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The dogs and cats listed below have already been adopted -- click on the "adopt" button above to view our current adoptable pets!


is the sweetest cat! She is a petite tuxedo cat, about 2 years old. Daisy loves to be cuddled and picked up. You could never ask for a friendlier cat than Daisy! She would do best as an only cat.


Daisy was found abandoned by a gentle person and taken in. She is very healthy and friendly. She loves to play and is getting used to dogs in her foster home. She is about 8 weeks old.


Daisy is a very gentle girl that loves to have her belly rubbed. If you're looking for a lap cat and a kitty that loves to be held, Daisy is your girl. She is about 1-2 years old and was abandoned when her owner moved. She is a lovely brown and white tabby with delightful green eyes that seem to just sparkle with delight when she is petted by a kind human. Rescued in 2011.


Daisy is an 8 week old sweetie (born approx. end of August 2013) named for the Montauk Daisies she was found in. How this little lady was out wandering about is unknown since she loves to be with people. She follows her foster parents around and is very happy to be held for long snuggles on the couch. She is being fostered with both dogs and cats and is loving all the activity of a busy household. Rescued in 2013.


Daisy is about a year old and is as sweet as they come. She was found by a volunteer on the side of a busy road with an injured tail. She loves people and kids. She is fine with dogs of all sizes and cats (with proper introduction). Due to the injury to her tail, part had to be amputated. This does not bother her one bit. Daisy would love someone to cuddle with. She would love a home she could call her own. Daisy would make anyone a great companion. jp Rescued in 2016.

Daisy Diamond

Daisy Diamond (front declawed) is a sweet and gentle house cat whose family recently had a baby, and find they can no longer keep her. They are looking for a loving home for dear Daisy, who they have adored for many years. Daisy has gorgeous markings, a wonderful disposition and is affectionate to boot. To meet this kitty, please contact Rescued in 2012.

Dale & Ira

Dale & Ira are a set of jet black kittens found wandering through the yard of a good samaritan who brought them to us. Only 3 months old and both boys (one kitten was adopted), they love to tackle and wrestle one another and climb the carpeted "tower" in their foster home. They are very friendly and love to climb on people as well.


Dancer (approx. 2 1/2 months old) is as active as her name implies. She is always on the go and absolutely loves to play. She loves her brother Blitzen, likes other cats as well, and is getting used to dogs, so that she can have even more playmates. She is a cutie!! (jr) Rescued in 2018.

Dani & Dash

Dani (grey & white) is a very playful and curious female kitten. She enjoys playing with other kittens and is fearless when playing with the foster family's adult cat. After all the activity she enjoys a nice long nap! Dani gets along well with the two small dogs in the foster family. Dash (black) is a tiny sweet little male bundle. He loves attention, being held and being petted. He has the cutest little face and the photos don't do him justice. Dani and Dash are close. We'd prefer if they were adopted together. The two kittens are approx. 10 weeks old as of 7/10/18. Rescued in 2018.


Daniel is a sweet and very snuggly kitten. He will lay on his back and let you rub his belly and he will snuggle right into you. He is on the calm side and just adorable. He is used to cats and other dogs. He is about 8 weeks old now. Rescued in 2013.


is about 8-9 weeks old and just adorable! He is one in a litter of 5, who are also listed.


Danny is an adorable 9 week old kitten -- sweet, playful and friendly.


This Danny boy is a one year old tabby male who was also rescued from a hoarding situation. Playful and sweet, Danny is fun to be around and will make a lucky individual or family very happy. Rescued in 2011.


Danny is incredibly handsome with his medium-length coat of silver stripes. He likes to have his ears scratched and purrs his delight. Danny likes to hang out on top of a rolltop desk and supervise any computer work. He is especially fond of toy mice and snoozing with his brother (Donny). Danny is about 10 weeks old now (born mid-July, 2011). Rescued in 2011.


Danny and his brother Donny (also posted) were born in August. They are very sweet, sociable, neutered males. They are playful and very outgoing. Rescued in 2012.

