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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


Gabby, the Tabby, is a sweet 1 year old from Port Chester. She was given up by a family who never got her spayed. She had kittens, which the family kept, but gave her to us. She is very loving and likes to eat people food. She has the most gorgeous green eyes you've ever seen.


Gabby is a beautiful and friendly 2 year old Tuxedo. She is very affectionate, social and playful. She is friendly with other cats and would love to find a home of her very own. Rescued in 2014.


Gabby is a beautiful grey/white kitty, about 1.5 years old. She is very friendly, sweet, expressive and loves to have a conversation with you. She will put a smile on your face! Rescued in 2015.


was given up by a woman moving out of state. She is a friendly cat, about 3 years old. She loves to sit on your lap for some petting. Gets along with other cats too.


Gabrielle is strikingly pretty with her glossy black coat and light copper eyes but no high-maintenance princess here! She is delightfully low-key, but she can always be located by her loud purr. An affectionate scratch behind the ear, a warm place to nap, some toys and Gabby is content. She likes hanging out with her humans and litter mates (also available for adoption: Dax, Desmond, Chantilly & Desiree), showing everyone how relaxation and playtime should be balanced. Gabrielle is good with other cats but uncertain of dogs as she has only recently been introduced. This gentle sweetie was born around early Oct. Rescued in 2014.


This sweet little girl is very smart and loves to play. She also enjoys being petted. She is about 9 weeks old and much smaller than she seems in the photos. She is a real pretty girl. Rescued in 2012.


is a sweet 4 month old female. She's adorable with a little white smudge on her chest. Happy and playful. She is very affectionate and gets along with other cats.


Galadreil is an adorable male kitten, about 8 weeks old. Very sweet and playful. Rescued in 2014.


Sweet Gale is an adorable 3 month old kitten (born approx. mid-October 2014) that was brought in from the freezing cold by one of our volunteers. This cute silver tabby boy is a real lover and snuggler and a big purring machine. Gale has tested positive for FIV, which very possibly could just be maternal antibodies, which he could outgrow. He will make whoever adopts him very happy. Rescued in 2015.


COMING SOON - Gandolf and his twin sister, Whisper appear to have a fair amount of russian blue history. Whisper has very unique soft fluffy hair and her brother Gandolf has smoother fur, they are both independent and confident kittens. They are both active climbers and would enjoy a platform stand. The look with their gray green eyes is extremely exotic. Gandolf needs to be adopted with one of his siblings (Whisper, Phantom, Ripley, Dove, Spencer) or to household with other pets. VC Rescued in 2016.


Garfield is a big, handsome boy with round, gold eyes and a pink nose. He is very sweet and friendly. Rescued in 2012.


Garfield deserves his very special feline name. He is a great cat who would love to be your one and only cat in the household. This handsome orange tabby is warm and friendly to the humans in his life, with a delightful personality. With his gold eyes, cute little nose and winsome personality, he is a charmer. If you only want one cat in your life, meet Garfield. Rescued in 2012.


This 10 month old gentleman is the best cat ever. His family loved him dearly but were forced to place him up for adoption because their child became highly allergic to him. He is sweet, friendly and affectionate and cuddled up in his foster moms arms within a few hours. He is great with dogs, cats and children. Any family would be lucky to have this little treasure in their home BS Rescued in 2018.


This 10 week old kitten is very outgoing and is more like a puppy. He is gregorious, playful and very friendly. He is not scared of anything and is in a foster home with other cats (that don't want to play with him to his dismay) and dogs.


is an adorable 7 week kitten, playful and cuddly. As he is quite small, we are looking to place him along with one of his orange siblings.


Gary is a gorgeous guy with extra toes. Cats with extra toes are considered to be good luck and this guy has 6 on each of his big white front paws. He also has an extra big personality - he rolls over the minute you look at him, purrs like an engine and plays like a kitten. He is white with tabby stripes and has big expressive eyes. Gary would prefer not to share his person with other pets so if you want a one and only, he's perfect for you.


Gary is a 4 1/2 month old male kitten as of 11/6/15. His full time job is playing and he can entertain himself with a paperclip or whatever else is handy. Gary just loves everyone. Considering that Gary had a very rough start in life, he is very good-natured and happy go lucky little guy. This kitty would be a wonderful addition to any home and a great companion to another cat. bp Rescued in 2015.


