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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


Hal is a sweet, playful and friendly 8 week old (as of 10-7-15) kitten found under a car on a busy street. He is super sweet, loves to cuddle and play, play and play some more. Hal resides in a great foster home and is good with the other cats and dogs that are there. bp Rescued in 2015.


Halley is such a beautiful girl with pretty velvety fur and bright gold eyes. She is about a year old and very sweet & affectionate. Rescued in 2013.

Halo & Keilor

Halo (female) and Keilor (male) are adorable silver tabbies, about 6 months old. They grew up together and enjoy each other's company - they love to play and cuddle. We would love to find them a home together.


Hammy is a swirl tabby and white male kitten. He is part of a group of kittens rescued recently by our intrepid rescue volunteers. All four kittens (including Blueberry, Wendy and Austin) are about 4 months old as of November 14th and are very energetic and playful kitties. Rescued in 2014.

Han Solo

is a cute 5 month old kitten with unique markings. He's very affectionate, loves to play and gets along well with other animals. What a cutie!


is a very loving cat. Wants to be your companion. About 1 year old.


Hannah is one gorgeous torbie! That mix of tabby, tortie and calico is amazing. But this honey is not only beautiful, but has a warm and winning personality to boot. Hannah loves to be petted and will warm up to a friendly, tender touch in an instant. About 1 1/2 years old, Hannah gets along with other cats and we feel she will do well in a family. Rescued in 2013.


Hannah is an adorable kitten born on 11/12/13. She is in a loving foster home with her siblings and Mom. She is very sweet, friendly and playful. We'd love to see Hannah adopted with one of her siblings. Rescued in 2014.

Hans Solo

Hans Solo is a handsome and sweet two year old grey tabby. Thrown out of his first home by his owner who no longer wanted him, this gentle boy now resides in a foster home where he gets lots of TLC. He is neutered, up to date with all vaccinations and ready for a permanent home that will appreciate the wonderful cat that he is. EK Rescued in 2017.


When we picked Harriet up from the vet after she was spayed, the staff came out to say goodbye. They are all in love with her. Not only does she have a great personality but she is unusually beautiful with a coat that is a pale silvery-platinum with pink undercoat and a pink belly. Harriet likes people better than other cats so she will be perfect for a one-cat home. She does love attention so the more people to pet and play with her the better.

Harriet II

HARRIET II is an old fashioned girl, just a bit shy to start but loves to be held and will adapt to anyone who will be good to her. Like her brother and sister, Red and Snowbella, she was bottle fed and learned early to love people and other cats. And like them, she is a cuddler.


is a sweet 7 week old kitten who loves to play and romp around with his littermates.


Okay, okay, so I have a dirty nose. I don't mind. I am just a little young and still get dirty when I eat. I try to clean it all up. It is not that easy. But I am a very sociable little boy and love to talk and would love a home of my very own (preferably with one of my siblings).


Harry is a red tabby cat (with a name like Harry, what other color would he be?), large in size, but gentle in nature. About 1 1/2 to 2 years old, Harry was rescued from a colony of cats in Mamaroneck not far from Cablevision. We know he was once someone's prized pet, but now he is looking for a new forever home to replace the one he lost. He may have been forced to cope with the outdoors, but his heart is as an indoor cat whose owner would pet him, love him and delight in his purr! Rescued in 2011.

Harry Potter Kittens

Harry Potter and the Case of the Cute Kitties - - - Meet Hermione (adopted), Ron, Luna, Ginny (adopted), and of course – Harry! Almost 8 weeks old, this little tribe is ready to create magic in their future homes! Which one is casting a spell on you? Please remember that these sibs have bonded since birth, and want to be adopted together, so please think about which two wizards you would like! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HARRY - - - A handsome orange tabby, Harry has a gentle personality and like his namesake, is friendly and likable. The largest of the bunch, Harry is happy to thoughtfully let his siblings take the lead while he discerns the action and then joins in. Harry has a sweet, very quiet little meow that almost sounds like a chirp. You will be a good fit for Harry if you want a wise and wonderful companion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HERMIONE (adopted) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LUNA - - - With her lucid eyes peering at you, Luna is a bewitching little sweetheart. Because of her demure personality, you may be completely unaware that she has sauntered up next to you and would love some special time together. She is very happy go lucky and docile. Solid sleek black, Luna is a standout against the calico bouquet of her siblings. You will be a good fit for Luna if you want a friend to tell your best-kept secrets to. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RON - - - Beautiful orange and creamy white, this ginger is a total buddy, and is a curious, outgoing boy. Ron is often running alongside of the other alpha kitten, Hermione, to see what any new commotion is all about. After a caper-filled day, Ron will happily camp out in the hammock of your lap with dreams of Quidditch. You will be a good fit for Ron if you need a trusted friend to be by your side. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GINNY (adopted)- - - ----------------------------------- The Harry Potter Kittens can be visited at their foster home or on scheduled adoption events.(KW) Rescued in 2018.


and his brother Edward are gorgeous matching orange and white kittens. They are just beautiful with their sparkling blue eyes. Approximately 12 weeks old.