Danny & Robby

These stunningly handsome panther boys are searching for their forever home. Extremely affectionate and entertaining -1 year 8 months as of 4/11/17. Total Lap kitties that love cuddling and sleeping with their foster mom. They get along great with other cats and dogs. They are still bonded but can be adopted separately.  mn  Rescued in 2017.
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is about 12 weeks old, cloudy gray and white. She was found outside all alone but when we put her with other kittens we found she gets along very well. She loves to play with her toys and to be cuddled.


Daphne has the most distinctive and lovely calico markings! This approx. 10 week (as of 9-18-18) old kitten is a bundle of fun and joy. She sparkles like a rare jewel, is super affectionate and enjoys pets. A kitten not to be missed. Originally from West Virginia, Daphne now resides in a Westchester County foster home. (sm) Rescued in 2018.

Daphne's Kittens

Daphne, the Mom, was taken in from a very dangerous street only hours before she gave birth to six adorable kittens, now ready to go off on their own. Danny is white with orange, Daisy is black. Dolly, Delia, Donny and Doris are mixed white, orange and tabby like their beautiful mother. Mom Daphne is very friendly and love humans, as well as other animals. The six kittens take after their Mom and are simply delightful. Call 914-630-4851 to see this special family of kitties. If you leave a message, mention "kittens". Rescued in 2012.

Daphne's Kittens

The three boys, Donny, Danny and Desi, are beautiful, friendly, curious and adventurous - everything that makes kittens so much fun to cuddle and to watch. They are going to be wonderful cats! Right now, they're living peacefully with a dog and other cats. They are ready to take on a wider world. To see these charmers, please call 914-630-4851 and mention "kittens". Rescued in 2012.


Darby's litter mates (Chauncey, Houdini & Camille) are also available. Darby is a super fuzzy ball of sweetness. He is mellow, affectionate and while very playfiul with his litter mates, he also loves to hang out with people. He has been known to patiently allow the dog to groom him. Darby will raise his nose up for a kiss, too!


What a sweetie Darla is! Darla fits her name - that face is a perfect darling! She is a wonderful blend of sweetness and clown. Darla tends to be vocal, especially when it's mealtime but she's always polite. Her surroundings are all potential games for this entertaining kitten and she's liable to be found anywhere! Born around mid-May, Darla is good with dogs (although she'll show them who is boss) and other cats. Pretty Darla will liven up our home! Rescued in 2013.


Darla is a darling! She is friendly with everybody.. people, cats and dogs. She is about 5 years old, very calm and well behaved. She is super sweet and adorable! Rescued in 2016.


is a pretty 1 year old girl was found wandering the streets. We took her in and had her spayed. She has beautiful green eyes, is very affectionate and loves to play with her toys. She gets along well with other cats too.


David is an adorable kitten, about 7 weeks old. Sweet, playful and stunningly beautiful! He is so sweet and loves to play gently. When done, he and his brother Eddie curl up together on a big soft pillow. Rescued in 2015.


Davie is an 8 month petite male kitty. He is exceptionally friendly, playful and outgoing. Davie really loves to be held. He very easy going and is great with cats, kids and dogs. His owner had to give hum up when allergies developed in her family Rescued in 2014.


is a beautiful 2 year-old boy who gets along wonderfully with other cats and loves being with people and sitting on their laps. We have not seen him interacting with dogs but were pretty sure he would adapt quickly. Although Davis is full of curiosity and adventure, he is not rambunctious. Of course, he is neutered and has tested negative for leukemia and FIV.


When she was put out by the landlord after his tenant, Dawns owner, went to a nursing home, Dawn parked herself on a chair on the front porch of her old home waiting for her human companion to return, no doubt. Fearing for her survival in the cold weather, a neighbor who has fed her for the last few months, brought her to Pet Rescue. She has made herself completely at home here, sniffing our place out and accepting hugs. She is very comfortable with our other animals and us people. It is time for this perfect little cat to replace the porch chair with a loving home. Although legally a calico, 2 year old Dawn is mostly snowy white and has a particularly colorful rear end.


Dawnell would be considered a pure Russian Blue if her eyes were gray instead of leaf green. Her coat is a beautiful blue gray. Even her paw pads are gray. Dawnell is sweet and loving with people and would be happy in a home in which she is the one and only pet. She was rescued from an inhospitable cat colony and is defensive with cats. Dawnell is spayed and has all her shots. You can see her in her foster home in Larchmont. Call 914 630 4851. Rescued in 2017.


