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Baby Meatball

🛑Special Needs Kitty🛑 Baby Meatball is a survivor in search of his happy ending. What were the chances of this kitten being found, just 2 weeks old, stuck between a broken storm window, with a severed and badly infected stub for a tail? Through sweat and tears, a loving rescuer nursed him back to health, Now a gorgeous two year old, he is looking for his forever home. Though this sweet kitty does have some modest nerve damage due to his severed tail, and may need some assistance in grooming. He is zen and loves being held like a baby and makes air biscuits. He does require a special vet diet to control urinary crystals, but he eats happily and remains in good health. Baby Meatball is currently living in a foster home with Cats and a dog and would love to teach you how to make biscuits too. MN

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