean, soft and smells like a flower (honest)! She's leukemia negative. Loves other cats and dogs..(her surrogate Mom is a golden retriever!) She's just waiting for a loving home of her own!.


is an adorable 7 week kitten, playful and cuddly. As she is quite small, we are looking to place her along with one of her grey siblings.


is a 4 year old grey tabby with some Siamese personality. She is a bit timid at first, but once she is used to you, she will be your best friend. She prefers people over other pets and would do best as your one and only. She likes to snuggle her nose into a soft blanket on your lap and pushes her paw like a kitten. She does most of her talking in the morning and likes to be answered. She is spayed and declawed.


This female apoximately 1 year old cat is the sweetest most affectionate cat I have ever met. She follows me around the house, and just wants a lap to sit on and a belly rub. She was found trying to get into a school in the Bronx and a teacher picked her up and took her to the vet. She found out she was pregnant and we agreed to foster her throughout her pregnancy and the weening of her kittens. Unfortunately, she gave birth to one stillborn kitten. I took her for an xray to make sure she did not have any more kittens yet to be born, and after spending hours in labor and a car ride to the vet, she was purring on the xray exam table. The vet thinks she is a very special cat, and she needs a great home, as do I. My son and I are allergic and our allergies are acting up. She is fine with my 4 dogs, but they will not leave her alone, and I think she is miserable having them annoy her all day long.


Lily (her sister Geri was recently adopted) is a black beauty and a born leader. She is so very curious, with more than a touch of mischief in her dynamic nature. Lily has lost some vision in one of her eyes due to a ruptured ulcer, but that doesn't prevent this active, lively cat from making her way in the world. Lily is playful and loving and gets along great with other cats and dogs.


Lily is a lovely declawed gray tabby cat around 5 years old, with a sweet personality. She is very affectionate once she gets to know you, but initially a bit shy. We feel she might do best as the only feline in a household with adults or older children. Lily loves laying on top of her person while in bed, or on your legs if you are sitting down on the couch. She loves looking out the screen door in the summer, and will alert you when it's time for dinner. Lily is a very delightful kitty. In excellent health, Lily is up to date with all shots. Rescued in 2011.


Who is the cutest kitten in the world? Lily is! This adorable tuxedo kitten is about 8-9 weeks old - very sweet, friendly and playful.. Rescued in 2012.


Lily is a distinctive white cat with stripes, about 3 years old. This very loving cat is super playful and just loves to talk back to you! Living in a loving home with feline companion, Salvador, also featured on the website, Lily and Sal must find a new home as their humans face eviction if they don't. In excellent health, Lily is spayed and up to date with her vaccinations. To meet Lily, contact Shelita at or Rescued in 2013.


Lily is a lovely little kitty who is about 2 years old. A little shy at first, she is a talker and head bunts and loves her treats. CP Rescued in 2016.

Lily & Peanut

Lily and Peanut are adorable 8 week old kittens. They are all very sweet and friendly -- and love to play! Lily is a female tabby -- very sweet and playful. Peanut is an orange male kitten who is the runt of the litter. He loves to be cuddled and will fall asleep right on your chest. He has a very loud purrr and meows when you pet him, very cute.


Lindy, a 15 month old brown tabby was kicked out of her home when her owners decided they preferred to keep her kittens instead. One of our vigilant rescuers found Lindy cowering and very confused in the third floor hallway of a boarding house. Lindy comes from humble beginnings but she was neglected rather than abused and she is a lovely cat, friendly and affectionate, if a tiny bit shy to begin with. She loves attention and will repay any one who gives her a good home many-fold. She's great with other cats.


Handsome Linus should be called "The Ambassador". This happy little guy runs to greet everyone, whether they have two or four feet. He is very active and must have a playmate (like his sister, Lila, also on this website) to wrestle and chase. When he does slow down, Linus enjoys a warm lap to snooze on and loudly purrs his appreciation. He was born in early April. Rescued in 2013.


Lipton (born May 15) is the cutest little black kitten you'll ever meet. She is very well behaved and sweet. She is more reserved than her fearless siblings, so instead of wrestling all the time, she'll sit quietly with you as you both play with her toys. CC Rescued in 2016.