Very social Dax has many talents. He likes to help with the computer as long as you're not worried about typing accuracy. He's a friendly doorman to all, even learning to greet dogs. Dax can tell time and will let you now when dinner should be served. He is polite, loud purrs expressing his thanks. This handsome tabby was born around early Oct. He was rescued with his 4 litter mates also available on this website (Desiree, Chantilly, Gabrielle & Desmond). Rescued in 2014.


is a beautiful declawed girl, about 5-6 years old. She will be a little shy at first but is very sweet and warms up quickly. She is good with other cats -- totally non-threatening and non-aggressive. She was rescued from living outdoors.

Deborah's Kittens

Only Gucci (white/tabby mix) remains for adoption among the three cute little boys photographed here. Born in May 2012, Gucci has been neutered and is up to date with all his vaccinations. He is very friendly, loves to cuddle and likes affection and attention. To meet Gucci, please contact Deborah at or at 917-577-9849. Rescued in 2012.


is about 8-9 weeks old and just adorable! She is one in a litter of 5, who are also listed.


Delilah is a cute black and white tuxedo kitten. She is approximately 8-9 weeks old and enjoys life! She is friendly, playful and wants to be part of the household. Delilah is great with dogs wanting to play and sleep with them; she is currently being foster in a home with four small dogs. Delilah is looking for a permanent home where she will be loved, be part of the household and have fun.


Are you ready for your new best friend? Six months old, Demi is a sweet, confident and very friendly kitten. She is happy to say hello, comes when approached, and is coyly curious about what is happening. When being held Demi situates herself comfortably with her paws on your shoulder and seems to say "ok I'm ready to go explore with you!" She has a beautiful tabby pattern with polka dots on her flank - very unique. If you're looking for a perfect 4-legged little sidekick and friend, you'll be a great fit for Demi! KW Rescued in 2017.


is about 8-9 weeks old and just adorable! He is one in a litter of 5, who are also listed.


Desi is a lively, alert and super playful handsome black kitten, born in August 2012. This curious charmer loves life and will delight you with his antics! Living happily in a foster home at this time, Desi gets along with other cats and dogs as well. This wonderful boy is one cool, fun cat. Rescued in 2012.


Desiree, a beautiful plush tortoise, was found emaciated on the street. Now thriving and spayed, we find that she is quite a venturesome girl, spending much of her time on the top of a tall bookcase surveying the world. We believe she would be good at running your household.


Desiree is a little peanut who packs a lot of personality! This petite panther is charming and clearly the favorite of her litter mates (also available for adoption: Desmond, Dax, Chantilly & Gabrielle) who take turns grooming her. Desiree is curious about everyone and may introduce herself by falling at your feet, purring. She is a joy to watch play, as graceful as a ballerina, still holding her own with her bigger litter mates. Desiree is fine with other cats and is just meeting dogs so she isn't sure about them yet. She was born around early Oct. Rescued in 2014.


Desmond is a mellow sweetheart with a silky ebony coat. Often silly, he seems to quietly appear everywhere, his curiousity getting the better of him. Desmond keeps in shape by chasing his toy mouse and playing leapfrog with his litter mates (also available for adoption: Desiree, Gabrielle, Chantilly & Dax). This easy-going chap is good with other cats and is discovering dogs. Desmond was born around early Oct. Rescued in 2014.


Looking for a spirited companion for another cat? Dewey is your "man". He likes dogs too! Only four months old, Dewey had a rough start in life, living under the porch of a vacant house. He's in a great foster home now and enjoying the companionship of five other cats and two dogs. He likes to run and tries to play with everyone so he would be a great buddy for another young playful cat. A bit shy with people, he purrs like a little motor when his favorite person plops him onto a lap to rub his ears and stroke his back. Rescued in 2013.


Dexter is an adorable kitty, about 3 months old. He is sweet, friendly and playful.


Diablo is a healthy all black, handsome 4 year old boy who is as loveable as can be. He loves to play with string, balls and lazer lights. Diable is neutered, up to date with vaccinations and needs to find a new home as his owner recently passed away. Please contact Darleen at, or Jennifer, at to learn more about Diablo and how to adopt him. Diablo is one of four cats in this family, all of whom need a new loving home. Rescued in 2013.