Hayden is an adorable kitten born on 11/12/13. He is in a loving foster home with his siblings and Mom. He is very sweet, friendly and playful. We'd love to see Hayden adopted with one of his siblings. Rescued in 2014.


Haze is an 8 year old, tuxedo cat, loving and smart. He is in great shape and has never had any medical issues. Haze misses his brother, who recently passed away, and would love to be in an environment where there is either another cat or an owner that is around frequently. Originally from California, Haze is an indoor cat currently living in New York City. He loves canned tuna and drinking water from a mug versus a bowl. He also enjoys sitting in the window and laying in the sun, but most of all he just likes to be in the same room with you or sleep next to you on the couch. To meet Haze, please contact Liz at 415-297-6210, or email her at Rescued in 2012.


Haze is an 8 year old, tuxedo cat, loving and smart. He is in great shape and has never had any medical issues. Haze misses his brother, who recently passed away, and would love to be in an environment where there is either another cat or an owner that is around frequently. Originally from California, Haze is an indoor cat currently living in New York City. He loves canned tuna and drinking water from a mug versus a bowl. He also enjoys sitting in the window and laying in the sun, but most of all he just likes to be in the same room with you or sleep next to you on the couch. To meet Haze, please contact Liz at 415-297-6210, or email her at Rescued in 2012.


Haze is a beautiful declawed Russian Blue mix, about four years old. He is very sweet and affectionate - keeps bumping you with his head for more scratches and rubs. If you like Russian Blues, you'll adore this gentle boy. Rescued in 2015.


Hazel is a young orange and white female kitty. She showed up at a feral cat colony during feeding time with a tight, tattered pink collar. Obviously and unfortunately, she had been someone's pet who was tossed away. Hazel is super sweet with a loud purr. She loves to be held and is very calm and gentle. Residing in a great foster home, she is exposed to other cats, dogs and kids. Rescued in 2014.


is a very attractive 2 year old male tabby. Sweet as can be!


is a sweet, playful female kitten. She's curious and loves to romp around with her brother Max.


is a gorgeous long hair kitten, about 12 weeks old. She is playful yet demure. She like to be petted and brushed & purrs as soon as you pick her up. She is a beauty!

Heather & Maizie

These sweet siblings, Heather (orange girl) and Maizie (calico girl) are a darling duo. They sleep, eat and play together. They are equally happy adding a human into the mix. Heather can catch a ball in midair and Maizie loves to help her foster mom tap on the iPad. A laser pointer is a favorite of both. They live by the motto; Pet, purr, play and repeat. A few treats on your lap for an energy boost is always welcome. Heather and Maizie are ready and waiting for their forever home. This charming pair will make your family complete. They are approximately 4 1/2 months old as of 10/29/18. (tb) Rescued in 2018.


a playful 6 month old has an unusually beautiful pale tortoise coat. She's very eager to be your friend and although she started out a little timid, she is becoming more loving every day. She's great with other cats and will make whoever adopts her very happy with her amusing antics, her affection, and her huge eyes.


Heidi is from the same litter as Eva, Oreo & Snickers. Adorable 10 week old kittens that love to play and romp around.


Helen is one of those natural beauties, a sparkling calico and very sweet. She was found on the street with Phoebe a tortoise calico but it is clear from their reaction to us that they once had a home. They love attention and stroking. Although Helen is a little shy when first approached, she has made fast progress in getting friendly so we’re sure she will be a real lover once she has her own people. She is about 8 months old.


is an adorable little baby girl, about 10 weeks old. She is very outgoing, sweet, cuddly and playful. She like to be with you and is not afraid of much.

Helen's Kittens

Two beautiful little kittens found with their mother in Mamaroneck are ready for their permanent home. Pippa (a/k Cleo) is a sweet black kitten who can hold her own with her brother and other cats. Her initial shyness quickly yields to her playful nature. She loves to explore and finds adventure everywhere, until it's time to snuggle. Her brother Beckham (a/k/a Milo) is a handsome gray and white tabby with great moves with anything rolling on a floor. He is all boy yet so very affectionate and loves to take time out for kisses. One look into his big eyes and you will fall in love. To meet these kittens (born in June, 2014), please contact Helen at Rescued in 2014.