Lisa and her siblings are about 8 weeks old and just adorable! They are very sweet and playful.

Lisa's Kittens

Lisa's kittens are now down to one, Elvis. Elvis is mostly black with a small patch of white on his chest to add distinction. He loves to play and has the greatest time. So wonderful to watch him in action. Feel free to contact Lisa directly at to meet Elvis. Rescued in 2014.

Little Bang Theory Kittens

At 8 weeks old, Pennie and Priya are the sweetest little: Soft kitties Warm kitties Little balls of fur Happy kitties Sleepy kitties Listen to them purr purr purr!" Pennie and Priya may be adopted together or to a household with another kitten or young cat. sp Rescued in 2016.

Little Bit's Kittens

These 4 little lively kittens (born early May 2014) were born inside to a stray Mama cat. Roo (female) and Winky (male) are the two tuxedos with Inky (male) being all black, and Blinky (female) a black/white kitty. Sweet, affectionate, very playful and lots of fun describes this feline quartet. There's not a shy one in the group - they are all happy and friendly. Rescued in 2014.

Little Charlie

Little Charlie is as cute as they come. Playful and cuddly, he was 4 months old as of 8/15. An absolute love bug. This cutie is going to make some family very happy. bp Rescued in 2015.

Little D

Rescued from the streets of Yonkers, Little D is a charming tabby male who is very sweet and love belly rubs and cuddling. He is quite bonded to his brother Onyx and would like to be adopted with him. Rescued in 2014.

Little Jack

Little Jack is a member of a 5 kitten litter (Lilac's kittens). About 6 weeks old (on 12/15/2014), his siblings include Kelly, Clinton, Tommy, and Polly. All of these kitties are adorable and playful as can be. Little Jack has a special FEETure - he is polydactyl. Rescued in 2014.

Little Lady

Little Lady is a playful and affectionate 8 week old female kitten who was born late May 2015. Little Lady loves to play with her siblings, Louie and Lulu. Her favorite past time is chasing mice, cuddling and spending time with her human. Rescued in 2015.

Little Mindi

Little Mindi is a 10 month old black female kitten with deep copper eyes. She was found by a kind and caring person walking down the middle of the street skinny and starving. This super affectionate kitty loves life and is full of feline curiousity! She now resides in a great foster home where she get along well with the other cats, kids and dogs too. Rescued in 2014.

Little Priince

Make yourself a royal family with Little Prince. Perfect in every way, this highness loves your attention. Brave, bold and daring, Little Prince is never shy. He is also willing to share his rattle balls and fuzzy mice with a special family if you wish to take him home as these are his toys of choice. DF Rescued in 2017.

Little Rambo

One of Simone's litter of 5, Little Rambo is the largest of the litter. This handsome Tuxedo kitten with mittens was named after a famous movie fighter to give him a little boost of courage. He's very sweet and gentle, loves to roll around with his brothers and then fall asleep on a windowsill smelling the outdoors. He is 8 weeks old now (born end of March 2015). Rescued in 2015.

Little Romeo

This little male kitty was one of a litter of 5. His mom was brought in off the street just before Little Romeo and his siblings were born. The mom cat now has a permanent home. Little Romeo and his siblings, Cupid, Venus, Rose and Ruby are extremely playful and purr machines. Rescued in 2015.


is 3 years old. He was given up because his owner developed allergies. He misses being in a family, is very loving and gets along well with other cats. All shots, housetrained & neutered.


This picture perfect boy is about 4 months old and still a little shy. He will need a patient person to spend a little time with him. When he forgets his fears, he is just as loving as can be. He is exceptionally well behaved for a teenage cat.


Logan is a handsome male gray kitten with white mittens. He purrs so loud and sleeps in the funniest positions. Best of all, he loves belly rubs! Roll him over on his back and he will lay there purring up a storm! He is just adorable and is going to end up being a gorgeous cat. He loves hiding in boxes and pouncing on his siblings and mother by surprise--it is adorable! His mother Skky is also listed.

Loki and Thor

Loki (black) and Thor (black & white) are 2 adorable 7 week old brothers who are looking for a loving home. They are affectionate and sweet little boys and love to sit on your lap and purr. We'd prefer to have the 2 little guys adopted as a pair. If interested, please email or call the Pet Rescue phone line at 914-834-6955. Rescued in 2013.