Diamond (named for her wonderful personality and sparkling coat) is a 6 month old jet black cat with a spot of white on her chest to add pizzazz. Diamond is good with other cats and at least one dog, but prefers people. She will give you unconditional love, is a true lapsitter and will be content as the only cat in the household with people to snuggle up to. Rescued in 2012.


is sweet, friendly cat who had a litter of kittens and now needs a home of her own. She is about 2 years old and has very unique markings.


is about 8-9 weeks old and just adorable! She is one in a litter of 5, who are also listed.


He is such a little Dickens! This comedian is extremely outgoing and confident. Dickens will do anything to make you pick him up. He loves to be held and is extremely affectionate. Dickens is fine with dogs and enjoys other playful cats (especially his litter mates, Nero and Flora). A Russian Blue mix, Dickens resides in a foster home. Rescued in 2012.


He is such a little Dickens! This comedian is extremely outgoing and confident. Dickens will do anything to make you pick him up. He loves to be held and is extremely affectionate. Dickens is fine with dogs and enjoys other playful cats. A Russian Blue mix, Dickens resides in a foster home. Rescued in 2012.


Dillon and his sister Cindy Pawford (shown elsewhere on the site) were rescued from Port Chester. The two Maine Coon mix Tuxedo kittens are so very sweet and cuddly!! Medium haired kitties: they purr the moment they see their foster person and roll all around the floor. Dillon and Cindy are very attached and must be adopted together. Born around Mother's Day. mn Rescued in 2015.


(Dimitria) is an experienced lap sitter and purrs the second you touch her. It's clear that her beautiful dark tortoise coat (black and rust with touches of white) has not turned her head. She and her sister Cameo (a pastel tortoise) came from a broken home. They are both people lovers primarily but get along with other cats.

Dinky & Joey

Dinky and Joey, half-brothers with different mothers, are big beautiful bundles of tabby. They were flown in from California by a dedicated rescuer and supporter of Pet Rescue. Six years old now, they spent their lives in horrid conditions until they arrived here.

Dinky was immediately eager to make friends with us and loves attention but Joey who was terrorized by one of the cats he lived with took a little time to learn to trust us. He does now.

They must go to a home together. When Joey is afraid, Dinky comforts him by touching his nose with his own or lying with him. We think that Joey would be unhappy without his big brother.

All they need is someone ready adopt two cats. They need not be afraid that Joe and Dinky will need special care or nurturing. Dinky is very friendly and Joey is becoming friendly. They are both healthy.


Dino is an adorable 9 week old (as of 1/27/17) male kitty living in a foster home. A little shy but warms up quickly. This handsome orange boy will only be placed in a home with existing young kitten or cat.  man Rescued in 2017.


Dino is a beautiful marmalade orange tabby with tiger markings. Shy but loving, Dino bonds with people, but not so much with other pets. He loves being held, enjoys sitting on your windowsill, and sharing your lap. Dino should be adopted to a home without other cats or dogs. sw Rescued in 2017.


DJ is a beautiful female kitty, very sweet and friendly. You have to meet this great tabby to appreciate her lively personality. Rescued in 2014.


Doc is a handsome, very soft,curious boy. He loves to explore and make friends. He likes other cats and is good with well-mannered dogs. Doc is an expert pouncer and proudly exhibits his "catch" - his favorite toy mouse. He is very attached to his only sister, Willow, who is also available for adoption on this website. Doc was born in mid-September. Rescued in 2011.


Dodger was abandoned at the front door one morning at a local vet's office w/ a note that the family couldn't take care of him anymore. He's a neutered long-haired male. He loves to roll on his back & is very scared hearing dogs bark all day at the office. He is up to date on shots. Please contact Sandra at Village Animal Hospital at 833-3600 for more information.


Dolly is an adorable girl -- her mom Molly has been adopted and now the sweet daughter longs for a permanent home of her own. This charming, friendly tuxedo is about 1 year old, gets along well with other cats and enjoys human companionship. She's bright and curious and will make for a fun feline companion.


Domino is an adorable kitten, about 4 months old. He is playful, loves cats, dogs and people, very friendly and affectionate. Rescued in 2011.


