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Scout if a wonderful 10 years young spaniel mix with the cutest brown eye patch and little stand up ears. His age may say 10 but there are so many amazing traits a 10 year old can bring to your home. 1. He is completely housebroken. He has never had an accident in his foster home and even goes to the door and barks to let you know he needs to go out. (Great because there is no need to go through the housebreaking process - DONE!). 2. You can leave for work and know that your house will be in perfect condition when you come home. Scout will play with his toys, nap in the sun and patiently wait for you to come back to him. He will even play home security and let anyone who comes to your door know that he is on the job! (Peace of mind - DONE!). 3. When you get home Scout loves nothing more than a good walk (he's great on the leash) and a little fetch time. If you ask him to get his ball, he knows to get it and bring it to you for some exercise. Pretty impressive, right! (Playful and smart - DONE!). 4. He's been trained with the basic commands of sit, down, and stay. He also will not get on the furniture or beds. (Yes, we've enticed him on one couch to snuggle but he will not climb on any other already mastered - DONE!). 5. Scout puts himself to bed at night and sleeps until he hears you moving about. (Restful sleep - DONE!). 6. Master snuggler. He loves to put his head in your lap and settle down for a good, long belly rub (loving and sweet - DONE!). His only little bug-a-boo is he'd like to be your one and only. No other dogs or cats please as he wants you all to himself. As you can see, Scout is a very special boy who is extremely easy. He is truly a gem!

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