Loki and Thor

Loki (black) and Thor (black & white) are 2 adorable 7 week old brothers who are looking for a loving home. They are affectionate and sweet little boys and love to sit on your lap and purr. We'd prefer to have the 2 little guys adopted as a pair. If interested, please email or call the Pet Rescue phone line at 914-834-6955.
Watch a video of Loki and Thor. Rescued in 2013.


is a beautiful 8 week old kitten. She and her siblings (Lara & Lance, also posted) are very playful, friendly and well-socialized.


is a beautiful Siamese girl. She is rather good with cats, but would prefer to be in a home without dogs. She is SUPER sweet. She's very cuddly, and all she wants is hugs and kisses! She meows when you come in the room, and sits down, waiting for you to pet her. She also LOVES belly rubs!! She adores being scratched under the chin, and behind her ears. She really likes to be picked up and loved. She'll just close her gorgeous blue eyes, and slowly fall asleep.


Lola, part Siamese, part American, has blue eyes and a beautiful silky coat divided between Siamese and pure white. But she is a family cat, not a prima donna. She is a real snuggler, loves to be held, and will be content to be an only pet. She was returned to Pet Rescue by a tearful family who had to give her up because the landlord objected to animals in his building. Lola was very good with everyone including their 8 year old girl.


Lola is an adorable tuxedo, about 14 weeks old now. Originally a bit shy, she has truly come out of her shell and is a very sweet and playful kitty. The last of her litter (her three siblings have been adopted), she would love to find that permanent home to call her own. Rescued in 2011.


Lola is a silky, soft short-haired black 2 year old kitty who now needs a new home. Her owners are moving to a residence where they cannot bring a cat and must sadly find another wonderful home for her. An indoor only cat, Lola is calm, sweet, gentle and very lovable. She can be very playful, but also enjoys independent time on her own. Her current owners feel she would do well with adults or a family with older children. Lola has not been exposed to other cats and dogs to know how she would react. Lola is spayed, has had her basic vaccinations and is in good health. To meet the lovely Lola, please contact John at Rescued in 2018.


This adorable 9 month (as of 6/16/16) old kitten was found in Yonkers by one of our volunteers. She is simply stunning in appearance and shows a strong Maine Coon mix. Lonnie can be as sweet as can be! Quiet, calm and very affectionate. She loves to be petted and will rub herself on you to ask for some more. She enjoys being with others and cuddling up to you. Lonnie is also independent and can quietly hang around you without always requiring attention. Residing now in a foster home where she gets lots of TLC, Lonnie is truly a wonderful kitten who is looking for her forever home. She is a great addition to any family. Rescued in 2016.


Lottie and her siblings are adorable 7 week old kittens. Adorable, playful and friendly.


This is Lotus (brown tabby). He is a loving, friendly, affectionate cat adopted from Pet Rescue with his brother just a little over a year ago as kittens by a loving woman whose landlord will no longer permit her to keep them. Lotus is a very people oriented, kid friendly cat who loves to cuddle. A little over a year old, his brother was recently adopted and now Lotus needs his own forever home. af Rescued in 2016.


Louie is a playful and affectionate 8 week old male kitten who was born late May 2015. Louie loves to play with his siblings Lulu and Little Lady. His favorite past time is chasing mice, cuddling and spending time with his human. ts Rescued in 2015.


Louie is a 4.5 month old kitten (as of 12/15/15). Very sweet and playful, he was put onto streets to fend for himself when his owners moved. Now looking for his forever home, Louie loves other cats and kids and would make a great addition to any family. bp Rescued in 2015.


Louie is a 7 month old Russian Blue mix kitten (born in September 2015) who enjoys kids, dogs and other cats. Sweet Louie must now find a new home due to allergies in the family that took him in. Louie is a beautiful cat who interestingly enough is just fascinated with the shower. He is very playful and gets along with young children (never once scratched or hissed at the owner's young granddaughter). Not yet neutered, Louie will soon be given the necessary kitten vaccinations by his current owners. To meet this gentle grey kitten, contact Maria at or 914/557-0234. 4/7/16 Rescued in 2016.


