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FOSTER ME!!!! Our very own Edward (about 5 1/2 years old) is the sweetest cat ever. He never hisses, swats, growls or even bats an eye, no matter what. A handsome boy with distinctive "black cat" markings, fascinating grey eyebrows, a grey/black tabby tail and amazing light golden eyes. When he came to Pet Rescue Edward was lonely and sad. This past December our Edward was diagnosed with diabetes and at this time needs 2 injections a day to properly treat. He will fare best in a foster home with caring humans who can provide this special care. Edward takes his insulin injections like a champ - never complains, not even a meow. An easy kitty to medicate. Edward is friendly with other non aggressive cats and has lived with dogs comfortably in the past. He is a true prince of cats and worth going the extra mile for. Please contact Pet Rescue to learn about fostering this very special and well loved cat. KC

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