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Gordon is 6.5 years old. He was rescued after being abandoned, we found him starving. He is a special and sweet dog that needs attention and patience. Ideally, his new home would be with an experienced adult who can manage a large anxious dog because he can be aggressive sometimes. Gordon likes to play fetch and tug of war. He is a good companion, but will require time and effort to train due to his unpredictability (last year he bit another dog but has not done that since). Gordon has recently been boarded at Biscuits and Bath (an overnight doggy daycare) on multiple occasions for a few nights, so we know that he can live with others and is responsive to strict boundaries/training. Gordon is active and loyal. We are looking for someone who is committed to no kill and will give Gordon the care he needs. To apply for this dog please contact Ramy Fakhr at Phone: 845-559-4867 12/2018

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