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Alexi & Buddy

Alexi & Buddy These two, absolutely adorable and approximately 11 weeks old, are sweet little purr machines! Alexi is a snowy white and heather gray short-haired female and Buddy is a short-haired tuxedo male. They love hanging out in their kitty climber and are always up for some affection. Alexi especially likes forehead scratches (bliss!), while Buddy loves a back stroke. Alexi is the first one to greet you in the morning, letting you know she is ready for breakfast! She will also try to get you to follow her to her play area for some fun time. Buddy is a burrower and he will nuzzle his head under your chin while being held. He can be a little timid in a new environment, but relaxes quickly when you come to his level and talk to him. Buddy is very sweet and gentle. While some kittens are prone to explore every nook and cranny, both of these kitties are perfectly content hanging close to a radius where their food, water, litter and beds are - Life is Good! You will be a great fit for these babies if you have an environment that is not too overwhelming as they are truly "homebodies". These two can be adopted together or individually, but would love to find a home where they can continue to be companions. kw

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