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Sweet Muffin

Muffin is a friendly, indoor-outdoor 11-year old female cat that has lived in Larchmont all her life. She loves people and is very affectionate. She does like to go outside for an hour or two on warm evenings, but does not insist on this. Sadly, her owner must find a new home for her as his weekly travels prevent him from giving this sweet kitty the human attention she craves. She likes to sleep on her owner's bed and snuggles into him. She loves to be petted, and gets along well with both adults and children, but is skittish around dogs and other cats. Muffin is in excellent health and up to date with vaccinations. If you are looking for an intelligent, friendly indoor-outdoor cat, please contact Mike at 914-584-3926 or email him at (2/18).

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