Domino is a lover and loves to cuddle. He loves a lap with petting until your arm will fall off. His markings are striking with black dots all over his body starting with one on his nose and one each on his ears ending with a black tail. Domino is 9 weeks old )as of 8/15/15) and very sweet. His sibling Nacho is also posted for adoption. LW Rescued in 2015.


Domino's human passed away in May, leaving him with no place to go.  Now residing at our Kitty Cottage, Domino is a 4 year old very handsome spunky tuxedo, curious with a bit of mischief and adventure in him, and more than able to hold his own with other cats. With his dominant personality, Domino will do best as the only cat in a household without young children. A friend of Domino's prior owner has agreed to sponsor him. KC KC Rescued in 2017.
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So sweet and cuddly that she gladly took her medication (after being spayed) because she knew she would be hugged in the process. Now she gets hugged anyway and always tucks her head into it. Donna was one of the cats (some living inside, some outside) taken care of by a man overwhelmed with the many cats he is saving from the streets. The idea was that Pet Rescue would get Donna tested and spayed before returning her but now that we have gotten to know her, we have determined that the only way this six month old will leave us is when she goes to a great home.


is about 8-9 weeks old and just adorable! He is one in a litter of 5, who are also listed.


Donny looks like a little panther with his fuzzy ebony coat. This handsome kitten is about 10 weeks old (born mid July 2011). He has gained confidence and now settles on a warm lap. His brother (Danny) is his best friend and they play, nap, snack, explore - do almost everything together. Donny is a little love who would thrive with affection in a quieter home. Rescued in 2011.


Donny and his brother Danny (also posted) were born in August. They are very sweet, sociable, neutered males. They are playful and very outgoing. Rescued in 2012.


Dooly is one very cool three year old male cat who treads lightly in a house, loves to curl up with his owner, can also be left alone to enjoy feline activities on his own schedule and gets along with dogs. His owner recently passed away and family members are looking to place him with a new family who will love him as much as his original owner did. Dooly is in excellent health, neutered and up to date with all vaccinations. Please contact Radhames at or by telephone at 646-477-6709 to meet this handsome boy. Rescued in 2013.


is a sweet and affectionate 1 year old Dilute Calico. She loves to be petted and is very friendly.


is a beautiful, bright colored calico, about 4 years old. She is very well behaved and affectionate. She was reluctantly given up by a family whose grandmother was on oxygen and moved into their house. Her doctor ordered them to remove any pets and now Dora is homeless. Please give her a new home!


Dora is a delightful 6 year-old tabby adopted by her current owner as a kitten. Sadly, due to allergies, Dora needs a new home. Darling Dora was born in the state of Washington and has traveled the country. She loves to play and cuddle, the ultimate lap cat, so sweet and loving! Not exposed to dogs yet, Dora gets along well with young children and other cats (she was raised with Georgie, also featured on the website). Dora is in excellent health, spayed and up to date with all vaccinations. To meet this sweetheart, please contact Erica at or Steve at Rescued in 2013.


Dora is one of Tabitha's kittens, only 8 weeks old as of March 22,2015. She is all black except for a little tuft of white on her chest. Dora loves wrestling around with her brother Buzz and is also a great climber. She enjoys a game of tag. Hide and seek is one of her favorites, jumping out to scare her brothers (who somehow always fall for her tricks). She is friendly, micro-chipped and has had her first series of kitten shots. Rescued in 2015.


Dora is a loyal 6 year old kitty who offered comfort to her sick owner, during illness and death. This tabby kitty is a very special soul who needs to be re-homed into a peaceful environment without any children or too many people coming and going. She will do well in a spacious country environment as well as in a city. Dora would also be fine with a mellow dog. Dora provided solace to her human who needed it most and would love to offer the same companionship and comfort to a person or child-free family looking for a dedicated pet. Dora is spayed, in good health and up to date with all vaccinations. To meet this unique cat, please contact Jill at or 646-594-8906. Rescued in 2016.


An irresistible calico kitten with elegant lines, Dori is a happy girl who has a lovely little trill of a voice. When you reach out to her, she is quick to purr and gives a little chirp to acknowledge you. Dori is a sweetheart and can also be a goofball. You’ll be a good fit for Dori if you like her special quirky ways and like to coax her to your lap to watch TV. She’ll happily comply! KW Rescued in 2017.


