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Sonic is a 9 yr old puggle. Don’t let the age fool you he is a very YOUNG 9 lol. Very active and enjoys walks and hikes. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle. He loves dogs, kids and adults. The reason why i am looking to give him up for adoption is i just simply can’t give him the time he deserves. My Mother passed away a year ago and she was his primary care taker. I have so much going on now in my life i just don’t have the drive and time to give Sonic what he deserves- and that is the best. Ideal situation for Sonic would be someone with an active lifestyle and even other dogs he can befriend and grow older with. ​He should not go to a home with young children since he loves to steal their toys and won't give them back.​

**Email owner Nick @ 914-705-9785 for more info and to adopt this dog.***

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