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Ella is a wonderful wire haired beagle/terrier mix. She is about 6 years old and 25 pounds and is absolutely a love. She is shy at first but becomes very warm and friendly quickly. She likes a calm quiet homes, preferably with friendly pets of any kind, but other pets are not necessary. She loves to snuggle. She is very low maintenance. She is very well trained and house trained. She enjoys short or long walks and even running. She loves to play like a puppy or sit quietly in front of the television with the family. She does not beg or make a mess. She loves her bed that is in her crate at night with the door open. She is just so easy and quite the little lady. She would be a good pet for almost anyone that wants a dog to love. Except for someone that is allergic. She is not hypoallergenic and she does shed (although not as much as many dogs because her hair is wirey).

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