The only little girl in Simone's litter of 5 is sweet Dorian. She started out as the smallest one but quickly caught up. She's the first one to meet you at the door and she arches her back up for scratches and chin rubs and then twists around on the floor in happiness. Very outgoing and sweet, Dorian would love a permanent home. Dorian is 8 weeks old now (born end of March 2015). Rescued in 2015.


with a striking calico coat (black, white, and orange), was lucky that she and her kittens were fed by the workers in a machine shop and had an abandoned auto for refuge. But they were no longer wanted there, and, in any case, needed neutering and homes. Dorothy, with a round head and a compact body is wonderful for hugging. She is a little over a year old, good-natured with people, very friendly with other cats. She will make a great pet.


is a beautiful 3 year old Maine Coon mix with the distinctive tuxedo coloring. With her gorgeous long fur and a charming feline face, she catches the eye of every passer-by. Previously part of a colony of cats at Larchmonts Flint Park, her people friendly manner and striking willingness to let herself be petted led to her removal from the Park. We feel she will do very well in a loving, home environment. Dorothy has been spayed, is up to date with all immunizations and is in excellent health.


Hi, my name is Dorothy (3 months old as of 1/27/18) and I have travelled all the way from West Virginia to find my forever home. I am a beautiful long haired tabby with a sweet, calm disposition. I am even polite when I play with my toy mouse. I promise to purr the second I see you the same way I do with my foster mom. If you are looking for a kitty to snuggle with I am the one for you. TB Rescued in 2018.
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You won't meet a more cuddly cat than little Dot. About 6 months old (as of 12/1/10), she spent her first months in a tiny cage in a shelter and is now enjoying the new-found freedoms of a foster home. She will walk to her foster mom's feet and meow to be picked up and put on a lap. Once there, she will just purr loudly and sit there as long as she's allowed. She will even lie on her back with her head hanging down so she can get a belly rub. She loves to play and is fine with other cats and dogs, but her first love is people.


is a cute 14 week old kitten. Playful, loving and just adorable!


Dottie and her siblings are adorable 7 week old kittens. Adorable, playful and friendly.


Dottie is cute as a button and sweet as pie! Born on Feb. 1, 2017, this little one is a little ball of energy and loves tumbling with her foster friends. She loves other cats and gets along well with the dog in her foster home. Dottie must be placed in a home that currently has a kitten or young cat for her to play with. man Rescued in 2017.


Dove is a 1 1/2 year old female Russian blue (mix) who is super curious and playful. This friendly cutie who lost her home because her owner had sudden onset of asthma related problems and her doctor said the cat has to go. Dove gets along well with other cats. bp Rescued in 2016.


COMING SOON - One of the Valentines kittens, Dove is a soft gray tabby boy. Every litter this large has a comedian and Dove is that kitten. He's the first kitten to run for the bedroom door to come out into the house, the first one to climb on your shoulder for a better view, the first one to roll over and ask for belly rubs. Truly an interactive personality, this kitten is unforgettable. He settles down for purring after he tires himself out. Dove needs to be adopted with one of his siblings (Whisper, Phantom, Ripley, Gandolf, Spencer)or in house with other pets. VC Rescued in 2016.


Need a warm, cuddly cat to shake off the winter chill? Look no further because snuggly Downy is your answer. Actually, she is the perfect cat for all seasons as she is a bundle of love. This stunning girl is happiest when she's dozing on a lap, purring with contentment. Downy has a gentle disposition that makes her a sweet addition to your family - she just loves people! Downy is also very good with other cats.To meet her is to love her, so come meet your new best friend! Rescued in 2014.

Dublin & Lilly

Lilly has been adopted and only Dublin remains available. Dublin is a happy kitten who loves to chase his toys. This little purr machine is a super frienly kitty who loves to snuggle. Dublin is in a foster home with children, other cats and dogs and loves them all. Dublin will make a wonderful family pet.


This beautiful 8 year old kitty likes a lot of petting and attention. An only cat, her owner sadly has to give Duchess up. Duchess is up to date with her shots and has been spayed. Please contact Anne Rudy: (Posted 12/14/14) Rescued in 2014.


