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Sam, Sandy & Meadow

Sam (male), Sandy (female) and Meadow (female) are three mostly black siblings (with a touch of white on their chests). Approx. 3/4 months old as of 9-18-18, they are almost identical in appearance. Sam is the biggest and boldest of the three. He is gentle and stays still the longest while being pet. He'll eat treats right out your hand. Sandy is the medium sized one. She is the most curious and playful, pounces on anything that moves; picks up anything of interest and stashes it in her secret pile behind the couch. Sandy is learning to enjoy the pets of her foster mom. Meadow is the smallest. She's very unique because she is missing a piece of her tail. Meadow is very active and plays energetically with her siblings. However, she is the most timid and shies away from people (unless you give her food). All three are receiving wonderful TLC in a great foster home. (rm)

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