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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


India is a simply gorgeous calico female cat, approx. 6 years in age. Her owner is devastated to give her up for adoption, but he recently got a job abroad for three months with possible extension, and does not feel he can bring India with him. She is a delightful cat with a sweet, gentle personality. Spayed and up to date with all her vaccinations, India will make a wonderful feline friend for a loving new owner. To meet India, please contact Alfredo at Rescued in 2012.

Inga & Gray Baby

Inga and Gray Baby are 11-month-old sisters who not long ago were fending for themselves on the streets of Mount Vernon. They were rescued by an elderly woman who saw they were much too gentle and people-oriented to be living on their own. Now in a foster home, they are developing entertaining personalities and discovering they like dogs and other cats. Inga is full of energy and playful, and will lie on her back and gently bat a belly-scratching hand. She can also be counted on to crawl into your lap. She can make anything into a toy and would make a great play companion. Baby Gray is calmer and a little shy but they do love to tussle together. Baby Gray is blind in her left eye due to some sort of previous trauma (according to an eye specialist) but it doesn't bother her at all and she sees perfectly with her right eye. They think it would be great to be adopted together but are willing to split up if that means a great home.


Iris, a two-year-old bright calico (orange, white, and dark tabby) has enviable self-confidence. Having been abandoned on the streets does not make her feel any less of a high-born lady. When we put Iris' carrier in the group room, she didn't hesitate for a moment to step out to inspect the premises and the other cats. Iris may be too much of a Queen to be a companion for your lonely cat but if you want just one lively and affectionate friend, Iris would fit the bill.


Irving is a big, handsome boy -- very friendly and so sweet.


If you enjoy a warm ball of fluff in your arms, Isabel is the girl for you. She's beautiful, affectionate, and likes to be hugged. Solid Russian blue with green eyes, she does not stand on ceremony but warms up immediately and gets along with our other cats. She's perfect.


Isabella is a super sweet 2 year old female whose human family moved out of their apartment and left this cutie behind. Rescued by a kind person, she now resides in a foster home with other cats and dogs where she loves to give kisses to her foster people. Rescued in 2015.


If they were to ever have a cat lottery, Isabella would be the prize. Beautiful and sweet. She has the spiked ears, slanted eyes, and boxy jaw of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet. She adores people and will head butt or rub noses with you to show her affection. Purrs at the mere sight of a human. Isabella is calm by nature and very tidy. Not a great fan of having to share her humans with other cats. Lucky is the owner who gets to adopt Isabella! sw Rescued in 2017.

Isabella's babies

Raised by a wonderful, loving mother and foster home, this little crew is a furry bundle of happy! Almost 8 weeks old, Libby (female), Bo (male), Lido (male - adopted), Luna (female - adoption pending) and Jax (male)(clockwise from top right corner) are ready to find loving homes. How can you resist these little darlings? They are as sweet as they are cute. Please consider adopting two (or more) together, as it is always better (and actually easier) to have cats who are playmates. KW Rescued in 2017.


is a beautiful 2 year old light tortoise with splotches of white. She was left with friends of the owner and never reclaimed. The friends have cats who are not hospitable so Isabelle must find a good permanent home. She's a snuggler, playful, and loves people, would probably be most content as your one and only.


Ivan is a handsome boy, about 2 years old. This sweetie was abandoned and living outside until someone saw him limping and brought him to us. Our vet took care of his leg and now he races around, jumps with agility and has all the wonderful personality traits we love in our feline friends. He is one great kitty! To know him is to love him. Rescued in 2011.


is a sweet cat who is a little shy at first & about a year old. She is good with other cats, dos and even birds!