This adorable female kitten is about 7 weeks old on 10/19. She is very sweet, playful and just adorable! (Foster: Maryanne)


Gemma lost her home when her owners decided that her meowing during the car ride to their weekend vacation home was getting annoying. This 4 year old gal is an absolute doll and a dream of a cat. She is affectionate, social, easy going and very well mannered. She especially enjoys drinking water from the faucet and getting cozy in a lap. She is EXCELLENT with DOGS, YOUNG CHILDREN and CATS. BS Rescued in 2017.


George and his sister Gracie are about 11 weeks old. These adorable siblings are sweet and playful.


George and his siblings are about 10-12 weeks old and just beautiful. They are still with their Momma and are playful, happy kittens.


George is an adorable little guy, about 7 weeks old. He is playful, snuggly and as sweet as can be!


George is losing his home! This 5 year old neutered tuxedo cat's life has changed since his human grandfather passed away and his human mom can no longer care for him. He is one cool cat, with a great personality who enjoys being the top cat in the household. He loves to play and enjoys humans who want to play with him, especially with those fun toys on a string that he can catch. He is in excellent health and will fit in nicely with a couple or family. Though primarily an indoors cat now, he has been indoors/outdoors in the past. To meet this special kitty, please contact Bully Baby Rescue at and mention George. 6/9/16 Rescued in 2016.

George & Abe

George & Abe are 2 adorable brother kittens, about 6 weeks old. They are simply darling - playful and very sweet.

George Bush

This is George Bush. He was found wandering a 2nd floor fire escape where 4 women worked in Port Chester and wandered in to their office. Friendly, starved for food and affection, they took care of him until he went to Pet Rescue. Now at our Kitty Cottage,  George is affectionate, calm, loving and HANDSOME! Take him home!!! kc Rescued in 2017.


Georgia is an adorable grey tabby whose favorite toy is her stuffed ducky. Sweet and friendly girl. Rescued in 2011.


GEORGIA is a female calico. She is 6 months old. She will sit in your lap and purr and likes to play with her brothers and sisters. She is more confident when around them. Georgia will do better not being around young children because she gets startled easily. Rescued in 2014.


Georgie (feline pal of Dora, also featured on this website) is a 5 year-old tabby that was rescued as a feral kitten by his current owner. Sadly, due to allergies, Georgie (and Dora) must find a new home. Georgie has grown into the most loving, gentle cat that loves being petted. He loves to cuddle and nap with his pal, Dora. Georgie has lived with young children, but has not been exposed to dogs yet. Georgie is in excellent health, neutered and up to date with all vaccinations. To meet this special boy, please contact Erica at or Steve at Rescued in 2013.


Germaine is a beautiful Maine Coon mix who is about 7 months old (10/26/15). This poor kitty was left in a tiny carrier outside of a church. Of course she was petrified The manager of the local city shelter told the rescuer that she should have left her there and refused to help her. Luckily, she is now safe and happy in her Pet Rescue foster home. Super sweet and lovable and great with the other cats, Germaine is ready for her forever home. bp Rescued in 2015.


is an elegant Russian Blue male with a soft silky coat, about 2 years old. He has an adorable splotch of white on the tip of his tail and on his chest. He is friendly with people and other cats. He would do best in a home with older children and a quiet household. He enjoys being petted and is just a pleasure to have around. He is like another person in the house.


Ghost is a very lively, friendly, fun loving primarily silky black cat with white tufts in his ears. This charming boy is non-stop play. Dangle an interactive toy near him and watch him go for it! He is sweet and sociable and will make for a wonderful family kitten. About 3.5 months old (as of 10/28/18), his 3 siblings have all been adopted. Now it's Ghost's time to find his forever home. (mb) Rescued in 2018.


With her blue-grey coat and long, slim face, we feel exotic Gia has both Russian Blue and Siamese ancestry. She is a mellow cat with a calm personality who enjoys being petted. Gia was found pregnant, and gave birth to her kittens at our Cat Place. The kittens were adopted, Gia has been spayed, and is now ready for a permanent home all her own. Rescued in 2012.


