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Henry is a wonderful, loving, playful, childlike 10 year-old Balinese (long haired Siamese) male cat in need of a new home. He will make a wonderful companion for a quiet home with folks who are present more than we are and without small children. He has not been the same since we expanded our family recently with a 2 year old and now a 2 month old plus a move! He is like a little kid himself and LOVES attention. A big time lap cat, a mush, who will let you do anything to him. He is long and lean and flexible like a ferret! Unfortunately a foot break last year and arthritis at an early age this year has has lower back/back legs compromised-- so he does limp-- which makes it hard for him to escape our little ones quickly enough. Other than that he is extremely affectionate and a goofball and will purr you to sleep. He just craves attention and will not leave your side. Perfect for a single or retired person with lots of time and love to give. His nickname is "Gumby" for how flexible he is/was. Please help me find him a good home. I can be contacted at 917-439-7306 or at

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