Helena, a 3 year old beautiful soft gray tabby, will fit into almost any family. She¹s sweet, likes to be stroked, to cuddle in your arms, sit on your lap. She¹s content to be quiet, is not demanding. She will stay near you but is not likely to sit on the newspaper you are trying to read. Come to think of it, she will make a perfect pet for someone who lives a quiet life and doesn¹t have a whole lot of other pets.


It's only superlatives for our Hemingway! This 6-toed kitty is approx. 5 months old and enjoying feline life in his foster home. An ash brown tabby, he is super alert, very affectionate, excellent with other cats and dogs. Hemingway would make a wonderful family cat, as well as delight a single or couple. He loves to be held and is extremely fun. Hemingway is simply awesome.


Henrietta is a pint sized kitty well on her way to becoming quite the mush cat. About 3 months old now (born early July, 2014), she resides in a foster home and is learning about all the nice things that come with being with people. She loves to be picked up and held, and has just discovered treats taste good and toys can be fun. Her favorite pastime is a feather swinging from a stick. She's come nose-to-nose with dogs and she's been fine with other cats too. Henrietta would prefer a quiet home where she can be the center of attention. Rescued in 2014.


is a handsome 9 week old kitten. Playful, loving and just adorable!


Henry is an adorable kitten born on 11/12/13. He is in a loving foster home with his siblings and Mom. He is very sweet, friendly and playful. We'd love to see Henry adopted with one of his siblings. Rescued in 2014.


Henry is one handsome two year old male cat with beautiful pale orange/white coloring and sparkling eyes. He is a friendly, playful kitty who loves to be close to his human. Sadly, his owner can no longer care for him and must now find a new loving home for this dear boy. Henry is neutered and up to date with all vaccinations. To meet this special cat, please contact Stacie at 917/383-7542, Rescued in 2015.


Henry is a wonderful, loving, playful, childlike 10 year-old Balinese (long haired Siamese) male cat in need of a new home. He will make a wonderful companion for a quiet home with folks who are present more than we are and without small children. He has not been the same since we expanded our family recently with a 2 year old and now a 2 month old plus a move! He is like a little kid himself and LOVES attention. A big time lap cat, a mush, who will let you do anything to him. He is long and lean and flexible like a ferret! Unfortunately a foot break last year and arthritis at an early age this year has has lower back/back legs compromised-- so he does limp-- which makes it hard for him to escape our little ones quickly enough. Other than that he is extremely affectionate and a goofball and will purr you to sleep. He just craves attention and will not leave your side. Perfect for a single or retired person with lots of time and love to give. His nickname is "Gumby" for how flexible he is/was. Please help me find him a good home. I can be contacted at 917-439-7306 or at Rescued in 2017.

Henry & Sisters

Henry, Henrietta and Harriet are about 8 weeks old and very playful. The have long and soft fur. They are used to being around other cats and dogs.

Hercules and Achilles

These two 8 year old boys are losing their home. Hercules is very affectionate and craves attention and touch. Achilles loves to steal food and hide it from Hercules. They both like to play fetch with bottle caps and love to ran after the laser pointers. Achilles is extremely clean, always grooming himself. Hercules will eat out of your hand, sit in your lap and sit on your shoulder (like a parrot). They both enjoy looking out of the window at the birds and squirrels, and love bathing in the sunlight. We want them to be adopted together, as they have been with each other since birth. They rely on each other greatly and would be quite traumatized if they were separated. Please contact Robert Spina at 516-698-0107 if you are interested in the 2 wonderful kitties. 10/16 Rescued in 2016.


is a sweet 7 week old kitten who loves to play and romp around with her littermates.


Hermione is a beautiful girl, about a year old. She is very calm, sweet and friendly. Her 2 babies (Luke and Leia) are also posted. She has been a terrific mother and deserves a loving home of her own.


Hershey is an adorable female kitten, about 3.5 months old as of 1/29/16. She is very sweet, playful and well socialized. KH Rescued in 2016.


Hillary, a 5 year old female, was adopted from us as a kitten but returned about 2 weeks ago because her owner was moving to Ohio and couldn’t take Hillary with her. She’s started adjusting to life at her foster home and is a delightful cat. Her first owner certainly had no complaints and said she would be very much missed.


Hillary is the perfect best friend. This young adult exotic spotted tabby just wants to be close to you, but does not need constant attention. She is SO happy just to have a companion. Rescued from a high crime area, she now resides in a foster home where she gets lots of affection, enjoys playing with toys, and shares watching TV and even meals with her human companions. She wants to sit on the desk next to the computer, or on the windowsill, as long as she can be close to her foster parents. This darling appreciates every moment and is gentle, sweet and curious. Hillary is in excellent health, spayed and up to date with vaccinations. She would do well as either a single cat or in a multi cat family. Please call foster mom Ellen at 917-543-6092 or email to meet Hillary. Rescued in 2013.