GIA, female, 14 weeks old (as of 10-2-18) Gia is the most affectionate kitten. If you like purring and kneading then this is the kitten for you. Gia just wants to be with you and shows her gratitude with joyous and endless kneading. There's nothing more relaxing than having Gia on your lap, it's like a mini-massage! When Gia isn't 'in the zone' she acts like a normal kitten full of vim and vigor. She loves to play and jump and is so much fun to watch! This 'dilute' calico is one of the most endearing kittens ever! (sm) Rescued in 2018.

Giants Kittens

Here come the Giants Kittens! Named for Giants Stadium where this trio (now a duo as Beckham, the tabby, was adopted) was found. We have Eli (female) and all black and Apple (female) black with white ear tips. 9 weeks old (as of 8/22/17), these kittens are little cuties with spunk and style. Rescued in 2017.


is an adorable 7 week kitten, playful and cuddly. As she is quite small, we are looking to place her along with one of her orange siblings.


Gidget is the sweetest girl and as smart as can be. She is very playful and loves to be petted. She is about 9 weeks old and much smaller than she looks in the photos. Rescued in 2012.


Gil and his brother Phil are adorable Tabby kittens, about 4 months old. Sweet and playful.


Gil the little gray, long haired fluff-ball was born on July 22, 2007 and is just as cute as can be. He gets along great with the other cats and dogs in his foster home. He loves to play with his toys and is very friendly and outgoing. Gil is quite the little acrobat, running and jumping across the furniture and into your lap! He would make a great addition to any home.


Gilda (sister to Gretchen on this website) was born in April 2014. She is a super affectionate kitten and loves to play, cuddle and purr up a storm. She is also a talker who will keep you engaged. Her foster mom feels she will do well with dogs too. Rescued in 2014.


Gillian is a lovely 7 year old, spayed and declawed (front paws), cat. This is one sweet and playful lady who has been much loved by her current owner, who unfortunately has to give her away. Gillian is in excellent health, up to date with all her shots and prefers to be indoors only. Please contact eugenie at 914-262-7575 or email her at to meet this angel. Rescued in 2011.


Gimpy is a handsome tuxedo cat all dressed up to go to a party in style. This 2 1/2 year old cat is fun, playful and completely adorable. He currently resides in a home with his feline companion, Willie (also featured on the website) and must now find a new home as his young owner is on his way to college. Gimpy is in excellent health, neutered and up to date with all vaccinations. To meet Gimpy, please contact Allen or Mary at Rescued in 2013.


is small and slender, almost all black on top and all white underneath. When she turns over to have her belly stroked, you think you have another cat, the color flip is so sudden. When we found Gina outside, she was pregnant and soon had a litter. Her kittens adopted, she was spayed, is free of dependents, and ready to go into a loving home. She is fine with the cats in our group home but is much happier to have humans for herself. Then her whole playful self comes out.


Gina is a very loving girl who loves to be petted. She is a petite girl with a big heart. Rescued in 2011.


Gina is an adorable slender Torbie, very sweet and friendly, who loves to be petted. Rescued with her sister, Grace, she is a special kitty who would love to cuddle up to one very fortunate human. Rescued in 2011.


Gina Gina is a two year old light tabby female, rescued from a hoarding situation. She is sweet, very friendly and truly enjoys human company. She is now being fostered and is receiving the good care and attention she needs until a permanent loving home is found for her. Rescued in 2011.


is a beautiful petite girl who is very sweet and loving.


Misty (a/k/a Ginger) is a lovely gray kitty (born in 3/10)with a touch of white who shares her foster home in the Bronx with several other cats. Spayed and in excellent health, Misty has overcome her minor disability (she is missing the right back leg from the elbow down) and is as happy a kitten as you could imagine. To meet this sweetheart, please contact


Ginger is a sweet, adorable calico, about a year old. Rescued in 2011.


Ginger, about 1 year old, is the sweetest calico you've ever seen. This charmer will win you over with her beautiful calico looks, and the beauty within. She is gentle and friendly, and will make for a wonderful feline companion. Rescued in 2012.


Ginger is a declawed handsome, sweet and cuddly 5 1/2 year old orange tabby in need of a new home. His current human raised him from a little kitten and loves him, but due to circumstances beyond her control she can no longer be his pet parent. She mentions that Ginger is very bright and a pleasure to be with. To meet Ginger and learn more about him, please contact Kerin at Rescued in 2015.