Dudley is a 10 month old male kitty. Super sweet, he loves to be petted and enjoys playing with his foster family. He is good with both kids and dogs. Dudley was recently abandoned by his former owners when they moved. He is current with his shots and vet visits. Rescued in 2014.


Duffy is a gallon of fun in a pint-sized body! This lovable blond (he's not exactly orange) rascal purrs in delight when spoken to and will "dive bomb" under your hand to ensure he gets petted. Duffy enjoys a soft lap yet sometimes doesn't stay long as he is a bundle of energy that investigates everything. Play time with his humans and/or with other cats is the highlight of his day. He loves cat companions and is getting used to dogs. Duffy was born around late April 2014 and spent the first few weeks of his life in a store parking lot. He's now very ready to have his forever home! Rescued in 2014.


As handsome as he is goofy, this young grey tabby will win your heart with his playfulness, affectionate nature, and sunny disposition. Duke lives up to his name with an almost regal air, and then surprises visitors with his kitten-like silliness. This big guy is fine with other cats and will surely brighten the life of the lucky person who chooses to take him home. Duke is declawed.


Duke is a 10 month old (3/10/15) Maine Coon mix kitty. He is a total lover and lap cat. This gorgeous kitty loves being picked up and held and will sit in your lap while you watch TV. He is good with other cats and dogs too. He likes to be with his human companions and will follow you throughout the house. Rescued in 2015.


is about a year old and very loving. He was rescued from the streets along with his sibling (who looks just like him) by a kind woman. Gets along well with other cats.

Duncan and Wally

Duncan and Wally are two of the handsomest tabbies we've seen! These beautiful brothers are extremely bonded and refuse to eat if they are separated. So, they are hoping for an understanding owner who will honor their devotion to each other. Their hobbies include gymnastics, playing tag, hanging out with their humans and watching TV - yes, they love TV! Duncan is particularly curious and Wally follows after Duncan sounds the "all clear" - Wally has come a long way in building his confidence yet still needs a little patience. The boys enjoy helping with household chores and do a good job of sleeping on folded laundry so it can't escape. Duncan and Wally love other cats and can coexist peacefully with a well-mannered dog. They were born around early July, 2014. Rescued in 2015.


Dusty is one of a litter of 5 kittens of mother Simone (also featured on this website). He is a soft gray color with white belly and mittens. Very gentle and quite flirty, Dusty loves back scratches and will easily get hypnotized by belly rubs and fall into a nap. His best place is in the middle of a pile of kittens, very socialized and outgoing. Dusty is now about 8 weeks old (born end of March 2015). Rescued in 2015.

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose, a lithe one year old, makes it her business to follow you wherever you go and to get stroked as often as you are willing. She will also gladly settle on your lap or your bed. She would be happy to be your one and only but is playful and altogether sociable with other cats. And we haven't mentioned how beautiful she is. She has symmetrical markings on her face but a random patchwork of pale gray, beige and white that mysteriously meet in a sharp seam in the middle of her back as if she were put together by an artsy-craftsy artist.


is a gorgeous 1-2 year old cat. She has been the most wonderful mother to her three kittens (also posted). She constantly has conversations with them (they meow back and forth!) and never lets them out of her sight. She never stops purring and loves people. She has a very mellow disposition. She lets you hold her like a baby for hours without ever complaining. She loves belly rubs too! She is not too keen on jumping on furniture for some reason (a plus for some families). She gets along famously with kids as well. Every person that meets her is in awe of her beauty. She has big bright green eyes, fluffy feet and a fluffy tail. Her tuxedo markings are just beautiful. Her photos do not do her justice! Her foster family loves her dearly and hope she finds a warm loving home for the holidays. She would love to be adopted out with one of her kittens, but doesn't have to be. Duchess is spayed & up to date on vaccines.

Dutchess' Kittens

Duchess' kittens are the cutest little things!! They are about 9 weeks old now and just adorable. There are two males, both of which are tabbies (Toulouse & Berliose) and one female, the all black kitten (Marie). Their mother has taken such great care of them and is also looking for a home. They would love to go in pairs, but don't have to. They have been tested and vaccinated and are very healthy, happy kittens.