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This very sweet and petite kitten is named Flo. She is a heather gray tiger, with pretty amber/rose-colored tones on her legs. Estimated to be approximately 4 months old, this gentle little peapod was rescued by a Pet Rescue volunteer during one of the recent winter storms, all alone, cold in the snow and feeling under the weather. She was dubbed "Flo" after Florence Nightengale, but it also fits her calm disposition as she really does "go with the flow." After lots of rest, medication and TLC from the Pet Rescue Clinic and her foster family, Flo is now a spry, happy and healthy little purr bird, who is ready to find her forever home. Aside from her little trills when she purrs, Flo is not a very vocal kitty, and she is a softie when she plays. She is very smart, and knows that if she pushes an empty bowl to the middle of the floor, some human person will put something good in it for her - Yum! You will be a very good fit for Flo if you want an intuitive, gentle and happy-go-lucky kitten/cat. KW

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