Ginger is such a pretty girl. She is a little reserved at first but warms up quickly. She loves to play and enjoys being petted. She starts her purring motor and becomes a mush. Ginger does have a touch of asthma and wheezes at times. Otherwise she is in good health. KC Rescued in 2016.


Ginita is a two year old light tabby female (born in 2009), rescued from a hoarding situation. She is sweet, very friendly and truly enjoys human company. She is now being fostered and is receiving the good care and attention she needs until a permanent loving home is found for her. Rescued in 2011.


Giselle is a stunning 2-3 year old tortie and a very brave mama who had her kittens in a mechanic's garage. She did a terrific job of nurturing them, and now it's her turn to be loved and nurtured in a quieter home. Giselle is a little shy, but enjoys having someone around to talk with her. She is a conversationalist who rolls, purrs and chats back when spoken to. She loves to have her ears and chin scratched. If possible, she would like to be adopted with her kitten, Quincy (a red/white tabby on our website), as they are very bonded. Giselle is spayed and up to date with all shots. Rescued in 2011.


Gizmo is a gorgeous 9 week old red tabby and it looks like he'll be a medium hair. He's very playful and curious and loves to jump up on your lap. He would love to be adopted out with another kitten or into a household with another cat.


This sweet little boy seems to be mostly Siamese. He is very playful and affectionate. He is about 9 weeks old and still much smaller than it seems in the photos. Rescued in 2012.


This adorable boy looks to be mostly Siamese. he is not only handsome, but also very affectionate. He loves to climb on you and sit on your shouder. He loves to explore and play, play, play. he is about 9 weeks old and much smaller than he seems in the photos. Rescued in 2012.


This adorable little boy is as sweet as can be. He is a very gentle little boy and plays quietly. He still startles easily, but is coming out of his shell nicely. He purrs like a little motor. He is about 11 weeks old. Rescued in 2015.


is an adorable 9 week kitten, playful and cuddly.

Godiva & Lilly

Godiva (declawed tortie) and Lily (black & white) are two darling cats who must sadly find a new home. Their current owner loves them dearly but due to a major life change can no longer provide them with the care they merit. Godiva is about 6 years old, playful, gorgeous and very affectionate. She gets along well with dogs and other cats. Lily (about 3 years old) is well-behaved, friendly and along with Godiva, loves to sleep with their owner's dog. Godiva is spayed, declawed and up to date with vaccinations. Lily will be spayed shortly and given all necessary feline shots. To meet these two special kitties, please contact JoAnn at Rescued in 2015.


Gomer is a big sweet lug of a cat who's been a true survivor. Dumped on the streets a year ago when his owner moved, he made it through the winter living on his own, thanks to a neighbor's porch and a good samaritan who brought food a couple times a week. Now safe in a foster home, this three-year-old sweetie has once again found his comfort zone. He thrives on human attention and has an endearing habit of giving a loud meow every time he thinks he might be lucky enough to get a head rub. Despite being the largest cat in his foster home, he is not at all pushy and mixes well with the resident cats, as well as dogs. Rescued in 2011.


This handsome Russian Blue mix waltzed into a garage in Brooklyn recently, rubbed against a friendly human leg and has been living in the family's basement ever since, as their own cat and dog were not thrilled to meet him. Goober adores everybody and everything: cats, dogs, people and Nike High Tops. This boy is neutered, 8 years old and supernaturally sweet. No one knows how this gentle creature found himself wandering the streets of Brooklyn, but he will be let back out on the streets if a new home can't be found ASAP. Please call 718-965-1526 to meet this wonderful kitty! Rescued in 2012.


Adorable 7-8 week old kitten, very playful and sweet.


Grace is a delightful young gray and white kitty who shares a foster home in the Bronx with several other young cats. This sweet charmer is spayed, in excellent health and has had all the necessary shots and vaccinations. To meet Grace, please contact


Grace is an adorable Torbie with beautiful markings. Sweet and friendly, this 6 year old cat has just the right amount of spice in her personality to make her something special. She loves to be petted and is a special kitty who would also love to cuddle up to one very fortunate human. kc Rescued in 2011.