Meet Louisa. She is three years old, spayed and the sweetest girl! Louisa is an affectionate, easy going, gentle kitty. She is good with other cats and would flourish in a nurturing family. Louisa is located in Yonkers, New York and looking forward to a permanent, loving home. For adoption info please contact Kristin at Rescued in 2014.

Louise and Anna

These 8-week old kittens just came to us from Louisiana, hence their names Louise and Anna. They are sisters and are very healthy, happy, affectionate and playful. Currently with a foster family, these beauties are very good with children, litter box savvy, and love to play and relax just the same. Anyone would be lucky to have these little loves in their forever home. SB Rescued in 2017.

Lovely Luna

Lovely Luna merits her name. She is a curious and very pretty cat with a cute nose and striking green eyes. Like her pal, Skylar (also featured on our website), she is now enjoying life in a great foster home where she is around other cats, and even some dogs. She is a true sweetheart. Rescued in 2011.

Lover Boy

Lover Boy, velvety black with a very fetching white mustache, was reluctantly given up by a rescuer who found him on the street almost a year ago and managed to hide him from her landlord until recently. Now she visits him almost every at Pet Rescue to give him hugs and help him adjust to new people. He’s doing fine but needs a new home that will appreciate this gentle, big-eyed, handsome boy.


Lucas is a sweet 9 1/2 month old boy (as of 5/3/15), rescued in the Bronx. This kitten is very affectionate and gentle - a real joy to be around. If you like orange tabbies, please consider Lucas. Rescued in 2015.

Lucas & Matthew

This adorable little boy is only about 4 months old and around 16 lbs. Looks like a Wirehaired Terrier mix. He is very gentle and sweet. Loves to play and be around you. Please fill out an adoption application


Luci and her brother, Ari, are beautiful Siamese cats, about 5 years old. They were rescued from a hoarding situation where they lived their lives in a small cage. They are very shy but do enjoy being petted and are slowing coming out of their shell. Ari is a little less shy than Luci. With a little love and patience, these 2 will reward you with their hearts. Rescued in 2014.


My name is Lucia and I am a beautiful 7 year old tabby. I am shy at first, but very loving once comfortable. My mother is a single mom to a 3.5 year old boy who I like, but has developed asthma due to an allergy to cat dander. My mom is heartbroken at the thought of parting with me, but can't risk the health of her son. You can find out more about me by contacting: Caroline Andrews at or 646 696 6199 5/24/16 Rescued in 2016.

Lucille & Maeby

Lucille and Maeby lost their home because their single mama’s job now requires her to travel half of the year. They were very scared for the first few days in our place, but they soon decided we are okay. They now greet us eagerly and ask to be picked up. They are handsome bundles of silky cat, both torty combination with clear white. Two years old, they are a made to order pair for any home from a young family to a single person who goes to work all day.


is only about 10 months old and very playful. He loves to explore and is great with other pets. He has a favorite monkey (stuffed animal) that he carries around with him.
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Lucky is an adorable white kitten with hazel eyes, a spotted grey tail as well as a grey spotted head. She is about 4 months old and very sweet & playful. Her mom Penny is also listed.


This wonderful senior declawed cat is one handsome grey and white tabby with a sweet, gentle personality. About 11 years old, Lucky currently lives with his family (and another cat, Moose) who adore him and hate to let him go. But due to an unusual medical condition that their young child has developed, no cats can be in the household. Along with being declawed, Lucky is neutered, in excellent health, alert, curious and all in all, one great feline! Please call 914-244-3856 to inquire about Lucky. Rescued in 2012.


is a gentle kitten, 9 weeks old with striking tabby markings. Very happy, very good.


Lucy and her sister Brin are sisters and are being given up by a woman who is moving to a place where pets are not allowed. Both Brin and Lucy are calicos and both are friendly. Brin warms up to people quickly but Lucy takes her time. They have never damaged anything except for their toys and scratching posts. Brin likes to play and Lucy loves to sit around. They are 3-4 years old and need a new home as quickly as possible.


Lovely Lucy came to Pet Rescue when her owner moved into Senior Living and could not bring her seven year old feline friend with her. This warm hearted, kindly (medium-haired) calico will hang back at first and be a little bit elusive. But once she gets to know you, she will be your true, devoted companion.