Holiday is a very cute male black and white kitten. He has very intereting markings and a wonderful personality to match. He is a very curious kitten, he is always exploring new things and is a very daring little boy. He loves being petted and cuddled and is a very loud purrer. Holiday will be the perfect pet for anyone.


is a very sweet cuddly kitten, about 14 weeks old. She is friendly and has a very soft and silky coat. She is the perfect combination of being playful yet loves to snuggle.


Holly is a beautiful and unique all white 10 year old cat with some Siamese in her ancestry. She is super sweet, very friendly, lovable and a wonderful house cat. Unfortunately, her owner's health is failing and he can no longer care for his beloved kitty. To meet this special cat, please contact Pet Rescue and we will connect you with Holly's family. Holly is in excellent health and up to date with all vet care. Rescued in 2014.


Holly is the sweetest, softest dilute calico you will ever meet. This kitty is friendly, lively, gentle and sociable - the complete package in one petite feline body. Just under a year old, she still has much of the kitten about her and will amuse with her leaps and bounds. A resident of our Kitty Cottage, she does get along with other cats.(KC) Rescued in 2018.

Holly's Kittens

Holly's kittens are now down to two females (the two boys were adopted 7/26/14). These two girls are sweet little bundles of fur who were very recently rescued from the outdoors after their mom was no longer with them. Living in a foster home, the two girls (born early June) are incredibly cute and affectionate, in excellent health and soon ready for a new permanent home. The girls are a a long-haired calico and a long-haired grey. Rescued in 2014.


is about 6 months old and just the sweetest kitten out there. If you pick him up he tends to settle right in. If he is playing, he plays very gentle. He is a big purring machine and takes any oportunity to show his purr off. He is used to other cats and dogs from his foster home.


Senior seeking Senior
Honey is a beautiful female tabby with a soft silky coat. Her owner just passed away and she is left looking for a place to live out her twilight years. She doesn't ask for much except for a warm place to lay her head, an occasional back rub and a few toys to play with. She has been to the vet recently and received a clean bill of health. She is affectionate yet not pushy and would prefer a home without other pets. Honey is a sweetie and around 12 years old.


Honeybee has the coloring of a bee but that¹s where the resemblance ends. She has a beautiful fluffy coat and a sweet compliant personality. She will get along with any other cat so long as she is not teased. Honeybee was a pampered cat for eight years (since she was a kitten) until her owner went to a hospital recently. She will grace any family that respects her dignity.


Houdini's dob is 8/13/09. She and her litter mates (Chauncey, Darby & Camille) are also available. Houdini is fast and funny! She is a great escape artist so you have to be quick. She loves playing with her litter mates, dogs and, well, anyone who's interested in play. Houdini may be the smallest in the litter but she is feisty. When the playtime is over, she is content to cuddle in your lap and doze.


Houston is an adorable kitten, about 8-9 weeks old. Very sweet and playful.
Thank you Hayley Mineard for sponsoring me!


Hudson is a very handsome 8/9 month old (as of 10/15/18) kitten with attractive black on white markings whom all our Kitty Cottage volunteers dote on. He is the most adorable of kitties and just loves to be picked up and held. This boy is friendly, lively, alert and full of fun and games. His antics will enchant you and keep you laughing. We feel he will be a great kitty for a family. Hudson resides at our Kitty Cottage and can be visited there during our Open Houses. To meet him, is to want to pick him up and take him home. Rescued in 2018.


Huggy is a super friendly, super snuggly, super naughty and super sweet young boy! He is a real purr machine up for any adventure - playing, snuggling on your lap, wrestling with a large dog's tail, whatever. It's hard to believe how sweet this boy is. He is just under a year now and he is in great health, neutered and up to date on shots. Huggy is a very social kitty who adores his cat and dog friends. He would love to be in a home with other pets. To meet Huggy, please contact Bonnie at 914-382-2578 or at Rescued in 2014.


was given to us by a man who doted on him but who lost his apartment. Hugo is a big beautiful tabby and white male with a pink nose. Just 15 months old, there will be no problem in his adapting to a new home although he might start out just a little hesitant for a few days.


is about 3 years old and very loving. He was given up by his owner who was not allowed to have a cat in her apt. A big, gorgeous orange cat with a big appetite!


Huxley is a beautiful orange and white kitty who is super sweet and gentle. He kept trying to hide when we took his picture. He is very confused after losing his home - now he has to start over and doesn't know what to make of it. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He has gorgeous markings and is just a wonderful kitty! Rescued in 2013.