Grace (Tuxedo)

Grace is a super pretty 15 month old tuxedo cat with really cute markings and an even more adorable personality. She is an ideal companion. Affectionate, super playful, intelligent, humorous, respectful of your space (she won't sit on your books or computers). She loves to play at a moment's notice, has a very mellow and playful temperament with a gentle nature. Grace currently resides in Manhattan with her human, who sadly cannot keep her due to progressively worsening allergies. Grace would do best as the sole cat in her new home. She is spayed, in excellent health and will bring her new owner lots of joy, fun, humor and affection. To meet Grace, email Rescued in 2012.


is a playful and energetic 3 year old. She adores spending time with you - her one and only! Perfect pet if you only intend to have one cat. She will accompany you on your chores around the house, play nearby while you're at the computer or on the phone, and snuggle next to you when it comes to bedtime. While she gets along with one senior male in her foster home, she really does not want competition for your love, she will give you all of hers. A great cat!


Gracie and her brother George are about 11 weeks old. These adorable siblings are sweet and playful.


Gracie, now about 1 1/2-2 years old, is soft as silk and loves to be stroked. A truly independent feline with personality plus (and a mischievous streak), Gracie is energetic, very lovable and ready to be a great companion in a home with people who will enjoy her playful and affectionate nature.


Gracie is approx. 7 years old. She is a sweet, adorable cat. She loves to rub up against your legs and especially rub her head with your toes. She will kiss your feet, literally. Gracie loves kids, dogs and other cats. She may be shy at first but will be your best friend. This is a courtesy listing, please email for more information.


Gracie is an adorable and super friendly kitten, born on 6/16/15. She is playful, happy and too cute for words. Rescued in 2015.


Gracie is an adorable and super friendly kitten, born on 6/16/15. She is playful, happy and too cute for words. mn Rescued in 2015.

Gracie (5th gen baby)

Gracie is one of five siblings from the 5th Generation group (Charlie, Gracie, Jasmine, Lulu and Sasha). A heather gray tabby with hints of amber, Gracie is super soft and that could also be said when describing her personality. Originally shy and timid at times, Gracie absolutely melts into someone she trusts. She will nuzzle her body into your embrace and seems to truly appreciate what it means to be rescued. You will be a good fit for Gracie if you can appreciate her need to trust and want an absolute little tenderoni. She’s a doll. Gracie should be adopted with one of her siblings or into a household with a young cat. Rescued in 2016.


Grayson is a black and white kitten who was born at the end of August. She is a little quiet at first but don't let that fool you. Once she starts playing with her brother Patchy, it's a real show. She also loves being on your lap so you get the best of both worlds. Fun AND loving. Rescued in 2014.


Grayson is a simply delightful and super sweet long-haired cat with possibly some Maine Coon in his heritage. This handsome grey tabby boy is approx. 2 years old, and a warm, fuzzy-wuzzy type of kitty who is easy to fall in love with. His engaging personality wins over all our Kitty Cottage volunteers. To be considered for adoption of Grayson, please complete our Pet Rescue online cat application. Rescued in 2018.


Greg and his sister Josie are adorable little 11-12 week old kittens who would like to find a home together. They are sweet, playful and snuggly.


Gregory is a handsome kitty, about 1 1/2 years old. He is friendly with all - people including kids, cats and dogs too. He is a polydactyl, meaning he has an extra digit on his paws and makes him look like he is wearing a catchers mitt. He loves to roll on his back and play with his toys and then he gives you a sideways look as if to say "I am cute, am I not?" He follows you around and likes to "help" read the paper, on the computer and when watching TV. He is great at night and just curls up at the foot of the bed. While his purr is a deep rumble, his meow sounds like it comes from a little kitten. The lucky person who adopts this beautiful boy will have a fantastic companion for life. Rescued in 2015.


Greta is a beautiful dark tabby with some white and beautiful gold eyes. She is very sweet, lively and alert! This is one curious kitty who watches everything and takes note of everything. Very playful, she loves interactive toys and is ready to reach out and grab. You won't be bored with this kitty. Rescued in 2014.


Our little Gretchen is a sweetheart! A bit shy at first, this adorable little tuxedo girl loves to snuggle once she gets to know you. She is playful in a calm way and does well with other cats and dogs. Right now she is being fostered in a wonderful home where she gets lots of tender loving care. Gretchen was born early April 2014. Rescued in 2014.


Gretel is an adorable kitten, about 8 weeks old. She is very sweet, playful and gets along with other felines. She is living in a foster home with other pets and spends most of her time hanging out with Mercedes, also posted. (She just had her ears cleaned before having her picture taken which is why her ears are wet.)