Lucy is a beautiful fuzzy Tuxedo kitten, about 4 1/2 months old. She has the most adorable markings and is super sweet & playful. She purrs like a motor boat when petted and loves to plays soccer with her little toy ball. Lucy loves the company of other cats. This cutie will capture your heart! jl Rescued in 2016.


Lucy is a rescue cat who lost her home when her owner sadly became too ill to care for her. She is a quiet, gentle girl who is also quite affectionate! Lucy is about 3.5 years old (as of 9/1/15) and is fully vetted and spayed. She is currently in a foster home waiting to meet someone wonderful to take her home! sp Rescued in 2015.


Lucy is a super friendly kitty who was brought in with her kittens. The kittens are now own their own and Lucy is ready for adoption. This beautiful kitty loves belly rubs and is about a 1 year old. bp Rescued in 2016.


Lucy is about 18 months old (as of 2/17/17). She is a delightful short-haired tuxedo and cute as a button. She has always been very well taken care of and much loved - a very sweet and extremely affectionate kitty. Sadly the person she was living with passed away very suddenly in February which is why our sweet Lucy needs a new home. Lucy is a healthy, indoors only cat. She is spayed and up to date with all vaccinations. What she most needs now is a new loving home to call her own. To meet Lucy, please contact Barrie at 914-434-0417. 2/17/17 Rescued in 2017.


Lucy (sister of Larry and Lulu) is a tiny little girl with a a big heart. She loves to cuddle and sit on a shoulder, purring away. In her foster home, she lives with kids, cats, and dogs and loves them all. Lucy and her siblings must be adopted with another kitten or into a household with another kitten or young cat. JR Rescued in 2017.

Lucy & Midnight

These two babies are about 7 weeks old and are very playful and happy. They are shy around new people and will need a little time to warm up.


Luigi is an adorable white tabby kitten, about 9 weeks old. He is very sweet and playful. His sister Lola is posted too. Rescued in 2011.


II is a small (6 pounds), silky black 12-year old male, but you would never know it! He has the energy and charm and playfulness of a much younger cat. Luke is immediately curious, sweet and likes to sniff your face before he curls into your arms.
Unfortunately for Luke and Angus, their owner's life problems became overwhelming and warranted giving up his pets, and so they are being fostered until the right loving individual(s) come along. Both Luke and Angus had regular vet care from their early years, and have lived in apartments ever since. they are clean, polite and very, very affectionate. Ideally they can stay together. . .


Luke (Matt's brother, who is also listed) has beautiful, crystal blue eyes. He is partially blind, but sees well enough to play with toys and get around. He loves dogs and is good with cats too. He is about 2 1/2 years old. Although we would adopt them separately, we would love to find them a home together.


Luke (Skywalker) was named after the movie character for his ability to explore new places. Also one of Simone's litter, Luke was the first kitten to figure out how to climb out of his box and investigate his home in foster care since 3 weeks old. He's very gentle and friendly and loves nothing more than a busy day of playing and curling up in your lap for a nap. He is 8 weeks old now (born end of March 2015). Rescued in 2015.


Luke is one handsome 4 month old ( as of 9-16-15) tuxedo boy. Neutered and in excellent health, he is curious and playful and just lots of fun. With a cute little beauty mark on his nose, he is a darling. To meet Luke, please contact Karen at Rescued in 2015.

Luke & Leia

Luke is a male (orange tabby) and Leia is a female (tortoiseshell). These sweet, friendly kittens are about 8 weeks old and just adorable! They would like to find a home together. Their mom Hermione is also listed.

Luke Skywalker

is only 5 months old and very sweet. He loves to play with his toys and chase his siblings. He is extremely affectionate too.


Lulu and her sisters (Roxie & Trixie) were abandoned by their mother (who may’ve been killed), living under a building when a kindly carpenter saw them running into a nearby parking lot looking for food. Probable birth date is around May 1st. All females, tested negative and they are absolutely wonderful, playful, fun loving little babes! They are on a premium diet of Wysong canned and KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement formula). All three get along with the older cats in their foster home, even if the older cats don’t think much of them! Lulu is a bit shyer than her sisters, but continues to become more and more friendly and loves to be cuddled. She likes the sidelines more, where she can sit and be the gorgeous kitty she is.