Greyson is a handsome little guy, about 4 months old (as of 4-30-15) and what a prince! He is a true purring machine! Just wants to be held. Climbs onto available laps. Friendly, playful and simply adorable. Rescued in 2015.


Gris is a sweet, gentle and friendly female kitten, about 14 weeks old now, with luscious silky long hair. She is the last of Hal's Kittens and only wants a loving forever home as her siblings have found. She will do best in a home with another young cat or kitten for companionship. sp Rescued in 2016.

Gris & Softie

Gris (grey female) & Softie (grey & white male) are 2 adorable young kittens (approx. 9/10 weeks old as of 9/22/18). These little love bugs are cuddlers who will enchant you with their kittenish antics. They are playful and super friendly! They currently reside in a foster home where they receive lots of TLC. (mb) Rescued in 2018.


is a sweet long haired kitten, about 7 weeks old. He's affectionate, friendly and very playful.


Sweet little Groucho (a/k/a Princess) got her name from her unique "Groucho Marx" eye brows. All white with a splash of grey/black on the top of her head and ears and her tail, Groucho is a petite 9 month old kitty who just loves to be the lap cat. Great with kids and cat social dogs, Groucho would make a wonderful family pet. To meet Groucho, contact Meg at (courtesy listing)


Grover is a very handsome boy with silky smooth fur. Sweet and friendly. Rescued in 2014.


Gucci is one handsome gray and white tabby boy. This adorable kitten, now about 8 months old, is extremely affectionate and just loves to play. He resides in a foster home and his fosterer reports that he has no bad habits. Gucci is neutered, vaccinated and in excellent health. And what's more, Gucci gets along with other cats. To meet Gucci, email Deborah at or call 917-577-9849. Rescued in 2013.


Gumdrop and his sister Licorice are adorable Tabby kittens, about 3 1/2 months old. Sweet and playful.


Gumdrop is a 14 week old (7/26/15) male kitten who was rescued from a basement in an apartment building Mischievous and spunky, he is quite the character when he is playing with his litter mate Pez. Rescued in 2015.


is a very handsome swirl grey tabby who was rescued with his brother, Buddy, from a colony of cats at the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Not the least bit bashful, this friendly, relaxed but playful feline gets along beautifully with other cats and enjoys people. He is approx. 1 years old, has been neutered and is in excellent health. This stocky, wonderfully masculine cat is a joy to watch and a pleasure to be with.

Gwen's Kittens

These 3 adorable 10 week old kittens are very sweet, friendly, and playful. The all black and tabby are both males and the black with the white markings is a female. They love it when you pet them and purr constantly.

Gwen's Kittens

These 12 week old kittens are so much fun. The russian blue (Gil) is male; abyssinian/tabby kitten (Gizmo) is female, the black kitten (Gretchen) is a little girl. They love to play and run around, but when you pick them up they cuddle right up in your arms. If interested please email

Gwen's Kittens

Mickey Blue Eyes and Minnie are 11 week old siblings that are the sweetest kittens ever. Since they were bottle fed since birth they love human contact and come running over when you walk into the room. Mickey Blue Eyes will actually grab your hand with both paws and snuggle up to you. Minnie loves to be petted and they both purr like crazy. They are good with dogs and cats and will make great family pets. If interested email the foster mom at or call 914-834-6955.

Gwen's Kittens

Jeter and Tex (foster Mom is Gwen) have grown into super handsome Maine Coon mix kittens, with the tufts of hair behind their ears special to the breed. Also true to the Maine Coon type, these two boys are large for their age (about 4-5 months old) and have thick, gorgeous fur, with fabulous fluffy tails. Though primarily black, Jeter has a beautiful platinum undercoat that is simply striking. These two proud kitties love to prance around with their full, fluffy tails held high when they are getting attention. Tex and Jeter are sweet, affectionate and love to be held. Both cats are curious and playful with great personalities. They are great with other cats and dogs and purr constantly. They are also neutered.

Click here to watch a video of Gwen's kittens

Click here to watch another video of Gwen's kittens Rescued in 2011.


Gwyneth, all velvety black, 2 years old, is an easy to love cat. She's good with people of all ages and other animals and will probably insist on sharing your bed. She will be alright as an only pet so long as she can have space and a window with a view.