Lulu is a love and has the most beautiful deep blue eyes. We think Lulu is a Bicolor Ragdoll because of her easy going personality and the overall description of that breed. She's very sweet and approx. 2 to 3 years old. She loves belly rubs, pets and sleeping next to you in bed. She's in a foster home with 5 other cats and 7 dogs. Though she really doesn't interact with them she shows no aggression toward them - she would rather be with her foster mom. She's been spay, shots, microchipped and came to us declawed.


Lulu is an adorable white tabby, about 8 months old and very sweet. Rescued in 2011.


Lulu is a playful and affectionate 8 week old female kitten who was born late May 2015. Lulu loves to play with her siblings Louie and Little Lady. Her favorite past time is chasing mice, cuddling and spending time with her human. Rescued in 2015.


Lulu (sister of Larry and Lucy) is a sweet little girl who loves to be brushed and cuddled. She lives with kids, cats, and dogs and thrives in all of the activity. She is ready to share her love with everyone. Lulu and her siblings must be adopted with another kitten or into a household with another kitten or young cat. JR Rescued in 2017.

Lulu (5th gen baby)

Lulu is one of five siblings from the 5th Generation group (Charlie, Gracie, Jasmine, Lulu and Sasha). She is a classic short-haired tabby and teacup small, may be the littlest of the group. Lulu loves playing with her sibs and tentatively exploring her surroundings. Lulu is a go-with-the-flow kitty. She tends to roll with her little tribe and is always happy, but can also be found entertaining herself in a corner with a fascinating toy. When she gets to be doted on, she is so appreciative and happy to receive all the love. If you’re looking for a kitten ready to be a best friend, Lulu is waiting to get acquainted with you. Lulu should be adopted with one of her siblings or to a household with another young cat. kw Rescued in 2016.


Luna is a beautiful all white Saimese mix kitten, with deep blue eyes, approximately 16 weeks old and weighs about 2.0 pounds. She's a sweetheart and a ball of energy, always enjoying new toys to play with (a simple ball and even a paper bag will be enough). Very curious and loves exploring. Excellent purrs and is often insistent on being petted and petted and petted. She enjoys playing and is in a home with dogs and cats. She's a love and very affectionate and you will enjoy watching her grow into an adult.


This young cat has the silkiest black fur you've ever seen. It just glimmers and shines. Luna is a real black beauty and a sweetheart to boot. In excellent health and up to date with all shots, she now resides in a foster home. Rescued in 2011.


Luna is a beautiful black beauty with fur so silky and soft. She is a gentle lady residing in a wonderful foster home with other cats and dogs. Rescued in 2012.


If you have a soft spot in your heart for black cats, Luna is a true black beauty, whose coat just shimmers and shines. She is as sweet as she is lovely, and in excellent health to boot. She resides in a wonderful foster home with other cats and dogs. Rescued in 2012.


Luna is a one year old female kitty. She is very well behaved and is very affectionate with her owner. She is good with other cats as well as dogs. Luna is a calm kitty and loves to be held. Rescued in 2014.

Luna (Gwen's Kitten)

Only sweet little Luna, a beautiful gray female Russian Blue, remains to be adopted from this gorgeous litter (her three siblings are now in their forever homes). Now about 13 weeks old, Luna is lots of fun, charming as can be and everything you'd want in a kitten. This little bundle of joy looks forward to moving to a home where there is another kitten or cat for her to play with, as she misses her siblings. To meet Gwen's Luna, please e-mail

Luna and Skyler

Luna and Skyler are adorable male and female siblings about 6 weeks old (born approx. mid-March, 2011). Luna is a lovely tabby with green eyes, while Skyler still sports those baby blues. The two kittens are calm and very friendly, and being socialized in a wonderful foster home. The duo love to play and keep each other wonderful company. It would be fabulous if they would stay together -- you will find them cuddling each other at any given time of the day. Rescued in 2011.


Lynne is the sister of Cara. They are both sweet and loving and are just waiting for Mr. and/or Mrs. Right.....